She Said–Tubby Edward Bear Part II

(continued from yesterday)

 Now Teddy, as was only right,

Slept in the ottoman at night,

And with him crowded in as well

More animals than I can tell;

Not only these, but books and things,

Such as a kind relation brings–

Old tales of “Once upon a time,”

And history retold in rhyme.

One night it happened that he took

A peep at an old picture-book,

Wherein he came across by chance

The picture of a King of France

(A stoutish man) and, down below,

These words: “King Louis So and So,

Nicknamed ‘The Handsome!'” There he sat,

and (think of it!) the man was fat!


Our bear rejoiced like anything

To read about this famous King,

Nicknamed “The Handsome.”  There he sat,

And certainly the man was fat.

Nicknamed “The Handsome.”  Not a doubt

The man was definitely stout.

Why then, a bear (for all his tub)

Might yet be named “The Handsome Cub!”

(to be continued)

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