She Said–“Plwease Dwon’t Weave Me!”


I painted this little number about four years ago in an effort to fill in the old milk door that is by our back door.  Since, unfortunately, we don’t get our milk delivered to the door anymore, it is a bit of an eye sore right by the back door.  Our house was dubbed “Whit’s End” by some boys that came through for a meal once.  I thought, “that is so true!”, and the name stuck.  The car on the road is supposed to represent our family, the road is the journey (oddysey), and the goal is the “Celestial City.”  The lettering for “WHIT’S END” is supposed to mimic the letter’s on the “LAND’S END” catalog.  Unfortunately, they kind of slope downhill a bit.  This isn’t a materpiece, but then again we aren’t either.

 I have decided to start a blog.  I have several reasons that contribute to this decision.

  1. It has been noted that I knead Spell Chek.
  2. I have some issues in the speling department.
  3. I blame my spelling on the fact that I was too years old when we moved two South America, however, instead of my spelling becoming bi-lingual, it became bi-polar.  I blame it on the Southern Hemisfere.
  4. I can’t spell in Spanish, either.  Case in point, “tacitos”
  5. I was an Art major in college.  I don’t know what this has to do with anything, but it was my “go-to” excuse in college, so I thought that I would through it in here.
  6. I wrote an entire post about my “died hare.”
  7. I wrote a post entitled, “TO ALL MY GRILFRIENDS!”
  8. If anyone ever found out that in college I was an English minor, they might ask my university to revoke my diploma.


There are many reasons why I DIDN’T want to start a blog.

  1. Reasaon numero uno was that I love Facebook.  Facebook is a social network, and I love networking, I love socializing, and I love social networking.
  2. I am a bit worried that it will be lonely over at my blog all by my lonesome self. However,when my Hunni decided that he might occasionally add a post, I decided to make the leap.
  3. My learning curve on how to manipulate the blog is going to be steep, so consider the blog “under construction”, and please ignore the dust, old color scheme, and oddities here and there.
  4. I was afraid I might lose some of my readers; and dear readers, you are what has made this journey fun. 

So as my Eloise says, “Pwease down’t weave me!”.  Come on over to My Whit’s End and share in the adventures of  our family.  It has been an odd odyssey. (Odyssey means an epic voyage.)

Just type in  This should get you to our blog.  Once you have done that, add it to your favorites bar (click on that star with a green arrow on it) and then you won’t have to worry about misspelling a word.  You will find all of the posts that I put up on Facebook, along with a few more.  Ironically, the most current post on my blog is about Facebook.  It gets a little preachy, but it is all directed towards me.  So head on over and cheque things out.  If you leave a comment on my post entitled, “List of Wise Saying by The Hunni”, you will be entered into a raffle for a very little prize.

So see you at

Oh yeah, I heard that the “.org” means that it is an organization of some kind.  We will officially call it organized chaos.

That’s settled.

Love ya all,



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