She Said–Winners Announced

Congratulations to the three calendar winners.  Thanks for coming over to My Whit’s End and leaving a comment.  And the three winners are. . . . .

Lisa K., Mrs. B. McCoy, and Debbie L-F.  I contacted you on Facebook to make sure I have your correct mailing address.

If you are wondering how I randomly chose the three winners, I will tell you that I wrote all the names on a Post It note and then did “eenny, meeny, miney, moe.”  However, I am not convinced that this was a truly fair way of choosing the winners as I happen to know that all the winners live in the Great North West, and even in the same state.  That lead me to deducing the following hypothesis concerning The Eenie-Meemie-Miney-Moe Selection Process.  I concluded that the E-M-M-M-S-P was probably invented by a Southerner, and an Eastern Southerner at that.  The reason I made this conclusion is that it seems that the Moe part of the E-M-M-M-S-P seems to posses a polarity–a south-eastern polarity.  Which of course would, by the laws of the Medes and Persians, be attracted to a North Western person–opposite poles attract, remember?  Therefore.  In the next “give-away”, I promise not to use the E-M-M-M-S-P.  Now if someone can write in a NON-PARTIAL selection rhyme, I will gladly use it.

Thank you for your understanding in this very delicate matter.


(So go ahead, write in a rhyme.  Maybe it will be your lucky rhyme and help you be the next winner.)

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1 Response to She Said–Winners Announced

  1. Lisa Buchanan says:

    Wait a second . . . did I WIN?? WHOO HOO! I never win anything! 🙂 Or is there a different Lisa K. who lives in the great northwest? Hope not.


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