She Said–Closing Ceremonies: Chicken Mummies and Book Burnings

Before I switched over to blogging, I posted this picture.  And I believe my comment was, “Homeschooling.  Let me explain.  We are making chicken mummies.  Let me explain.  We are studying Ancient Egypt.  Let me explain.  Somehow this will add to their education and be helpful in character formation.  I will tell you when they are forty if it worked.”

Perhaps you also remember this photo of the chicken dance.

And this photo of this laughing girl.  I believe my comment was, “If only there was an audio with this!!!  It would make your day!”

And this photo of this girl.

And this photo of this boy.

And this photo.  I believe my comment was, “The chicken mummies are in a corner of the garage.  I don’t think they have exploded.  They have been there about 10 days.  We can’t smell anything from the house.  Fact is, I forgot about them.”

And this photo of the wrapped chicken mummies.  I believe my comment was, “If the Easter Bunny lays eggs,  does the Chicken mummy have bunny ears?”

Perhaps you were wondering what happened to the chicken mummies.  Perhaps you were wondering if the garage ever exploded.   Today, your “insatiable curiosity” will be satisfied.

When school get near the end, we start a count down, but before the count down actually  ends I surprise the kids (usually about 4 days early) with the news that school officially ended TODAY!  My reasoning behind this is that I become the instant hero of the day and the kiddos erupt in happiness and give me all kinds of spontaneous hugs, kisses, and “you are the best mommi in the world.”  I can handle spontaneous kisses from the kiddos.  (And so far, the kids haven’t caught on to the fact that I always end school a few days earlier than I said–I still have the element of surprise.)

I like to have closure on our homeschooling year, however,  so we usually have a year end party.  Last year we ate our dinner on a stick.  We had meat and veggie shish-kabobs, fruit kabobs, and even salad kabobs.  Then I gave each kiddo a present that they could use during the summer, like a hoola-hoop, a new jump rope, and a new baseball mitt–something along those lines.  This year I decided to hold off on the gifts, but to have a book burning where they could toss all those workbooks they completed.  Some friends stopped by, so they joined the kids in the fun.

And for our final closure, I told the kids that we were going to unwrap a chicken mummy and give it a proper burial in the trash.  Scout gave me this look.

Eloise gave me this look.

And Little Big Guy was surprisingly game.

So if your stomach can handle it proceed.  If not, you may want to scroll right back up to the top right now.  Either way, thanks for stopping by.

First, LBG (Little Big Guy) donned the rubber gloves.

Next, he opened the bag filled with the mummy and salt.

Then the unwrapping began.

Of course the neighbor girls had to come by and see WHAT IN THE WORLD WE WERE DOING!

And ta-da! the chicken mummy!

Of course a boy would have to do this!

I hope you aren’t having chicken for supper!


P.S.  If you have never met Rudyard Kipling and the Elephant’s Child filled with Insatiable Curiosity, then, O Best Beloved, you should acquaint thyself.
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Just So Stories, Illustrated Edition (Yesterday’s Classics)

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5 Responses to She Said–Closing Ceremonies: Chicken Mummies and Book Burnings

  1. bethany says:

    loving the idea of ending school early! are you doing the History of the World workbooks? I quailed at the thought of doing the chicken mummy thing, and didn’t get it going. Looks like it worked though! Their expressions are priceless :).


    • whitsendmom says:

      We actually use Sonlight, but as I have friends who use History of the World, we got the idea from them. I just googled “chicken mummies” and followed the directions. Please note–I am BEHIND the camera. The kiddos think that I am participating.


  2. Bel McCoy says:

    What a fun way to end your “school year”… Glad you have a mission field in your
    neighborhood… most of us do, but don’t take advantage of it!! Love your kids!!!!!


  3. Bel McCoy says:

    Hope the fence didn’t catch fire!!!


  4. Mom and Dad Whit says:

    At last we know! Did it smell bad???? Awesome pictures of our sweethearts! Miss them sooooo much!!! You are a great teacher, Rebecca. I wish I had been in your class.
    Most of my teachers had their glasses on the tip of their noses and they were usually NO FUN!


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