She Said–The Van: Faith and Practicality

Last fall we received a new-to-us van that was a Gift from GOD.

And I greatly love my van.

I love the automatic windows and doors.

I love the non-colored-with-crayons tan leather seats.

I love the almost non-scratched-by-kids-with-bicycles paint job.

I love all the working knobs and buttons,

And I love the fact that I am no longer embarrassed to pull into baseball/soccer practice with my humbling, purple, rattle trap.

I love my van, and try to always remember and thank the LORD for this Gift every time I climb into it.  And since this van was so completely a Gift from GOD, I have great expectations for it.

So when the air conditioner broke, I was completely ready to watch and see how the LORD would provide for the fixing of this very expensive repair.  My husband–who was in a hotel in California or some other state–would ask me detailed questions about when the AC stopped working, about liquid dripping from the nether parts of the van, about temperature, about certain sounds I might or might not be hearing, and I would gently remind him that this van was a Gift from GOD, and that HE was going to take care of it.  And I would think, “oh ye of little faith.”  And then Hunni said, “Um, yeah, and did you see any fluid under the parked Gift when you pulled out.”  MEN! they have to be so PRACTICAL!

So I drove the Gift around for two weeks without AC.  And since I am a mom, I took this opportunity to remind the kiddos that when I was growing up air-conditioning was a luxury and that sweating on your way to anywhere was common place and an acceptable form of torturing kids.

On Sunday, we were hurrying and scurrying around trying to get ready for meeting/church, so my oldest boy (A.K.A Little Big Guy) helped me by getting the car started and loading up the purses, and Bible bags, and nursing bags, and “to-return” bags, and the “things-to-do-on-the-way-to-church bags”, and the “quiet-things-to-do-while-in-church bags.”   He was a big help.

And lo and behold when I got into the car, the AC was working!!!  We were all cool and refreshed.  So I called my Hunni– who was in a hotel in California or some other state–and told him about the mini-miracle we were experiencing and how cool and refreshed we were feeling while on the way to church/meeting.  He said, “Um, yeah, and would you please remember to fill the Gift with gas before starting home from church/meeting.”

We arrived cool and refreshed and spent a wonderful hour at church.  After church we all loaded up and since I had spent such a wonderful hour and was feeling particularly obedient I headed over to the gas station to fill up the Gift.  As we drove over, however, it immediately became apparent that the mini-miracle had ceased.  The van was hot and muggy.  I pondered this cessation of the mini-miracle, and after I had contemplated it for a bit I realized why the mini-miracle had ceased.  You see, the POINT of the day was to WORSHIP.  And now that the POINT OF THE DAY had been accomplished, I no longer needed the mini-miracle.  I did not NEED to feel cool and refreshed in order to cook, raise kids, or face the 13 neighborhood children who would soon be playing in our backyard.  Amazed at this discovery, I phoned my Hunni–who was in a hotel in California or some other state.  I explained all about the POINT OF THE DAY, and the cessation of the MINI-MIRACLE, and the non-necessary cool and refreshed part.  He may have said something, but I don’t remember what, because I was very much in awe of my knowledge of such celestial matters.

So, Hunni called his father, and they discusses parts and stuff, and prices and stuff, and repair options and stuff, and decided that before a $300,000 replacement repair, perhaps it would work to try a $30 can of coolant.

When Hunni returned home from his hotel in California (or some other state) he immediately started fixing things.  When he got to the Gift, he practically decided that he would take a temperature reading of the AC before he added the coolant, and then another temperature reading after he added the coolant.  So he started up the van and got the AC going on high with a thermometer positioned to take a reading.  After about 10 minutes of everything running, he climbed into the van, and LO AND BEHOLD the van was quite cool–cold in fact.  He scratched his head, popped open the hood, thought some more, wiggled some wires,  and finally had a thought and came inside.

And this is what he said to me, “Hunni, I want to ask you a question that is not meant to be condescending in any way or form, and is not an indication of your vast amount of knowledge of literature, art, and languages. . . . . but, did you ever turn the AC button on?”

His Hunni said, “What AC button?”

And He said, “Okay, that answers my question.”

And his Hunni said, “Here all this time you were worried about money, and look THE LORD FIXED IT FOR FREE!”

And looking on me, he loved me.

And now, O Best Beloved, if my Hunni occasionally finds me humorous, don’t you think that my Creator, the One who made me, might also be slightly amused, too?

points to ponder,


P.S.  I am sorry for all the CAPITAL LETTERS!!!  I was not yelling at you.  I just thought that I NEEDED  the CAPITAL LETTERS to get the POINT across.

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7 Responses to She Said–The Van: Faith and Practicality

  1. Gwen says:

    LOVE IT! (Just trying to get my point across!!) Indeed He fixed it for free. Thanks for a great laugh. I can just picture you two having a conversation like this!


  2. Lisa Buchanan says:

    HA HA! I love all the “bags” for meeting! Can so relate! My mom and I have you book marked. You have a gift!


  3. Bel McCoy says:

    Perfectly consistant male and female points of view!!! Stick with the Gift.
    My ’99 Taurus overheated last night on the way home from prayer/Bible study, and
    thankfully, Grant was with me and knew how to put water in… apparently that’s why
    we had no heat in the car. My mechanic reminded me it needs a drink occasionally.
    At almost 200,000 miles, it may not last for many drinks.


    • whitsendmom says:

      I love the “needs a drink”. If I am explained things in terms to which I can relate, I have a better chance of remembering them.


  4. Mom and Dad Whit says:

    This reminds me of a time (over 50 years ago) that my parents were out of town and my car stopped with no explanation, and I phoned dear Uncle Fred (Froese) who came and pushed me home over hill and dale. I then parked the beast in the garage till my dad came home. His only comment was “It sure would run better if you would put some gas in it”. I can still hear Fred chuckle quietly when he found out.


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