She Said–Coaches

Our kids participate is various sports, and most of these are run by coaches who devote 1,000’s hours of their free time, and often $$ from their own pockets; all so that a few squirrelly kids can run around a field interacting with a ball.  My household homeschools for various reasons, but why would a complete stranger volunteer his/her time to teach my kid, yell at my kid, encourage my kid, and take my kid out for ice cream?  Some days I don’t want to teach, yell, encourage, and feed my kid. . . so why would someone else?  Because he/she is an amazing person, that’s why!

Today’s post is a tribute to coaches everywhere…Men and Woman who devote 1,000’s of hours all for a small plastic trophy that says, “#1 Coach”–oh yeah, and of course all the memories.

Check out the memories below.  Do you think these kids classify as “Sits quietly and studiously for seat work?”  Would you want to handle this squirrelly “Sandlot?”

(Above Photo)  Baseball and nicknames go together like summah-N-ice cream.  That’s Hotdog in the black jersey on the left.   About three seasons ago, he ate 7 hotdogs in one sitting, and was forever more dubbed Hotdog.  And next to Hotdog is Little Jeter [gee-ter].  He’s a heavy hitter.  Next to Jeter is Hershey Bar, and here they are again below. (See photo below)

(Above photo)  Now if I were giving out awards for “Best Smile”, it would have to go to Hershey Bar.  When he smiles, the sun comes out from behind any cloud.

(Photo below) Here’s Big Hurt with Franchise.  I love this photo that captured the interaction between these two kids.  Big Hurt hit an out-of-the-park GRAND SLAM  a few games back!  He lives up to his name.  Franchise is an ALL-AMERICAM-ALL-STAR.  Besides being a great player, he’s a nice kid with manners.

(Photo below)  The nicknames continue on.  We have Lil Hurt who pitches lefty and wins most battles.

(Photo below)  And Toothpick, who bats first and almost always gets on base.

(Photo below)  Here’s Tennessee, who is a CLASSIC!

(Photo below) And Pretty Boy–hold the girls back, this kid is as cute as they come.

(Photo below)  And my boy Tigger–remember we are Tiger fans around these parts.

(Photo below) And this amazing kid called Pickle.  This kid has HEART!

(Photo below)  And here’s Weazel.  This is his first year playing ball, and he is doing GREAT!

(Photo below)  Now to give you an idea of the size difference that exists in the 10 – 12 bracket, here’s Pickle and Toothpick with a 12-year-old.

(Photo below)  And here’s The Team altogether.

These kids can be a handful.  Here are the coaches that make it all happen.

Thanks Coach Doc and Coach Donnie.  Thanks for the one million things you do so that these boys will always have memories of the best summers of their lives.


P.S.  Did I mention that I think we have an amazing team with terrific coaches?

P.P.S.  See this photo below?  That “snow” on the ground is Cottonwood.  You can now say, “Achoo!”  and you can continue “Achooing!” for the next three weeks.

 So what do you think of the nicknames?  Did you have a nickname growing up? Or were you the one that gave out the nicknames?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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4 Responses to She Said–Coaches

  1. Allison says:

    My nicknames depended on who was doing the nick-naming. My dad did (& still does) call me AJ. My mom, sisters, & many others call me Al or Ali. I had one friend’s dad who called me” Big Al” because I was so tiny (as a joke). On a totally different note, Rebecca, has a denim skirt that looks identical to the one I wore this past Sunday that you asked about (just fyi). 🙂


    • whitsendmom says:

      THANK YOU for the Old Navy tip. I loved your outfit, and thought I would try to get something similar before heading west.


  2. Robin says:

    I was always told that as a child my nickname was, “Shirley Temple”. This was due to the fact that I had naturally very curly hair. As I grew older I never was saddled with a nickname though I always kinda longed for one. It seemed to me that to be given a nickname was a way of saying you’d been accepted, you were officially one of the pack. Well, as I said, I never got one. Then I met the man who would become my husband and the father of my children. As I recall, it was on our 2nd date when I got saddled with my very own nickname…Wombat. Lord only knows what made him come up with that, but ever since that date I have always been his little “Wombat”. If you know what a wombat is, please understand that he is the only person on this earth who could get away with calling me one.


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