She Said–The Winners and a Disclaimer

I would first off like to make it clear that this family does not play the lottery.  The Hunni was concerned that the above picture might give you that impression.  I said, “I have as much as an idea of how the lottery ticket got into my purse as I do about the 3/4 eaten apple, the 3 Lego men, and the 6 broken crayons.  Everyone will know that.”  My Hunni wasn’t so sure, so consider that false impression corrected.  However, we do blow our noses–hence the Kleenex.  And here comes the disclaimer.  If you had to go grocery shopping with 4 kiddos once a week you also might end up with a lottery ticket or 100 (automatically dispensed) coupons in your purse.  (Why do they put those automatic coupon dispensers right at the kids level?  Some of them even have flashing red lights and make a cool “dispensing” noise!)

And now for the winners!  I would like to clearly state that I did not use the controversial E-M-M-M-S-P (Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe-Selection-Process) due to its NW (Northwest) selection tendencies.  However, since no one offered an alternative rhyme, I had to confer with the Selection Process Experts here at My Whit’s End (i.e. the kiddos.)  They briefed me on the latest Selection Process called “Coconut, Coconut, Crack.”  The C-C-C-S-P gives three chances to each player before he/she is eliminated.  All players put their two hands (held tightly together) into the circle.  If the “Crack” lands on your two tightly held together fists, then you crack your fists apart into two separate fists.  If the “Crack” lands on one of your fists, that fist is out.  If the “Crack” happens to land on your remaining fist, then you are completely out.  And the winners of the purse sized Emergency Manual (packaged in a Ziploc bag) are. . .

Penny, Bethany of Leticia, and Brooke.  Congratulations to the winners.  I will contact you on Facebook to make sure that I have your most current mailing address, then I will get your prize in the mail.  Thanks for commenting everyone.


P.S.  I am a bit confused that this post begins by stating that this family doesn’t play the lottery, and ends with the C-C-C-S-P?  Does that seem at all contradictory?

P.P.S.  We’ve changed a few things on this site.  Hopefully, it will load faster.  Also, although we don’t have all the pages up and running yet, I was able to post a description of what each page will contain.  We have a page (click on the page entitled LASSEN PINES) devoted to a card shower for Wally and Delores Weaver for all their years of giving.  Stop by and write a comment to them, or drop them a card in the mail.  They deserve it.

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1 Response to She Said–The Winners and a Disclaimer

  1. Penny says:

    Wow, I’m honored! Thank you! But in all fairness, I didn’t list out my five necessary things, just the bandaids, so I’d better pass my prize on to someone who played legitimately. 🙂


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