She Said–Introductions: Meet The Hunni

You already met Rocky Road Rebecca, and now it is time to meet The Guy that lives here at My Whit’s End.  The Guy (A.K.A. Hunni) is a pilot and a family man.  He flies and he helps raise the four kiddos that we have.

Let me tell you a few things about flying for a living.  There are several misconceptions about pilots.  Two common ones are:  Your neighbors think that your husband never works; they say, “You are off half of the year?  What do you do with all your spare time?”  Your family thinks that your Hunni is never home.  They say, “He is gone half the year.  That must be hard on the family.”  Both happen to be correct.  So it is all how you approach it.  Is the glass half full? or half empty?  Is the Hunni home half the year? or is he gone half the year?

Pilots live in hotels when they are on the road.  That means that when The Hunni comes home, he does not want to go out to eat; get away for a relaxing weekend at a hotel; eat heavy, cream-laden dishes; leave the house;  have his family leave home; see a suitcase of any kind; watch any type of screen.  Here is what this wife-of-a-pilot wants to do after having the kids all to herself for two weeks straight: eat out; get away for a relaxing weekend at a hotel where someone else makes the bed; eat fussy, fat-laden, cream dishes; get away from the house; take the family on a field trip with Daddi; pack up her suitcase; relax together with a family movie.  SO! we have to make it work.  And sometimes the way we make it work takes us down “the road less traveled.”  We homeschool–we visit museums and other attractions during weekdays when most kids are in school.  We might go ahead and eat out when Daddi is gone and fix things like mashed potatoes and meatloaf when Daddi comes home.  We rarely celebrate holidays or family events on their actual date.  Hunni cooks breakfast when he is home and I consider that my “get-away.”  We use Skype as an extension of our house–Daddi is in the next room on Skype.  And yes, there are times that the road gets bumpy, but with the LORD’s guidance, we have kept our family squeezed in together in our family-jalopy as we bounce down that less traveled road.

Usually The Guy is flown to his plane, not the other way around.  So each new rotation, he gets on a Delta flight and flies to a city where “his” plane is parked.  However, this past week, “his” plane was at DTW (Detroit), so we actually got to take him to work.  Here are some photos.

I love how we all trail out like a descending line.

We are heading to that Citation X–“his” plane.

Wouldn’t this photo make a great advertisement?  “Yeah, that’s my private jet”, says the baby in the stroller.  “I’m headed to my playdate.”

Ticketless boarding, and no waiting in lines.

Once we were in the plane, the kiddos opened every drawer and door and compartment.

Eloise had an “emergency” and had to”use it.”  She said, “Look, you have to put on your seat belt before you go.”

Remember.  Everything that the kiddos touched got fingerprints all over it, and fingerprints aren’t allowed.  So, The Guy had to Windex every surface after we left.  He also had to make many phone calls.  We weren’t disturbing him at all.

YEP!  The Hunni knows what each one of those buttons does.  There is also a 1 inch book that goes with each button.  It is printed by the Government (FAA), and they tell you how you are allowed to use each button and lever.  The Hunni knows a lot!!!

All too soon, it was time to trail back in to the FBO (Fixed Base Operator.)

And now comes the VERY WORST PART ABOUT FLYING–the goodbyes.

Eloise always cries.  She loves her Daddi soooooooooooo much.  One more glass of lemonade helped.  And then it was good-bye for two weeks.

Now you will understand why the still life in this picture always makes me so sad.  To me, his suitcase, jacket, uniform, and computer bag always mean a parting.

That is a little slice of our life.  And just for the record, I really miss him.

(sniff, sniff)


P.S.  I will have you know that in that private-passengers-that-can-afford-their-own-jets waiting room, they were serving Country Time Lemonade.  I know because each of my kids had about 6 glasses.  This means that when I make up a cooler of Country Time Lemonade for the baseball team that I am treating them First Class!

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17 Responses to She Said–Introductions: Meet The Hunni

  1. Bel McCoy says:

    Thank you SO much for this little insight on your lifestyle!!! Congrats on home schooling!! Since knowing John
    litterally all his life, and loving him, too, this is very special!! Guess I best get out and get some Countrytime???


  2. Kathy says:

    Well Shawnyvovyhash, you are the man. You found a good woman. ( Like your mama). Now make sure you get those little Whits some moon glasses ( if your memory fails, just ask Jenny)
    And, your Countrytime looks very refreshing, but it is never too hot for a cup of Joe for me !
    Always ready along with M & M’s – come over any country time!
    June 13
    Proverbs 13:9 The light of the righteous shines brightly
    (let your light so shine.. )


    • whitsendmom says:

      I am going to put that verse onto 40 T-shirts today. We are working on some VBS crafts. I was going to use “. . .let your light so shine,” But you have made me change my mind to Proverbs 13:9


  3. Gwen says:

    The pics are worth a thousand words! Thanks for sharing!


    • whitsendmom says:

      Thanks for the phone call. I enjoyed the chat. Little Man came in with a bloody mouth, so I had to cut it short. Hope, hope, hope, to see you this summer–in WA or MI or The Celestial City.


  4. Jenny says:

    You have a precious family and a top notch hubby! May the Lord continue to watch over you and bless you in your together times as well as the times he’s on the job!

    Looking forward to the end of July:)


  5. Robin says:

    The still pic at the end and pics of your farewells brought tears to my eyes. My “Hunni” was national trainer for Diamond Resorts. He traveled as well. Towards the end of his time with this company, he was only home 5 days a month on the average. The drive to Skyharbor airport became one the kids and I dreaded. I prayed consistently for our Lord to find a way to get him out of that position. To make a very long story short, as you know, God answers prayers! He is now with a different company. He does travel some, but only the eastern region and he specified before taking this job that he would not travel as much as he did before. This company understood and all is going well.


  6. whitsendmom says:

    So good to hear about your life, and how the LORD works. It is always encouraging! Thanks for posting.


  7. Mom and Dad Whit says:

    Awww!! Makes my eyes wet to see these good-byes too. We are always so thankful when the two weeks are up in the skies and he is home once again. I’m sure the welcome he gets is pretty wonderful for him too. Awesome pictures of the kids in the plane. Glad John has such a nice plane to fly now. Looking so forward to all the hugs when you come out.
    Just think of the welcome from our Lord when we meet the Him in the air and are finally in His house forever.


  8. Lisa Buchanan says:

    So sad to see those tears! I’m going to have Andrea read your blog today. (Kyle’s wife.)


  9. Laura says:

    Hi there!

    Laura Byers here …aka… Laurie Mayo! 🙂 I just discovered your blog when the Weaver July Card Shower was passed down the line. These good-byes must be so very hard. I know from Danny Clarke how tough it is to find a work/life schedule with a pilots job. I got to see Danny at the beginning of June and even went on a short hop with him.



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