Recipe–Baby Food Smoothies

The title says, “Recipe:  Baby Food Smoothies.”  Please don’t quit reading.  I know it sounds a bit “childish”, but hang on to your preconceived notions a bit longer, and then decide.  Baby food is just mushy stuff, right?  What is actually in baby food.  Not much really.  No salt, no added sugars, no fillers, and no artificial color or flavors.  It’s pretty much just good stuff.  That’s why we feed it for our precious little lambs.  But why stop with the kids?  Let’s use this good stuff!

Now I LOVE smoothies.  My sister-in-law got me started on them when I was pregnant with Baby #1, and I was always hungry.  She said, “Try a smoothie.  They fill you up with good stuff and not the bad stuff.”  I have been hooked ever since.  My kids are hooked also.  We almost always have smoothies with Mexican meals as they cut the heat, and classify as a “fruit and vegetable”.  (My kids don’t put enough lettuce on their Mexican food for it to count as even 1/8 of a veggie serving.  And “forgettah-bout” any tomatoes!)

My Hunni also doesn’t “do” the yellow vegetables.  You know squash and squish and stuff.  He will only eat two yellow vegetables–pumpkin in a pie and mango in a smoothie.  Ergo, I serve him a lot of mango smoothies as I heart him, and want his heart to stay healthy for a long, long, time.

I love mangos!  I love their color. I love there taste. And I love their vitamin punch.  I don’t like their price tag.  If I can get mangos for a dollar, then I buy eight or so, let them ripen, and then cut and freeze them.

And now I have yes sir, yes sir three (freezer) bags full of very delicious yellow mangos.  (Add a lot of Fruit Fresh to keep them that beautiful yellow color.)

Great!  However, here in Michigan, mangoes aren’t available for $1.00 very often.  That’s when I grab some jars of baby food.  They have several combinations of fruits.  I like Bananas and Strawberries, Banana and Blackberries, Banana Orange Medley, and many single fruits like Peaches, Bananas, or Mango.  (Mango is one of the few fruits that has rice cereal added.  It won’t kill you, and you can’t taste it in a smoothie.)

I never have followed a recipe for a smoothie, but here are my general guide lines.

  • If I don’t use frozen fruit, then I add ice cubes.
  • Yogurt (usually vanilla)
  • Fruit –frozen, fresh, or jars of baby food
  • Concentrate.  Usually I use a couple of spoonfuls of orange juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate or a fresh squeezed lemon/lime, or cranberry syrup.
  • Sweetener–honey or sugar
  • Liquid–usually water, but sometimes apple juice, orange juice, etc. . .

Put everything in the blender.  If you are like me, I ALWAYS overfill my blender and it drips out the side while blending.  I haven’t learned yet.  Serve in a tall glass with a straw to the anticipating munchkins.

I photographed a couple of smoothie combinations.  Enjoy my messy concoctions.

In this smoothie, I used both fresh strawberries, some frozen pineapple, and baby food.

Add  the vanilla yogurt.  Pioneer Woman left the tops on her strawberries, so I now do also.

Don’t forget the baby food.

Add some concentrate.  Here I am using Orange Juice Concentrate.

Add some ice and some water.

Please don’t judge me on the amount of sugar I use.

Blend all that goodness together.

Serve up and enjoy.

The possibilities are endless.  Here’s an easy Blackberry, Banana, Strawberry Smoothie.  I just used strawberry yogurt, ice, water, and Blackberry-Banana Gerber baby food.

Let me know if you hit on a winning combination.

Now, do you still think that baby food is just for babies?  Or do you think you just discovered a little known secret to make your life easier, healthier, and Oh, so delicious.


P.S.  It works better to put the ice cubes in first.

P.P.S.  I prefer to sweeten the smoothies with honey, but this family just polished off $45.00 of local honey in a matter of 3 weeks.  Regular, old, refined, white sugar is going to have to work for a while.

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18 Responses to Recipe–Baby Food Smoothies

  1. myevergreen says:

    Hey Rebecca,

    Thanks for the display. We are having the hardest time getting our two-year old to eat green veggies and the Doc recommended smoothies. I have never thought of baby food. Thanks for the advice,



  2. Mom and Dad Whit says:

    Your father-in-law loves these and when it is hot (it hasn’t been that way for quite some time where we live), I do make him these using fresh or frozen blueberries, blackberries, bananas, yogurt and if it isn’t sweet enough add a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. (I do think he learned to love these treats at your house). Thanks!


    • whitsendmom says:

      I just saw on wundermommy’s comment that she sneaks in spinach and carrots and sweet potatos. I think I am going to try it. BUT ONLY IF THE KIDS AREN’T IN THE KITCHEN. If they even suspect anything, thy will decide they don’t like it.


      • Angie W. says:

        Mine too. You have to be VERY sneaky. I don’t even tell the Man of the House what’s in his smoothie until afterwards. Good luck!


      • Donna Earl says:

        I would try vegi baby food. The carrot and sweet potato at least are similar in color to some of the fruit ones. They’d never know 🙂


      • Allison Moore says:

        Also, it you use a good amount of berries it will blend the odd colors right in! I use spinach/zucchini/pea baby food with blackberries, strawberries, Greek yogurt, sugar, and peach baby food for a mighty great combo purple pink colored!


  3. Bel McCoy says:

    Thanks for another good post…. you must think even in your sleep!!! Just had a blueberry,banana,yoghurt,one
    with lots of ice and no sugar or honey.


    • whitsendmom says:

      I can go without the sugar, but the kiddos can’t. Thanks for all of your comments. They let me know that someone out there is reading.


  4. Angie W. says:

    We do smoothies daily at our house since certain people would pick out even green oregano flakes in their pasta sauce if permitted. Some of my favorite additives…baby spinich (handfuls and handfuls and you can’t taste it at all!), raw carrots (also helps the sweetness factor), raw peeled sweet potatoes (sweetness factor, way ups the nutrient value) and any fruit getting a little too soft to serve as is. 🙂 I never thought of adding baby food for a wider variety of ingredients! This way I can serve them mac and cheese occasionally and feel less guilty as I hand them all their hidden veggies.


  5. Gwen says:

    As for the mangoes…do you have a mango slicer? And for the record, because of your post I bought mangoes last week for 78 cents each! Knew it must be a good deal. 🙂 I LOVE mangoes too…way more than papayas.


    • whitsendmom says:

      I don’t have a mango slicer. Do you like yours? Is it easy to clean? I’ve seen then at Williams and Sanoma, but haven’t bought one, yet. I don’t always get to go into W&S as it is on the wrong side of the mall, and sometimes the kiddos rebel. I am okay with papayas, but I don’t really like them.


      • Gwen says:

        I love mine and yes, I find it easy to clean. You can find a nice one at TJ Maxx or another store like that (much cheaper than W&S)!


  6. Anonymous says:

    I have been using baby food for awhile now in my smoothies. My wife & God-daughter have a good time making fun of me. Glad to see I’m not the only one!


  7. judy lochner says:

    good to see your post. These recipes are good for all ages! I started using Gerber carrots to add or vitamin A to my diet, then googled the idea just now. You verified my own thoughts….thank for sharing.


  8. Misty says:

    Old post I know but what about freezing the baby food in the ice cube tray, and then freeze? Use that instead of ice.. we use almond milk… bet that would be yummy. . Ty fir the ideas!!


  9. Allison Moore says:

    Hi, I am in recovery from an eating disorder and found smoothies as a great way to get alot of food exchanges in one dish. Tonight, I tried your baby food idea. I used frozen strawberries, wilting blackberries, vanilla yogurt, peach baby food, spiniach/zucchini/pea baby food, and white sugar. I really am enjoying the smoothie and know to add a bit more liquid next time! I plan to try a breakfast smoothie soon also! The plan for it is: ice, rice milk, banana baby food, soy butter, and vanilla Greek yogurt! I’ll add am English muffin buttered along side it to meet all my exchanges for my meal plan! This seems to be great thus far!


  10. Vanessa Johnson says:

    Can you use baby food in smoothies for a healthy drinks,Have any recipes I can use.


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