He Said–I went for a walk this morning

I went for a walk this morning, Lord.

To ease my troubled mind
To run away from distraction, Lord
To leave it all behind

I walked down Iron Point road for a ways
Till I got to some railroad tracks
I was thinking about grabbing some coffee and food
at a little place we call Starbucks

All of a sudden, I guess it was whim
The tracks just seemed to be saying
“Just follow me round to the next bend or two
Come listen to songs that are playing.

Songs? Came the thought. Way down this line?
Well, why not? I’ve got nothing but time.
My flight isn’t until 3:00 this afternoon  
And the sun was just starting to shine.

So I turned to the right and began walking, Lord
Along what they call Placerville Road
I walked past the Starbucks I’d mentioned before,
past a big overgrown vacant lot.
It had signs up that said something about contacting so-and-so
Who would build-to-suit in this dream spot.

The next thing in the row just happened to be the last
I think it was a Hampton Inn Suites.
There was an old man out front smoking a cigar
He nodded as I walked past

It was at that point that I turned to the left
It wasn’t much out of my way
The tracks I was following went under a bridge
Called the El Do-ra-do freeway.

As the noise of the cars and trucks began to fade
Above all that din I could hear
The song of a whole bunch of mud swallows singing
As they flew aimlessly up in the air.

How pleasant to hear a sound from your creation, Lord  
Something with a natural tone.
I looked up at their mud houses hanging there
And snapped a picture on my blackberry cell phone

It was then that I looked down and all over the ground
I saw something, so I  covered my hair
Those swallows that you made aren’t the cleanest little critturs
it was no place to stop and stare.

So I kept on walking out from under the bridge
Along the old Placerville line
I thought about all the old miners out there
Who used to dig for gold in their mines.

Then again I began to hear the song of some birds
They were running around on the ground
Trying, no doubt, to keep me from finding
Their nests they had hidden all around

I looked up a ways and standing on the right track
A big white bird was studying me,
I whipped out my camera and snapped off a shot
But when I looked at the screen he was gone
Flying off somewhere out of the way;
Maybe to finish his song.

I kept on walking Lord, I didn’t want to turn back
I loved hearing those songs that they sang,
They soothed my mind, they softened my heart;
They dimmed all my worries and care.
I forgot about trouble and all the noise behind me
and started thinking of you.

I thought of that Psalm that somebody wrote
A few thousand years ago,
About how everything that has been given breath
Should use it to glorify you.

So while I was walking out there on the range
A song brought a smile from a frown
The one about how little children will shine
Like precious jewels in your crown.

Now I’m no bird, they’ve no knowledge of you.
But I do…you’re my Savior, my Lord!
I’ve got two healthy lungs and a voice of sorts,
I can use it to sing praises to you.

So I turned right around and started heading back
To the town that I’d left far behind
I guess you could say I went home a new way
Though still on the Placerville line.

I walked under the bridge that was flooded with cars,
Past the old man with a shorter cigar,
I got me a coffee and headed to my room
To jot down this prose, before I checked out at noon.

I’m thankful dear Lord, for that time out alone,
I’m grateful to you for giving me a song.
If I’d just have rolled over when I heard the alarm ring
I’d have missed out on what you gave those creatures to sing

P.S.  When I woke up this morning (now this isn’t part of the prose)
I had a little thought that I’ll share as I close.
You and I are his creatures, his new creation, his kind,
And as we go through this day let us keep this in mind.
Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord,
Praise YE the LORD!

Oh magnify the Lord with me,
And let us exalt his name together.
Psalm 34:3

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4 Responses to He Said–I went for a walk this morning

  1. Mom and Dad Whit says:

    “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” Luke 2:13,14.
    Nice thoughts from your walk. (If you get “The Christian” magazine, read the last of pg. 9 in the August edition).


  2. Jomama says:

    Well, I checked in again, hoping for an update from the weekend in Chicago (which perhaps may not make it into blog format?), but instead was surprised to find that He Said had actually Said something long ago that I had not noticed before… and I very much enjoyed the walk along the railroad tracks! 🙂


    • whitsendmom says:

      We got back last night just after midnight, and had to unload the U-Haul as The Hunni left at 8:00 a.m. the next morning. I was hoping to just sleep in until I checked the calendar and realized that the entire family had dentist apppointments (and they would have killed me if I canceled four appointments at the last minute.), so we just woke up and went. But I crashed that afternoon on my bed. I would “come to” as the kiddos yelled up questions and I yelled down aswers, then fall back in a deep sleep with weird dreams.


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