She Said–Dumpster Diving Awards

Thanks so much for staying with me.  Thanks for liking me even if I Dumpster Dive.  And because you are such loyal friends, I am going to have another give-away.  Keep reading for the details.

Yesterday I showed you a picture of my latest Find.  A very old, very ugly, very, VERY dirty wooden door.  I made all the kids duck their heads and rested it on the seats above them.  Since it was only about 8 blocks, they all survived.  Currently, the door is still propped up by the wooden gate (another Find) in the backyard, BUT I have BIG dreams for it.  I can see beneath its crusty, hardened, world-weary surface.  Beneath all that “hard livin'” is a heart of gold.  A heart that just needs some help to once again live proudly–with its shoulders held high, and a smile on its lips.  Okay. . . I got carried away, but I do see a possibility here.

My daughters’ room looks like this.  The canopy bed was my mom’s when she was a girl.  She had it refinished for my girls.  I made the canopy curtains out of soft dreamy muslin from a water damaged bolt of cloth I found at a thrift store.  I made several forays to TJ Maxx and Marshall’s and mixed-and-matched all the bedding.  I had so much fun.  We kept the walls neutral just so that the pinkness wouldn’t get overwhelming.

For our kids first birthdays’, we try to make them a gift.  Scout’s gift was this doll house that Hunni and I spent many late evenings working on together.  We enjoyed those hours.  See all those little linoleum tiles in the kitchen and bathroom?  All of those had to be hand-cut and sanded.  Most of the furniture is mine from my childhood.  My mom dug it out of the attic and gave it to the girls.

This wardrobe was Eloise’s gift.  She is four, but I haven’t finished it yet.  My idea is to paint a toile-like design in blue all over the outside.  I photocopied some fabric that I wanted to copy.  Originally, it housed all of Eloise’s clothes, but as she got bigger, she needed more space.  The American dolls moved it, and now it is their wardrobe.

This beautiful, hand-lettered text came from The Old Meeting House.  When we moved to a new location, we acquired it.  It was painted by a Mr. Wilson who, I think, was a missionary to China.

Now here is the girls closet.  That little pink stool was painted by my girls in my effort to pass on the trash-to-treasure way of life.  The door to their closet is a little boring.  So here is the BIG idea.  I would like to scrap down this crusty old door and paint it white or finish off the wood.  Then I would like to put a mirror where the window used to be–facing out, and perhaps a chalkboard or bulletin board on the back side–facing in.


I bought these adorable hooks many years ago.  I have one in the kitchen, and I think I have another one floating around the basement somewhere.  I would attach this set of hooks just below the mirror on the inside of the door for “jammies”.

On the outside of the door, I would put this word, “dream.”  I haven’t worked with these vinyl decals before, but whenever I see them in other places, I love how they look.

So here is the give-away.  I have four more of these decals to give away.  There are three different sayings, and one is a verse.

  • Psalm 118:24  “This is the day which the LORD has made, let us rejoice and be glad.”  (This one doesn’t come in a cute package, but it is completely perfect.)
  • FAMILY a journey to forever.  (All black lettering.)
  • FAMILY one of God’s masterpieces.  (Family is in black, and the rest in gold lettering.)
  • Faith . Family . Friends  ( You could cut these words apart if you wanted to use them on separate projects.)

To be entered to win one of these fours “wall letterings” from “Once Upon a Wall”, you must just answer this question in the comments section.  Have you ever found a piece of “trash” in which you saw a “treasure” and re-finished it?  This could be an old sheet made into a vintage apron, a rock found by the edge on the road that you incorporated into your garden, some scrap fabric that you turned into a pillow case, your brother’s hand-me-down bike which you painted pink, etc. . .  Tell us.  We might get inspired by your “trash-to-treasure” find.  If you can’t think of anything to say, just say a “hello” and also mention which wall lettering you would like the most–Psalm 118:24, Family = Forever, Family = masterpiece, F-F-F.  I love comments.  It makes me feel as if I am talking to someone instead of the void of cyberspace.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

your dumpster diving host,


P.S.  I stopped by this blog and found a wonderful idea.  Transform an old wooden cabinet door into a sign.  You could easily use the vinyl letters to a sign like this.  Also, I have seen the same idea with hooks at the bottom for “stuff.”  If you stop by, mention that you came from as I wrote her and said that I added her blog as a link.

P.S.S.  I started scraping and sanding down the door.  Late last night, I realized that I had never measured the door to see that it would actually fit.  YIKES!!!  I am heading to the garage to measure.

P.S.S.S.  Count down to the My Whit’s End Book Club had begun.  Get your “Out of Africa” book at your library or order it by clicking on the blue link.  My “new” copy just arrived in the mail. Out of Africa (Modern Library)

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19 Responses to She Said–Dumpster Diving Awards

  1. Bel McCoy says:

    Just finished page #236…. the lion hunts are specially interesting… almost hair raising!! Her
    characterizing makes one “see” the people discussed. Got a kick out of “excellent, witty things
    are said by everybody in dreams”…..Have you ever “received an ineffaceable impression”??
    Never have been in a “book club”.

    Carry on with your dumpster diving… youse is doing fine!!!


  2. Laura M says:

    Hi! 🙂 Every day, I look forward to naptime…my reason?? Among other things, I can’t wait to open your blog and get another glimpse into your daily journey. You make me laugh, cry, cringe :), and cheer! Thanks! xoxo


  3. Elizabeth Roossinck says:

    Okay you asked for it! I am currently working on a chair that I picked up at a garage sale for $2. I am stripping it and painting black. I also have a small cupboard that I got from the house of an older lady, a neighbor that I grew up next to. It is now being used for the fish tank! (I also want to paint it black) A few years back I rescued an old barn window. I had a mirror put where the windows were, I added a swag, and hooks, and it is in the kids’ bathroom. Check your email for pictures! 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend and Happy Diving!


    • whitsendmom says:

      Oh CAN”T wait for the pictures!!!


      • Joanna B says:

        I picked up an old wicker chair from someone’s trash and used it on the front porch to hold a pot of flowers for the summer. Then, I put it out in our trash. I don’t have the skills to restore a wicker chair, but I loved the way it looked for the summer. Anna is entering with me and she wants Ps. 118:24


      • whitsendmom says:

        You are both officially entered. And I hope you both had a wonderufl time at the American Doll store!!!!!


  4. Angie W. says:

    Trash to treasure is my favorite thing! I’ve done quite a few refinishes on my “treasures” but one of my favorites is an old trunk found for cheap at a garage sale and given a black coat of paint. Old windows are another favorite of mine for many different purposes–I have about 5 or 6 up in my house now! I think your door idea is fabulous. And I like the FFF decal. :). Oh and another favorite I just thought of– a can of metal spray paint turning any kind of container or candlestick into an expesive looking pewter one. I could gp on and one. Wish I could go dumpster diving back there with you. Looks like the “trash” meaning more rustic look on the turnaround.


    • whitsendmom says:

      I love the spray paint idea. I have a few moments, so I might just slip off to the thrift store and look for a treasure. I love all of your ideas. I have one my mom gave me with a mirror.


      • Angie W. says:

        Mercy, there were so many typos in my comment, I’m surprised you could decipher it. It is the darn auto-correct on my iPad–it makes words I didn’t intend to. 🙂


  5. Lynda says:

    Thoroughly enjoying your blog! 🙂 Think the only trash we have repurposed lately are sheets or shirts that were headed for the trash….made over one of Ted’s old shirts into an Indian/Egyptian tunic for Conrad by cutting the sleeves and collar off and sewing! up the front to leave a slit so he can pull it over his head…wish we had more dumpsters close by!!! 🙂 Ted has hauled sandstone out of a dry creek bed for me to put in the flower beds….would love to find a stash of old bricks somewhere….. I like the Psalm 118 cling….


    • whitsendmom says:

      I also am a rock collector. I have rocks we hauled home from Wyoming, a prize rock from the Home Depot construction site, and a few more from Hamer Bay.


  6. Allison says:

    I don’t have any dumpster diving stories (although my mom and I found an old mirror at an estate sale that she painted in an oil-rubbed bronze finish (now hanging in our dining room). I guess that doesn’t count though. Oh well!

    Next time I see a cool old frame or mirror though, I want to make a magnetic makeup board like the one on the site below…

    I just think it looks like fun, so keep your eyes peeled for a rather large frame or mirror for me while you’re on your diving adventures! 🙂


    • whitsendmom says:

      I LOVE this idea. My spices are all in little metal jars, and I keep looking at the Ikea and Williams and Sonoma magentic spice racks. Thanks for posting.


  7. Lisa Buchanan says:

    I’m probably too late for this give away, but I’m going to answer anyway. (Been out of town and am playing catch-up on all my favorite blogs.) I grabbed some old barn wood from my father-in-law’s farm, screwed hooks in several pieces and made coat racks. I also found an old wooden gate I used as a above-my-bed piece since I didn’t have a head board. LOVE old wood!


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