My Whit’s End Book Club–Out of Africa–The Shooting Accident

“There is something strangely determinate and fatal about a single shot in the night.  It is as if someone had cried a message to you in one word, and would not repeat it.”  What a sentence.  I can hear that shot, and my gut gets tight.  Hunni and I just watched the movie “Faith Like Potatoes”, and there is a scence with a single shot.

“Cars run well at night, and it is pleasant to motor under the stars. . .”

Let’s start reading.

p. 89:  dog-violet – unscented violets

p. 90:  Khadija’s camel men – Khadija was Mohammed’s first wife.

p. 90:  Philosophers who spin out of moonlight systems of the Universe” –

p. 90:  Spica in the Virgin –  Wikipedia excerpt.

The bright Spica makes it easy to locate Virgo, as it can be found by following the curve of the Big Dipper to Arcturus in Boötes and continuing from there in the same curve (“follow the arc to Arcturus and speed on to Spica”).[1]

This diagram was drawn by H.A. Rey–yep! the same guy that wrote “Curious George”.  I was lucky enough to find this book on constellations at a library book sale.  Spicia is the biggest black dot at the bottom (looks kind of like a lowercase “a”.)


Alpha and Beta  in the Centaur – Wikipedia:

Centaurus is a bright constellation in the southern sky. One of the largest constellations in the sky, Centaurus was included among the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, and it remains one of the 88 modern constellations.

stars of the centaur

That brilliant, wide pair of stars, The Pointers, follow the Cross a little more than the length of the Cross away. On close inspection it is seen that they do not point exactly at it, but just past its head. These are Alpha and Beta of the constellation of the Centaur which partially surrounds the Cross. The one farther away is the brighter of the two and is universally known as Alpha Centauri, though in some circles, notably in New Zealand, it is also given the proper name—Rigel-Kent.

Alpha Centauri has several claims to fame. It is the nearest “bright” star to us—excepting, of course, our own Sun. It may well be the closest star to our solar system, though a faint star—too dim to be seen with the naked eye—is thought to be just a little nearer. This is known as Proxima Centauri, and it is quite close to Alpha, although the terms “near” and “close” are used only in a relative sense

Alpha and Beta are the two front hooves repectively.

Sirius – It is easy to locate the star Sirius in our night skies. Just to the left of Orion the hunter.  Even if you aren’t sure which way south is, just go
out around 8 or 9PM and turn around until you see a very bright star. If you
also see Orion, you have found Sirius.

Canopus – Wikipedia.  Canopus (pronounced /kəˈnoʊpəs/, α Car, α Carinae, Alpha Carinae) is the brightest star in the southern constellation of Carina and Argo Navis, and the second brightest star in the night-time sky, after Sirius. Canopus’s visual magnitude is −0.72, and it has an absolute magnitude of −5.53.

Rigel, Betelgeuze, and Bellatrix – stars in Orion.

File:Orion IAU.svg

p. 93:  manyatta – East African community of several huts.

p. 93:  Ngoma – Swahili for drum; a dance with drums

p. 93:  the long dungas – didn’t find a refernce.  Anybody?

p. 94:  consignments – Wikipedia.  Consignment is the act of consigning, which is placing a person or thing in the hand of another, but retaining ownership until the goods are sold or person is transferred. This may be done for shipping, transfer of prisoners, to auction, or for sale in a store (i.e. a consignment shop).

p. 95:  capons and poulardes –Wikipedia.   A capon is a rooster that has been castrated to improve the quality of its flesh for food.

A “poularde” is a fatty chicken that is grown in a particular way to avoid that
it reaches sexual maturity. It consists of a young hen which is raised free
range for the first part of its life and fed with corn, cereals and milk. Then
just before it reaches sexual maturity, it is placed in a cage and maintained in
the dark to be fattened for few weeks. In this way, the young hen do not reach
sexual maturity, resulting in a very meaty bird (around 1.8Kg), covered of an
important layer of fat, with a very tender, moist and milky flesh, but slightly
on the bland side. The most famous region of production of poulardes are Le Mans
and the Bresse regions of France.

p. 96:  cerval-cats – Wikipedia.  The serval (play /ˈsɜrvəl/), Leptailurus serval, is a medium-sized African wild cat. Modern molecular DNA analysis indicates that servals maintain their own unique lineage descending from the same Felid ancestor as the lion. The serval shares common traits with the cheetah, and it is the cheetah which is thought to have descended from ancient servals.[3] Similar DNA studies have shown the African golden cat and the caracal are closely related to the serval.

File:Leptailurus serval -Serengeti National Park, Tanzania-8.jpg

p. 96:  anathema – accursed

p. 97:  “to heal by imposition of hands” – “laying on of hands”;  healing

p. 99:  old Goan doctor -Wikipedia.  Goan (Konkani: गोंयकार Goenkar) is the demonym used to describe the people of the Indian state of Goa who form an ethno-linguistic group.  demonyn = A demonym (play /ˈdɛmənɪm/), also referred to as a gentilic, is a name for a resident of a locality. A demonym is usually – though not always – derived from the name of the locality;[1] thus, in English, the demonym for the people of Italy is Italian, though the one used for the people of the Netherlands is Dutch.

p. 101:  battening upon mutton – to feed gluttonously

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3 Responses to My Whit’s End Book Club–Out of Africa–The Shooting Accident

  1. Kathy says:

    I am a little lost in Africa… Ü I have the DVD ” Faith Like Potatoes” but have never watched it. I like to have company when I watch something for the first time. Do you rate it 10..or 0 or somewhere in between.
    Blessings to you
    July 15
    Proverbs 15: 8 The prayer of the upright brings delight to the Lord.
    ( He is waiting.. )


    • whitsendmom says:

      I would rate it a solid 9!!! John and I just re-watched it, and were encouraged again. When watching it for the first time you have to remember that the introduction (when it is starting up) it is a little bit of foreshadowing–telling of what is to come. The movie start out with a VERY unsaved man. I got a little worried and thought, “I bought this at the Bible bookstore?” He doesn’t get saved for awile. HOWEVER, it is important to see him in this stage of his life to understand him as a Saved Man. I will add that this movie was a huge encouragement to Hunni and I to keep on with our very little backyard VBS. When I bought the movie, they had another DVD about the real Andrew Buchman. We also enjoyed that. Two things we took away from the movie/”documentary” were–“Start with what you have.” and “Don’t give the LORD the leftovers.” Enjoy. However, I do understand about liking company.


  2. Roy Speed says:

    I very much appreciate your notes on Out of Africa; since there is no annotated version of the book available, such notes are hard to come by.

    You asked about the meaning of dunga, as in “the long dungas and the waterhole are brought to you.” — From my time in West Africa, I know that villagers often dig temporary wells in the bottoms of dry river beds, so I googled “dunga river bed” and encountered this page from a Kenyan newspaper:
    — In the 11th paragraph, you’ll find this line: “… in the early morning or late afternoon it’s worth taking a longer walk past the excavations and down to the dunga, the dried river bed.”

    Hope this helps you complete your notes; as I say, they’re really valuable.


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