She said–Be Jealous; Be Very Jealous

WARNING!!  You will be jealous of me.  If you aren’t in the mood to judge that feeling today, do not, I repeat DO NOT continue reading.  Because the photos you are about to see come with the label, “Mine.  All Mine.”  Be advised.  Continue only if you are feeling particularly benevolent. 

And gracious.

And generous.

You were warned.

You were advised.

You were enticed. . . .

That gorgeous building below is mine.  It is my second home.  It has won numerous architectural awards.  Come with me as we take a tour of this, my second home.

Please pull in to this welcoming entrance.  The door opens at the push of a button to facilitate your welcome.

The foyer (pronounced foy-er if you drink Folgers, and foy-yay if you drink skinny lattes) has a cathedral ceiling to welcome your entrance.  Please stop and take a moment to revel in the coolness of a naturally sunlight room. (You may leave your shoes on.)

If you will take a moment to glance to your right, you will see my beautiful quilt displayed on the wall.  Enjoy the artistry of the textures combined with the colors.  Although we have many quilters in my family, this quilt was one that we purchased.

Now look up to see the domed skylight we had installed.  I think it fills this room with natural sunlight and gives the foyer a grandiose welcome.

But Wait!!  Where are my manners.  I forgot to offer you something to drink!  What can I offer you?  We have pretty much anything you wish– a coffee? a tea? a strawberry lemonade? an organic mango/blueberry smoothie?  Perhaps you would like a little something to accompany your drink.  A muffin perhaps?  Feeling in the mood for some chocolate?  Let me offer you a brownie.  Needing some fiber after your long trip?  Could I tempt you with a Strudel topped Bran Muffin.  Enjoy.  No. No.  Don’t rush.  Enjoy your drink and muffin as we continue the home tour.  Don’t worry about the crumbs, I will have the Help run the vacuum tonight.

Let me show you the Kids’ Rooms first.

My children are avid readers, and we like to encourage this passion by supplying them with plenty of bookshelves.  This is Eloise’s bookshelf designed to hold all of her favorite books.  Go ahead and pull one out.  You can just place it on the cart when you are finished, as I have some Help that puts them back when we are finished enjoying them.

A decorator suggested the hangings.  They add to the children’s room by adding some color and draw the eye upward. 

My girls love American Dolls.  We have two collections–the Display American Doll Collections and the Play American Doll Collection. Here is the Display American Doll Collection.  We keep the Play Collection at our other home. 

Let’s head upstairs.  I am partial to the lighting of this room.  These lampstands evoke feelings of Ivy League Colleges, and learning, and adventures.

This is my favorite room.  It is a peaceful place to relax.  The cathedral ceiling gives me the air and space I need during those long, dreary, Michigan winter days.  If I am a bit chilled, there is a fireplace around the corner.  It is the perfect place to curl up with a good book.  There are bird feeders outside the windows, so it is also a perfect place to do some bird watching.

As an Art Major, I like to have my rooms filled with original art.  This sculpture is my favorite.  It depicts a mother reading to her kiddos.  I can relate.  I can also relate to the largeness of the mother’s lap.  Mothers have to have large laps to fit everybody in, large hearts to love everybody enough, large minds to give everybody the creative space they need, large hands to hold everybody up, and large feet in order to not fall over with the enormity of the task.

Here is a large clock displayed on a universe of outer space color.  The clock depicts the world.  And from within these wall, it is possible to visit the world AND BEYOND!

Okay, admit it.  You were very jealous of my second home.  Listen, you are welcome to stop by any day from 8:00 – 9:00 when my second home is open.  Please make yourself at home.  If I am not there, I will probably arrive shortly.  Get yourself something to drink and grab your favorite book.  Mi casa es su casa.

Thanks for stopping by,


P.S.  I also have a gardener that keeps the place looking tidy.  I decided against a chauffeur as I enjoy driving myself.

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4 Responses to She said–Be Jealous; Be Very Jealous

  1. bethany says:

    beautiful home, so happy for you :). i admit a twinge of jealousy at the latte/smoothie offerings, that’s a sweet touch. we have a wee dusty cottage down the street that we frequent sporadically, and a couple of mansions that we never remember to maintain. i think they’ve been overrun by squatters …


  2. Bel McCoy says:

    Must be lots of tax payers around there…, too, as our new Woodinville library is fine, but
    not so fabulous as your second home!! Enjoy!!!


  3. Martha Robert says:

    I think I remember spending an awefully lot of time in this second home when we lived in Ypsi too!! 🙂 Looks like they have improved on it even more since then! -Martha


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