My Whit’s End Book Club–Out of Africa–A visitor from Asia

OOPPpps!  I meant to post this before the chapter on Somali Woman.  Sorry that I jumped ahead a chapter yesterday.  Enjoy the photos of Karen Blixen’s beautiful home in the Ngong Hills.

“On the day of the visit I had forgotten about it and gone out in the field to try my new tractor.  Titi, Kamante’s little brother, was sent out to me there.  The tractor made such a noise that I could not hear what he had got to say, and it was so difficult to start that I dared not stop it; Titi ran alongside of it all through the field like a small mad dog, panting and snapping in the deep ground and the long thick trail of dust, until at the end of the field we came to a pause.”–love the visual image of a puppy dog running alongside.  I have a little puppy dog that follows me around the house.  His name is Little Man.

“I went with him back to the house, and as I got near I caught sight of a swarm of white-robed figures spread on the lawn, as if a flight of big white birds had settled round my house, . . .”

“I for a moment, thought that the situation might be awkward to him.  But as we sat together in the afternoon sun, in no way pretending to keep up any conversation, but holding one another company in a friendly spirit, . . .-It is  wonderful when silence can still be companionly.

p. 180:  retinue – a group of advisors or attendants accompanying an important person.

p. 180:  . . .all the plate that it possessed. . . – Household articles, such as hollowware, covered with a precious metal, such as
silver or gold.

The first photo is from the Karen Blixen Museum in Kenya.  The second photo is from the movie shot at the Karen Blixen Museum.

p. 180:  the stone seat to the West. . . – I believe this is the west side of Karen Blixen’s house in Kenya.  The second photo shows the mill table, but is a scene from the movie.

Felicity 2

“. . .I sent Farah to the store to fetch the skin of a lion which had a short time ago been shot on the farm.”

“In it [the letter] an Indian prince asked me to sell to him one of my “grey dogs”,of which the High Priest had made mention to min, and to fix my own price.” (Scene from the movie.)

bedroom-window seat

In the next chapter we meet The Somali Women–bound to be interesting!


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