She Said–1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Indians

1 Little,

2 Little,

3 Little Indians.

4 Little,

5 Little,

6 Little Indians.

7 Little,

8 Little,

9 (not so little) Indians.  This is The Hunni at a Christmas Party when we both were teachers in Ecuador, South America.  I don’t remember how the Indian and the Hippie fit in with the Shepherdess and the Wise Man, in our Christmas Pageant, but we were a rather eclectic lot.  It is fun how such a diverse group can mesh together in spite of cultures, language, beliefs, personal tragedies, and personalities.

The Shepherdess (for whom I have a lot of respect as a person and teacher) lost her husband and three of her children to an avalanche while hiking on the snow-capped Mt. Cotopaxi.  She was rescued. Her youngest boy had gone back to the car  because he was cold and therefore, was spared.  She gave me an Ecuadorian table-cloth as a good-bye gift and I still cherish it.  She taught Science.

The Peasant Lady was a beautiful Spanish Lady.  She spoke Spain Spanish, so everything had a “th” added.  So she would say, “E-ths-pania” for Espana (Spain.)  The second year we taught she moved to a Spanish owned island in the South Pacific to teach math.  She wrote and said that her income allowed her to have a chauffeur and maid, the palm-lined beaches were beautiful, and the children much better behaved and studious.  Could somebody please remind me why I live in Michigan???

The Hippie is not in costume–she really was a hippie.  She was lovely, non-judgemental, and fun.  She got married at age 17 to a French foreign exchange student so that he could get his U.S. citizenship.  Her parents supported this decision.  At the time we were teaching, she was dating an extremely good-looking Latin.  The last I heard, they had moved to California where he was modeling.  She taught English.

The Indian moved back to the United States with his 6-month-pregnant wife.  Moved in with the in-laws for 6 months.  Moved to Florida where he attended flight school for 2 1/2 years.  Then moved to Michigan where he now resides.  There are no palm-lined beaches, maids, or chauffeurs in his Michigan, and his wife doesn’t model.

However his little Indians running around keep his life interesting.

And if you are really quiet, you might even hear them all the way from here to there.


Squaw Dancing Ostrich (and that makes 10 little indians)

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4 Responses to She Said–1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Indians

  1. bethany says:

    Oh how I love stories, real stories, and getting the ones behind people in a picture is delightful …it’s always better than the ones I make up in my head when I see some stranger walking down the street! and you may not model at the moment, but you do take model-worthy photos, you’re an excellent shot. oh, and i’m not sure i’ve ever heard the war whoop of yours as it’s hard to distinguish from the fighting, belching, and farting of my 2 (well, 3 really) little indians :). the general din gets rather overwhelming. (the shepherdess? i can’t begin to imagine.)


  2. Bel McCoy says:

    I, too, like your stories!! Hee, hee, you are a S. D. O.!!!


  3. whitsendmom says:

    I’m afraid my figure is rather similar to the Dancing Ostrich.


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