She Said–Yesterday: of Bones, Birthday Cake, and Broken Dishes


Welcome to just another day at My Whit’s End.

Homeschooling was done, and I had a few minutes to call my own, so I thought I would experiment with Cream of Tartar and egg whites.  I wondered just how much adding Cream of Tartar to an egg white would increase its volume.  I decided to whip up two egg whites–one with C. of T. and one without.

Measuring egg white volume isn’t quite so straight forward.  It is more like measuring cotton balls.  Here is the egg whites with Cream of Tartar.   Now to whip up an egg white without Cream of Tartar. . .

A knock at the door, and it is our beloved Mrs. Thelma who has come over for a visit.  I always enjoy her visits, and she never comes empty-handed.  I wonder what her “offering” will be this time?

Oh, just a box of bones she found in her attic!  Remember, Mrs. Thelma raised a future vet, so she was used to her boys bringing home all sorts of animals alive or dead.

Just in time for Halloween–a dog and a cat skeleton to finish assembling in our Homeschooling.

But as usual, the biggest hit is the Sunday Comics she saves for my Sunday Comic Deprived Kids.




Let me take a break here, as two kiddos need to get ready for Cub Scouts.  A homeschooled friend of LBG (Little Big Guy) has spent the week with us while his parents are in Hawaii.  Thoughtfully, his mom arranged for someone to take the two boys to Cub Scouts.

Let’s assess the kitchen. 

Exhibit A: An egg white experiment that was terminated.

Exhibit B:  Partially finished dog and cat skeletons.

Exhibit C:  Dirty dishes in sink–birthday cake for the LBG.  Chocolate Chip Cake, at his request.

Exhibit D:  Supper on a tray for Mrs. Thelma.  We invited her over, but on second thought she decided to go home, get cozy, and watch the evening news. 

Exhibit E:  Chocolate Chip Birthday Cake cooling.

It was late after Cub Scouts, but we had put off opening birthday presents too long.  The stars had finally aligned–i.e. Mommi finally wrapped the presents, Daddi got home from flying, and we didn’t have to be somewhere practicing something.

LBG: “What did I get?”

LBG:  “SCORE!!!”

But perhaps the best birthday gift was having his friend stay for a week.

Sugar and Spice spectate in their P.J.’s.

Fly Boy and Spider Man also look on.

My LBG turns 11.  See his huge shadow behind?  Is that prophetic of how big he is going to get?

And while all the fun was happening on the table, “the little ones gnawed on the bones.”  Just kidding.  That is a line out of a Bluegrass song, that The Hunni sings–and often quotes.


That was yesterday.  Just another day at My Whit’s End.

Oh yeah, and while I was writing this post. . .

I heard the sound of “tinkling glass and sounding cymbals.”

My Italian Countryside came crashing down.

Did you see that book on the floor along with the salad plate and fruit bowel that cost $8.00 apiece?  Notice the next picture, and read the title carefully.

I don’t make this up, people.  It is my crazy life.  Thanks for coming along for the bumpy ride down the “road less traveled.” 

until tomorrow,


P.S.  If you would like to order “The Children of Noisy Village” or “Pippy Longstocking”–both by Astrid Lindgren, click on the blue links.
The Children of Noisy Village
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8 Responses to She Said–Yesterday: of Bones, Birthday Cake, and Broken Dishes

  1. Bel McCoy says:

    Love your blog…. don’t love my S L O W computer!!!


  2. Dad and Mom Whit says:

    Oh my! It reminds me of the time ! ! ! that the father of LBG and BLG – well, I won’t say!


  3. Kelly Keip says:

    Is the cake on fire? So cool!


    • whitsendmom says:

      It is just sparklers tucked away from this summer. However, if LBG could have a Roman Candle next year, he would be delighted. His Mommi thinks not.


  4. Lisa Buchanan says:

    Can relate! We had a plastic bowl go in the toaster oven today. “My bowl’s crunching” Ty says as I try to get the boys Sonlight read to them. This is what happens when mom is taking care of other business and for some reason can’t do everything all at once for everyone. Sigh. At least someone left a piece of foil in the bottom of the oven so all I had to do was throw the foil away. Wasn’t that a happy way to clean it up instead of chipping hardened plastic off the bottom of the oven for who knows how long?? And plastic sure isn’t 8 dollars a piece! In your head you know it’s just a plate or bowl or whatever. But really, it just stinks.


    • whitsendmom says:

      So sorry. Did the smoke detector go off? Our has gone off so many times, that I finally moved it to the girls room, so that EVERY kitchen failure isn’t announced to my neighbors.


  5. Lisa Buchanan says:

    No, it didn’t go off because it’s been removed from the kitchen for exactly the reason you stated above. 🙂


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