Project–Sunday School Fish Books

I am teaching Sunday School again.  Kudos to ya’ll that do it all the time.  I need a theme to help me have some cohesion to my lessons and to focus my thoughts.  This 8 weeks theme is “Fish” in the Bible.  To keep the lessons altogether, we started by making “Fish” books.

Here’s how.

I went to the Dollar Store and bought, 3 packages of poster board, white foam balls, and all the fish stickers I could find.  Actually, I bought more than this, but this is what we used for the “Fish” books.

I used the paper covering the poster board to make a simple fish shape.  First I folded the paper in half, as I need two fishes–a front and back cover.

Next, I traced my fish on a folded piece of poster board and cut it out.

I then traced the poster board fish onto unlined white paper.  We filled our books with 10 sheets of paper, although I only have eight lessons planned.  I figured that would give the kids a few extra papers in case they made a mistake.

Cut the white paper on the inside of the line you drew, as you don’t want it to peek out the side of the “Fish Book.”

Staple the white pages inside of the Fish Book at the tail end.

Use the scrap pieces of poster board to make scales for your fish.

Staple on the scales so that they overlap, thus hiding each new staple.  Or you can glue down the scales.

If you alternate the edges a bit, it gives the scales a more interesting appearance.

Here you can see where I stopped adding scales.  Trim the scales to the edge of the fish by flipping the fish over and cutting along the edge.

You can cut off a red scale to use as lips, or you can use circle stickers and overlap them.  (You will see some examples later.)  Glue on the scale and then trim the edges.

To add the eye, you can either use a large wiggle eye, or cut a small styrofoam ball in half and draw a large black eyeball with a Sharpie.

Tacky glue works best for gluing on the eyeball.

Scout used circle stickers to decorate her Fish Book.

Here are yesterday’s completed Fish Books.

I had small vinyl letters for them to add their names.  Most put their name on the back, but some of the girls included it in their design.

You can see how this girl used the circle stickers as “fishy lips.”

If they had time, they could decorate the back of their Fish Book also.

Our first lesson was from Genesis 1:20-23.  “And GOD created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind. . .”  I printed out these verses from Genesis and gave them each a sticker package with which to decorate their page.

Here are my ideas for the 8 week unit on Fish.

Week 1:  Genesis 1: 20 – 23.  First mention of water/sea life in the Bible.  Activity: Make fish books and decorate the first page.  Lesson:  Just as you created these fish–each different and unique–so the LORD created every fish, every animal, every plant, and each and every one of you.  As created, you have a MAKER to whom you belong.

Week 2:  Leviticus 11:9 – 12.  Clean and unclean fish that the Israelites may/may not eat.  Activity:  Have bucket of “yucky looking” water.  Ask who would like to put their hand in the water?  Ask if the hand would stay clean?  Don rubber glove.  Ask, “Now I can put my hand in the water, but not be defiled by the water.”  So the similarity to scales on fish.  Glue verses into Fish Book with a simple illustration.  Lesson:  In the world, but not of the world. 

Week 3:  Jonah 1:1 – 17.  Story of Jonah and the great fish.  Activity:  Coloring page????  Could use some help here.   Add verses and coloring page to Fish Book.  Lesson:  Obey GOD’s voice.

Week 4:  Luke 5: 1 – 11.  JESUS calls the fisherman as disciples.  “Cast your net on the right side.”  Activity:  Snack on Goldfish crackers is mesh bags while listening????  Open to other ideas.  Add verse and coloring page to Fish Book. Lesson:  When we follow HIM, HE provides.

Week 5:  Mark 6 : 32 – 44.  JESUS feed 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes from a lad.  Activity:  2 Swedish Red Fish and 5 crackers??  Add verse and coloring page to Fish Book.  Lesson:  Even kids can give.

Week 6:  Matthew 17: 24 – 27.  Peter finds coin in fishes mouth.  Activity: Coloring page.  Add foil sticker to mouth of the fish.  Add verses to Fish Book.  Lesson:  Obey them that have the rule over you.

Week 7:  Luke 24: 33 – 43.  JESUS asks for honeycomb and a fish.  Activity:  Sample some honey.  Lesson:  CHRIST is a risen Man!!

Week 8:  Revelations 2: 8 – 13.  Martyrs.  Why do we see the FISH used as a symbol in Christianity?  Activity:  Discuss how other still are being killed for CHRIST and how we may “suffer” for CHRIST’s name.  Draw the FISH symbol and add verses in their Fish Books.  Lesson:  CHRIST was rejected, and so will we be if we are CHRIST-like.

Notes from a new Sunday School teacher,


P.S.  I’d love to hear about any Sunday School ideas.

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