I am down two perfume bottles.  I used up my favorite perfume, and my second favorite perfume was broken by LBG (Little Big Guy) the same moment that Eloise was . . .well never mind, but it involved the Stomach Bug.  I generally add two sprays of perfume before I walk out the door to meet the world, and I am feeling rather incomplete without it.  Perhaps that is why the line about “fragrance” popped out yesterday when we sang this hymn.

There is a name we love to hear. . .JESUS! the name we love so well. . .This name shall shed its fragrance still along this thorny road. . .”

I often wish that I could feel the way I do Sunday morning all week long.  But come Sunday afternoon, and the hustle and bustle of eating a Sunday meal at 3:00, neighbor kids in the house, clean up, and getting my kiddos books and projects all ready for Monday morning– somehow the peace and clarity of Sunday morning disappears.  “HIS name shall shed its fragrance still. . .”  HIS name can be a fragrance–the lingering scent that accompanies me all week.

“O LORD, our LORD, how excellent is THY name in all the earth!” Psalm 8:1

“THY name is as ointment (perfume) poured forth. . .”  Song of Solomon 1:3

Just a thought to linger through the week.


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  1. Bel McCoy says:

    Good thoughts!!!


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