She Said–Thanksgiving in Artwork

I’ve been gone.  I missed you.  Sorry it has been so long.

Here are my reasons.  Firstly, I lost my phone service, but I had internet service.  Second-ness, we went down to Illinois to spend Thanksgiving with my family.  Third-est, I drove home without the Hunni.  Fourth-ed, I called the AT&T man to come fix the phone line.  When he left, I had one working phone jack in the house, and no longer had internet service.  In concussion, I had to wait for The Hunni to come home and fix everything.

But I’m back again, and larger than life.

Actually after a week of good food on the farm I felt very large.  Kind of like this. . .

However, Eloise said, “That’s a Fat Man, Mommi.  You can’t be a Fat Man.”

Well, okay, I agree, perhaps this photo taken right beside the Thanksgiving dinner table with the lit candle is more like it.

That’s a solid-looking Mommi.  Her hands bear a striking resemblance to hoofs.

We had a great week on the farm.  I would love to show you the pictures, but I left my spare battery at home.  So after only one day, I couldn’t take any photographs.  You won’t have to imagine our week, as it was captured in original artwork by my two daughters–Sugar and Spice.  Here is Spice’s (Eloise’s) rendition of her freckled sister Sugar/Scout.

And here is Eloise’s account of the trip.

Let’s start with the food.

There was a Happy Chef, called Grandma, who did most of the cooking.

Grandpa and Grandma lived in a Happy House with Lollipop Trees which is called “The Farm.”

At the Happy House they prepared a table.

The Spaghetti Legged Table at the Happy House was loaded with lots of Farm Fresh Fix’ns.

Lots of Happy Cousins came to eat the Farm Fix’ns.

After a happy week, we drove home to our pointy-roofed house.  The ground was white with snow–so was the sky and so were the trees.  There were no smiley faces to greet us in the windows.

We miss the sunshine and all the smiling faces, so we are headed down to Florida to spend some more time with Grandpa and Grandma.  Florida is a wonderful place.  It has alligators and palm trees.

Grandpa and Grandma also live in a very high house with lots of windows.  They have a blue pool and flowers at their high house.

We get to stay at a high hotel.  It is very oh-la-la and it is fun to push all the buttons in the elevator.  We never talk to strangers in the elevator even when they ask us why we pushed every button.

It is also fun to race down the hallway to see who can get to our room first.  We usually fight over who gets to open the door with the credit card.  We sometimes remember to argue quietly so as not to disturb the Strangers.

Here is a picture of our high hotel with the fun elevator.

It has a pool, too.

There are palm trees and frogs in Florida.

Frogs poop on you if you pick them up.

Sometimes Grandpa and Grandma take us to the Turtle Sanctuary.

We go there every time.

They sometimes have hurt turtles.

Like every time.

Florida is very oh-la-la.  I always wear my oh-la-la-iest clothes.

It is usually my bathing suit with the pink ruffles and my sparkle flip-flops and pink toes.

Florida is mainly Grandpa and Grandma and pools.

This is the end.

(When I get big I want to write a book. “What Do You Want?”



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4 Responses to She Said–Thanksgiving in Artwork

  1. Bel McCoy says:

    Hey, welcome home!!! Great blog…. your budding artists are very fine!! Hope you are having a lovely time in Florida…. only been there once, and it was very much… ooolala!! High hotel (condo) room and pool!! Got home just as Y2K broke on us. (2000) Wow, 11 years ago, or would it be 12?

    P.S. I missed you, as you make things more interesting….


  2. Laura says:

    you’ve been missed…welcome back…have a wonderful time ooh-la-la-ing it up on FL…we’ll be in the windy city 🙂


  3. Lisa Buchanan says:

    How I’d love to go to an ooh-la-la-y place! Have fun! The art work is super sweet!


  4. Natalie says:

    Adorable drawings! It’s so cute when kids split their names up when it can’t all fit on one line. Enjoy sunny, warm Florida! ♥


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