She Said–Go, Boy, Go.

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He Will Leave Me Some Day

He will leave me some day I know.

He will leave me some day and go.

Go fight his wars,

and go find his place.

Find his reason.

Find his embrace.

A man is admired of everyone,

though she be the mother, and he be the son.

A man is admired, it’s the journey that’s hard.

A journey can leave hurts, heartaches, and scars.

But. . .

Go, Boy go.

Slowly leave my grasp.

Go to your FATHER, follow HIS path.

Go fight HIS wars,

Go to HIS place,

HE is the Reason,

Accept HIS embrace.

He will leave me someday I know.

He will leave me someday to grow.

A man is admired by everyone,

Even if she is the mother, and he is the son.

So, go, Boy go.

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