She Said–Black Eyes Black


Black eyes, black.  They talk back.

Without a word, their voice is heard.


Black Eyes black. solemn as the night.

In them is might and in them is fight.


Black eyes, black, through lashes heavy.

You they hit and you they level.


Black eyes black, of character smile.

They will be naughty in just awhile.


Black eyes, black, wide and amazed.

May they on the SAVIOUR gaze.

Your poet laureate,


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P.S.  Feel free to add your own verse.

  • filled with rage. . .
  • soft with sleep. . .
  • gaze up at me. . .
  • with a suspicious glare. . .
  • tear filled eyes. . .

I would love to hear your poetic verse.

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1 Response to She Said–Black Eyes Black

  1. bethany says:

    loving the poems, well done 🙂


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