She Said: We’ve Got Mail


I hit the JOCKPOT!!!

Our four weeks of held mail, was finally found.  Our regular and wonderful mailman came back from his vacation and of course found the missing four weeks of mail.  The bills find us without mail, so they weren’t missed.  I had worried over some missing credit cards which were found.   I drooled over two of my favorite catalogs–William Sonoma and Pottery Barn.  I rip out pages and add them to my Dream Collector Tin for “when” I get “that” house.  Of course our Recycle Bin was soon filled with flashy credit card applications, sweepstakes winnings, and one incessant “Oriental Trading Company” catalog that comes every fourth day.  But the jackpot, the treasure, the pot of gold is the CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!!

I have a stack all held together by a handy, dandy, rubber band, and as soon as the kiddos are in bed, I plan to make a cup of tea and enjoy them.  The Hunni just got home, and I looking forward to sharing them with him.

Thanks everyone who wrote.  I prayed for all of ya’ll this morning in anticipation of this evening when I get to open the treasures and say, “How did her boys get so BIG!”, or “Boy, we are starting to look like our parents,” or “A new baby?  SOOOooo jealous!!!” or “She looks incredible every year.  How does she do it?” and occasionally, there are tears.  Tears as loved ones are taken home or difficulties hit a family.  I cry.  I can’t help it, big tears just well up in my eyes.

So tonight, if you are reading this, loving thoughts, heart felt prayers, a jiggley giggle, and maybe a tear is being sent your way,


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