She Said–He’s Leaving on a Jet Plane

Sometimes The Hunni sings this to me.

So much of the song rings true–the line “I hate to wake you up to say goodbye”

“The taxi is waiting he’s blowing his horn.” 

“I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.

(There is one or two lines that don’t apply, but the sentiment of the song fits this pilot family.) Hit play as you read along.

Usually, The Hunni just gets a taxi from our home and heads out from here.  He calls the same cabbie and he is getting to know all the kiddos.  The only problem is that the cabbie thinks that our baby Little Man is a girl due to the fact that we haven’t yet cut his hair.

This time we dropped The Daddi off at the airport so we could spend a little more time together.  Here is Eloise running in circles.


And this is the beginning of the goodbyes.

Daddi:  “Are you going to give Daddi a kiss?”  Eloise: (giggle, giggle) “Nope!”

Daddi:  “Then I will have to steal one.”  Eloise:  (giggle, giggle)

Daddi:  “Gotcha!”

Eloise:  “How many times are you going to be gone?”  Translated:  “How long are you going to be gone?”

The following photo ranks as one of my favorites!  I think it captures the Daddi’s love, and the Little Man’s tolerance.

So from this pilot’s wife to you, “Enjoy your Hunni tonight!!!”


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7 Responses to She Said–He’s Leaving on a Jet Plane

  1. Dad and Mom Whit says:

    Yea! He’s coming home a day early.


  2. Kelly K says:

    My Spouse has flown away, too (of course, he let a pilot do the flying…) and won’t be home until Saturday evening. He usually kisses us all at 4am, when we’re still sleeping.


  3. Bel McCoy says:

    Good song and blog…. does absence make the heart grow fonder?? Tough to be Mom and Dad
    while he is gone, I bet. Still thankful to have a good job!!!! With 4 “kiddos”, you never have a
    chance to be bored.


  4. Laura says:

    your posts about the Hunni leaving always make me sad for you 😦 my Hunni left Sunday and won’t be home until late Thursday…but I won’t complain (except that the twins have ear infections AGAIN!!) because my 5 days are nothing compared to your half a year!!! ❤


    • whitsendmom says:

      We got this Christmas card in the mail, and in the photos there was this really beautiful girl with striking blue eyes and blonde hair. The next photo was of a family that looked like they were modeling for Ralph Lauren, and then there was a picture of three boys–they looked like a bundle of adventure waiting to happen. WOW! I thought when I opened the card, they all are Beautiful!!! Motherhood looks good on you! And thanks so much for the card!


      • Laura says:

        🙂 I have to admit, I LOVED our card this year! And thank you for your kindness! And since this will be our little secret…..I LOVE SPANX!!–the very best friend a mama could have!! hehe 😉


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