Sunday–Green Grass–John 6:10

I’ve been meaning to post this, however, I kept looking for a photo of some grass.  SO! I know it isn’t Sunday, but here are some Sunday thoughts.

“Now there was much grass in the place. ”

Just a little sentence.  This is taken from John  6:10, which tells the story of JESUS feeding 5,000 men with a lad’s lunch of two loaves of bread and five fishes.

“And JESUS said, Make the men sit down.  Now there was much grass in the place.  So the men sat down, in number about five thousand.”

The verses prior to this include many words and phrases that show insufficiency.

v. 2 – “a great multitude”

v. 5 – “a great company” and “Where shall we buy bread. . .?”

v. 7 – “is not sufficient. . .”

v. 9 – “but what are they [five loaves and two fishes] among so many?”

Verse 10 is the game changer verse.   JESUS steps in, and there is a change of tone.  First, HE tells everyone to sit down.   Now, listen to the phrases used.

v. 10 – “there was much grass in the place.”

v. 11 – “HE distributed. . .”

v.  12 – “. . .they were filled.”

v.  13 – “. . .and filled twelve baskets. . .” and “. . .over  and above. . .”

Sufficiency.  Above sufficiency, surplus.

“Now there was much grass in the place.”

This sentence is directly after the sentence, “Make the men sit down.”  When JESUS told everyone to sit down, lo and behold there was a welcoming place to sit right underneath each person.  Is that surprising?  When the LORD asks/tells us to do something, isn’t there usually the very thing we need right there?  Perhaps something we haven’t noticed before?  Perhaps something we failed to appreciate?  Perhaps something we’ve “walked all over”? or Perhaps something we have just been enjoying.

“Now there was much grass in the place,” to me this verse was just a reminder of HIS sufficiency.  If HE asks/tells me to do something, there will be some grass to accomidate everyone/everything.


P.S. Is the word “grass” mentioned anywhere else in the Bible?

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4 Responses to Sunday–Green Grass–John 6:10

  1. Bel McCoy says:

    Only about 15 times…. Good to remember our Lord always provides for His own.

    We love Him because He first loved us!!!


  2. Carolyn Rau says:

    Rebecca – thanks, just thanks.


  3. Bel McCoy says:

    That fruit stuffed roast pork looks extra special!!! So do the mashed potatoes!!


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