Project–Valentines, “I Love You Sew Much!”

SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!  If you are one of the “father, two sisters, three brothers, eleven aunts, seven uncles, or forty-two cousins” (from “The Story About Ping”) that regularly receive valentines from my kiddos, be forwarned, “the objects you see in the photos may appear in your mailboxes.”

We sewed up some valentines today.   We had so much fun.  So, would you like to sew along with us?  I promise that I will, so! stop using that word.

Step 1:  Clear off the kitchen table.  Get all the red, pink, floral, flowered, fancy, glittery, valentine-y paper that you have.  A paper cutter is handy.  You will also need scissors, glue, markers, and your sewing machine–threaded is preferable.


Step 2:  Using your paper cutter, cut out some card shapes.  Vary the size.  Have the kiddos cut out some hearts.  If you have some of those fun scissors that cut squiggly lines, cut out some rectangular shapes to go under the hearts.

Step 3:  Take away the fun scissors from the Little One.  Then take away the glue he is sucking on, and the permanent marker he wants to color on the table with.

Step 4: Assemble the cutouts onto a card.  If you notice the picture, you will notice that nothing is cut perfectly.  It is cute that way.  Relax.  Stop OCDing about the not-so-matching colors and the floppy heart.  Grandpa and Grandma love floppy hearts.

Step 5:  With a straight stitch, or a zigzag, or a more creative stitch, sew the assembled OPENED card together.  Clip the loose threads so that they don’t get tangled up in your design.  Other than that, don’t worry that your straight stitching inside the heart shape looks even floppier than your 5 year old’s cut-out. 

If you leave your needle down, you can raise the presser foot and easily pivot your seam.  I know most of you already know that, but just in case you are new to sewing. . . .

See the needle is down.  Now keeping the needle down, raise the presser foot and pivot your work–without losing your place.

Step 6:  After you have clipped all of your loose threads, add the following note inside the card.  “I love you sew much.”

Step 7:  Make a whole bunch of cards.  Don’t forget that elderly neighbor who amazes you with her energy.  Do you know anyone in boot camp or over seas?  Perhaps that tough soldier wouldn’t mind a sweet card from your kiddos.

Sew there you have it.  Not too hard.  Cute.  And easy enough to mass-produce for “the father, two sisters, three brothers, eleven aunts, seven uncles, and forty-two cousins” (from “The Story About Ping”)

Happy St. Valentine’s Day (a bit early)


P.S.  I wish I had changed the thread on the machine from white to hot pink or yellow or dark purple, etc. . .  I think it would have added a fun touch.  Metalic thread would probably knock some socks off.  Happy crafting

I’d love to hear about any other cute home made valentines.  We still have several more to make and wouldn’t mind shifting gears.

One last tip.  If the thread get under your work, it can rip the side of your card.  Keep those lose threads cut.


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5 Responses to Project–Valentines, “I Love You Sew Much!”

  1. Bel McCoy says:

    What fun!!! Hope you got to see the 2 darling quilts your MIL made for the Mittlestadt twins due
    this month. What a pro she is!!!!! Such a multi-talented lady!!!!! Love her!! Saw her and Gordon
    at Arlington ADM today. Best I quit as this is kindof public.


  2. Abigail says:

    Hate to break it to you, but according to our mutual cousins Heidi and Barry we have some 260 cousins… Maybe you should split them between Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s? 😉 Love you and the cards look amazing!!


    • whitsendmom says:

      Is that the official count??? I was too lazy to add up the cousins, so I just used a phrase from a kids book I remembered.


  3. Gwen says:

    Thanks for the cute idea! We made a pile of these yesterday…that says something for this very non-crafty mother! We tried to finish it while our little man was sleeping…didn’t quite make it and followed him around taking away markers, glue, paper, etc.!


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