She Said–The BIG Idea–Starting Our Own Business–Part I

It all started with a little idea.

I had a little idea, and I thought it would be fun to make with/for my kiddos.

Then I thought, “You know, other girls might like my “little idea” so, why not make some extras.”

Then I started talking about the “little idea” to The Hunni.

And I kept talking about the “little idea” as I got more ideas.

Then I changed my ideas some, but kept thinking about the “little idea” and talking about the “little idea.”

The “little idea” would keep me awake at night, as I changed and redesigned it.  “Wouldn’t it be fun if. . .” and “It would be so cool to be able to. . .” and etc. . .

After about three months, The Hunni said, “You are talking, talking, talking, and I am not hearing.  After the kids are in bed, I want to hear about the “little idea” because I don’t understand a thing you are saying.”

That night he sat me down on the kitchen table and then sat in front of me in a chair, ready to listen.  I know my Hunni, so I had a notepad handy to draw out the parts he didn’t understand.  I talked and drew, and he listened and asked A LOT of question.  Other subjects were also discussed, and I think we ate a second dessert in there somewhere, but at the end of three hours, he looked at me and said, “Let’s do it.”

“Let’s do what?” I asked.

“Let’s make your idea into a business.” he answered.

I was truly surprised because I hadn’t told him about a business I wanted to start, I just told him about this “little idea” that kept popping in and out of my head.  I just wanted someone to share my thoughts and ideas with.  I didn’t think this kitchen table conversation was any different from any other kitchen table conversation we sometimes have.

“You really think so?” I queried.

“Why not?” The Hunni replied, “How is your “little idea” different from any other idea that has been turned into a business?”

And so that is how we started, with a “little idea” and a three-hour table-top chat.

(And maybe a second dessert thrown in there somewhere.)

Starting Your Own Business

Step 1: The Idea.  That is all it is at first.  Just something in your head–usually inspired by a couple of different things.  You may have something sketched out on a notebook, or on the back of a napkin, or stored in some file on your computer, but it is an idea.  Now an idea left alone will never turn into a business, but you can never have a business without an idea. So Step One is “The Idea.”

Just to set the record straight.  I have NO business experience, I don’t claim to be “good with money”, and I haven’t even sold a product yet.  So why am I writing this?   Because. . .(here comes an aside with a lesson attached to it). . .because. . .My parents are missionaries and travel to South America often.  If you were to ask to see the photographs of their most recent trip, quite frankly, you would be bored.  That is because most of their photographs are of people they love–not interesting culture shots or National Geographic moments.  The reason for this is that they already took those photos many years ago.  And their passion is not for “National Geographic moments”, but for CHRIST and their brothers and sisters in CHRIST.  (That was the aside.  Now for the attached lesson.)  My dad once said to me, “I always love to see the photographs and read the journals of a person who is visiting South America for the first time.  It always is interesting because they describe so many things I no longer see.”  Basically, a person’s first voyage is the most memorable and descriptive.  And that is why I am writing about our business venture.  NOT because we know everything, but because we started out KNOWING NOTHING. 

Business 101 by a novice who has yet to sell a product.


P.S.  If you would like to know what my “little idea” was, stayed tuned.

P.S.S.  The photo of LBG (Little Big Guy) has nothing to do with the post.  I just find that sometimes it is easier to get more photos of my girls on the blog, so I wanted to have a photo of my boy.

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6 Responses to She Said–The BIG Idea–Starting Our Own Business–Part I

  1. bethany says:

    loving this, and wondering if it’s what i think it might be … looking forward to part 2! and yes, the first stories from a first trip somewhere are truly the best. they lose bloom with every telling.


  2. Bel McCoy says:

    could you be planning to go way down south??


  3. Lisa Buchanan says:

    I’m very curious! Don’t keep us hanging too long!


  4. nicole i says:

    i am a curious cat.


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