She Said–From Idea to Finished Product–Le Artist–Starting Our Own Business Part VII


Le Artist:

First off, we needed an artist.  I thought I would be up to the task, so I set out to Jo-Ann Fabrics and picked up a book on sketching models.  It looked easy enough, but when I tried, I couldn’t get what was in my head on paper.  UGH!!

That night I IM-ed a friend of mine.  We go back a loooooooooooong way.  Our parents are friends, so I don’t actually know when we first met.  I do remember that her family was one of the few that came down to South America to visit us when my family lived down there.   I decided to share my idea with her.  This was scary for me, because it was the first time I had told anyone other than The Hunni.  Not only was she encouraging, but she also gave me the name of a FANTASTIC artist.

This FANTASTIC artist is also known as Secret Agent Josephine and has a wonderful blog that I now follow.  You can see some of her artwork at her website.   or follow her blog.  She also has published several books that are available on Amazon.  I bought Eloise the book on color, and she loves it.

    Secret Agent Josephine's NumbersSecret Agent Josephine's ColorsSecret Agent Josephine's ABC'sTime to Get Ready, Bunny!

I explained our idea, then I sent her 20 photos of everything from hands to hairstyles to try and explain my idea.




A few emails later, she came up with this.


From here we needed to print up a prototype.  The Hunni’s sister went above and beyond and printed us up 10 prototypes.  These have been SO helpful.  We have used them at every stage in this project.  Although they have changed since this first printing, we couldn’t have accomplished the same thing without them.  Thanks again to Jo and Company.

Now that we had a prototype, we could analyze it.  And we realized that we didn’t want to print our Ypsi Dolls on a stock T-shirt.  We needed to have a custom T-shirt made up.

So stayed tuned if you want to learn a little more about our clothing design.

Until then,


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6 Responses to She Said–From Idea to Finished Product–Le Artist–Starting Our Own Business Part VII

  1. bethany says:

    saj rocks, the way she can turn stuff into magic is amazing. and what you’re doing with what she illustrated is amazing too … i’m loving the tutorials and all the behind-the-scenes. Wish I could come work the trade show with you, they’re crazy intimidating but fun :). Only ever done one selling my own stuff, and it was a total bust in terms of traffic but I had fun anyway! This is all kinda like having another baby, isn’t it?!


    • whitsendmom says:

      🙂 YEP!! Our “baby” is taking all our money, our “baby” keeps us up at night, and our “baby” is much loved by all in the family.


  2. Brooke says:

    So fun seeing so many people you know involved in this project! Glad you got such a fantastic artist.


  3. Natalie says:

    She did such a great job making the dolls super cute and contemporary while still having that little girl feel to them.


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