She Said–&

If I had to describe my life in one word it would be “&”.

Hanging on hooks as I head out of the door is my purse & my diaper bag & the library bag & the toy bag for Little Man & the bag filled with hand-me-downs to give away & my Tap bag.

Every time I think I have a schedule made there comes along that “&”.

Or when we are loading the car and everything is tucked in and organized out come four more random bags spilling their contents–“&”.

Or when I have everything decided and organized in my mind then comes along The Hunni or a kiddo’s opinion–“&”.

Or when we are figuring out the budget for the month and everything has its proper category that can be entered in the computer, and all the number balance, but then there is that “&”.

Our Family is a series of “&’s”.  There is The Hunni & Rebecca & LBG (Little Big Guy) & Scout & Eloise & Little Man.

We have lived in Ecuador & Illinois & Florida & Michigan.

Our kids are involved in soccer & piano & guitar & Boy Scouts & baseball.


A useful little word.

So here are some random “&’s” that are happening in our life here at My Whit’s End.

We have a wasp’s nest in our house.  It sits right at the dinner table with the rest of us . . .

& the wasp nest is surprisingly beautiful (without the wasps of course.)

& it is important before taking a wasp or hornet’s nest into your house to make sure that there are no wasps or hornets living in the nest.

& wasps are basically the “inventors” of paper.

& Little Man is cutting his eye teeth.

& he is a BIG GRUMP!!!

& he still has my heart.

& the kids got into Mr. Potato Head’s accessories.

& they put the mouth pieces in their mouth,

& the head pieces on their heads, and the ear pieces in their ears, and the nose pieces in their nose. . .

& then Mommi ended that Fun Time.

& I fell in love with this shirt by Lucky Brand.  I love everything about it.  I can wear it without tucking it in and therefore hide some lumps and bumps.  I can wear it to baseball games or soccer games or shopping.  The embroidery is beautiful.  It is a very, very, light cotton, but it is long sleeves, so I can wear it all seasons.  It looks great with my cowboy boots.

& in case you ever wondered what size I buy, you no longer have to wonder.

& you can see the price tag, except I didn’t pay that as I just bought it at Sam’s Club for $9.98.

& it comes in black–so classy.

& white–so light and feminine.

& denim blue–just add a turquoise necklace!

& I want one in every color.

& I have to head out to Sam’s Club again today, so. . . . .

& the winner of the book give-away is Lisa Jacobsen.  (I hope you enjoy it as it is one of my favorite nature books for little ones.)

& I am giving away the hook with the “&” on it.  Just write what you or your family did today.  I am sure that you also have many “&’s” in your life.



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10 Responses to She Said–&

  1. I love &.
    Today we went to the bank & the bread outlet, where I buy three loaves for the price of one & the produce store & the regular grocery store where people where things that they should not leave the house in. . . in fact they shouldn’t even where them at home, alone, with the shades drawn. . . it was an interesting day.


    • whitsendmom says:

      I need to visit the bread outlet. Thanks for the reminder. My freezer is getting low on bread & English muffins & hamburger buns.


  2. Bel McCoy says:

    I don’t want the &, but today was fun for this old lady as a friend came over for lunch of brocolli salad & pineapple slices & cantaloupe slices & roll & tea & cookies for dessert & stayed for 5 hours.


  3. Carolyn Rau says:

    Yesterday now ….yesterday was an “and” day. Yesterday we were cleaning up and my helper said “what’s that dog doing alone outside?” & it has a tag on & I don’t see a person with it. & it looked old and unstable & the tags came from FLORIDA. I call the number on the AVID tag (RF ID) & it’s never been registered by the owner BUT here’s the number for the Vet who bought the lot of tags & here’s the perfectly useless but all we have lot #, & the vet can’t use the lot number and it takes awhile for my very slow brain to process that the vet needs the AVID number also & then they find some info BUT the info is several years old & may be out of date but they left a message & so did I. AND I drove around the neighborhood looking for someone looking for a lost dog but no luck & I went home & we (BOB) started making a lost dog poster & the phone rang and it was the owner who hadn’t seen the dog in SEVERAL YEARS because the so-called breeder stole it (in FLORIDA) & moved and then the owner moved to……MICHIGAN. BUT doesn’t know how the dog got up here because they had given up on the dog years ago. BUT she/he wants it back AND I have a spare dog for two nights & will drive to Lansing tomorrow to return said dog to original owner. & that’s all……..


    oh & no one really seems to be looking for the dog. Very curious.


    • whitsendmom says:

      After reading your post, I threw my hands up because you won hands down. Hands up and hands down, now I think I have completeld my exercises for the day. Besides, you exhausted me just reading your post. I think I traveled to Florida and back with the dog. If we had a little more room. . . .but no! No pets yet. I am not through potty training yet. Congratulations, I will get the “&” hook to you. Thanks for dropping by.


  4. Lisa J says:

    Hey, I won something! Thank you! & we had a birthday party last night & fun family to spend the night & today we are cleaning up & relaxing & tomorrow we need to pack up & go on a little trip & after that is our bible conference & we are busy! & it’s fun! 🙂


  5. Lisa Buchanan says:

    I snuggled back down under the covers after I woke up & loved it! I got out of bed & my husband made me coffee & I loved it! I dwaddled this morning & I loved it! I watched my oldest boy win his last basketball game & I loved it! I home alone now (Well with two sleeping babies which for me is basically alone.) eating lemon-pepper-garlic-chicken pasta, a glass of white wine & reading your blog & it’s very fun! I’m about to make cupcakes for my birthday boy tomorrow & I hate to grease & flouring ANYTHING! & that’s what I’ve done so far.


  6. whitsendmom says:

    Sounds like a lovely day!! & use Baking Pam, then you don’t have to grease and flour anything & I wish I was eating supper at your house!!


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