My Whit’s End Book Club–Quotable Quotes

Every family has a language.

Our family’s language is influenced by the books we read, the tapes we listen to, and the movies we watch.

Let me share some commonly heard quotes around our house.  And since I have some more prizes in my stash, let’s make it a contest.  See if you can correctly match the quote with the person/character.

1.  “You are outnumbered one to one, surrender or die!”

2.  “What a handsome hippopotamus!”  –said when we want to complement someone.

3.  Ricky:  “There you go again, wanting something that you haven’t got.”  and She replies, “I do not! I just want to see what it is that I haven’t got that I don’t want.”

4.  “How long does getting thin take?”–said often and usually with a full mouth by the Mommi around here.

5.  “DEATH OR GLORY!”–precedes all charges and conquering of enemies.

6. Husband:  “How long are you going to be gone [shopping]?”  Wife:  “Oh about $40 dollars.”–I vary the amount depending on where I am headed.

7.  “NOT OF GENERAL INTEREST!”–said at the breakfast/lunch/dinner table when one party is bored or disgusted by the topic of conversation.

8.  “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.”

9.  “One day I was walking by the lake.  I spotted a feller whose name was McSnake.  And I gave him such a shake, that the adder became a subtracter.”–Clement’s version of high poetry.  He quotes it at random moments.

10.  “But da Tar Baby, he say “nuthin.”

11. “How about another piece?”–usually said after the first dessert has been consumed.

Here are the quoted characters.  And if you have met each and everyone, I suggest that , “Thou acquaint thyself.”

A.  Pooh–loveable, loveable Winne-the-Pooh

Product Details

B.  Lucille Ball–what a funny lady!

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C.  Langston Hughes-an American Poet

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D.  Mr. Whiskers–the scratchy hero of Cranberry Thanksgiving

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E.  Bugs Bunny–“Mr. Warner. . .I’m ba-a-a-a-ck!”

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F.  “Cheaper by the Dozen” by members of the Gilbreth family

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G.  Boo-Hoo Hippopotamus in Paul White’s Jungle Fables

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H.  Andy Cap from the cartoon series.

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I.  Pirates! and also found in the book “Swallows and Amazons”

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J.  From Brer Rabbit’s conversation in “Tales from Uncle Remus”

The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus

K.  from the author Brian Jacques in Rakkety-Tam

Product Details

Soooooo! Guess away!

and have a great day!


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6 Responses to My Whit’s End Book Club–Quotable Quotes

  1. Kathy Tanner says:

    I know I will never get to sleep tonight if I don’t at least try to win a prize. I am a compulsive contestant and haven’t won a thing this year. Everyone expects to read all about it on our end of the year letter, so I know they will be impressed if you should take pity and at least give Honorable mention for trying. PLUS, I am definitely doing to add a few “reads” to my grand-parenting list.
    ok. #1. Bug Bunny
    #2. Boo Hoo Hippo
    #3. I Love Lucy
    # 4 Pooh Bear
    #5. Brian Jacques
    # 6. Andy Capp
    # 7 Cheaper by the Dozen
    # 8 Langston Huges
    # 9 Pirates
    # 10 Uncle Ramus
    # 11 Mr. Whiskers
    # 12 Jane Austin ( for future reads Ü )

    Well, that is my
    entry”. Had a cup of tea with Mrs. Mary Jane today – she updated me on your enterprise -WOW- I think you will appreciate some prayers.
    Blessings to all the people who live in your home,
    March 12
    Proverbs 12:15 & 18 A wise man listens to counsel and the message of the wise brings healing.
    ( pause, listen, reflect, share )


  2. We also love the line, “How about another piece?!” in our family—it’s the only one I knew without seeing the character list below. Cameron (11yo) is a huge Brian Jacques fan. I believe he has listened to every one of the Redwall books that has an audio version, and after much begging on his part, I finally read Rakkety Tam for myself. Here are my guesses:
    1. E
    2. G
    3. B
    4. A
    5. K
    6. H
    7. F
    8. I
    9. C
    10. J
    11. D


  3. Brooke says:

    The only ones I know are 1-E, 3-B, 9-C and 10-J. We had to start buying “big carrots” around these parts instead of baby carrots so that the kids could munch on the end and say “Eh, what’s up doc?” properly.


  4. Bel McCoy says:

    thanks for a few pages of chuckles by Andy Capp!!

    Can’t recognize any of the answers, except some wild guesses….


  5. Gwen says:

    I recognize “NOT OF GENERAL INTEREST” from Cheaper By The Dozen but would have to guess on most of the others. Absolutely love #6 – Husband: “How long are you going to be gone [shopping]?” Wife: “Oh about $40 dollars.” Think I’ll try this the next time I’m asked that VERY same question! 🙂


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