She Said–Le Photographer


After a brief commercial break, we return to our regularly scheduled program.

“How Ypsi Doll Became a Business.”

And now for the next instalment of our featured presentation.

For the courtesy of other viewers around you, please make sure that your cell phone is turned off.  Please refrain from putting your feet on the seat in front of you.  Crying children can be exited through the marked doorways.  The throwing of popcorn at the screen is generally frowned upon.  And now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show in surround sound.








– – – – –

After the shirts leave the Sewing Factory, they are shipped over to the screen printer.  I would love to show you pictures of the screen printing business, but I haven’t yet visited a screen printer.  But when I do, be informed that you too, will have to come along.

From the screen printer, the T-shirts go back to the Sewing Factory.  The T-shirts need to have the velcro sewn onto them.

But before all the T-shirts were sent back to the Sewing Factory.  Madeline (Le Designer) snagged four T-shirts.  This is because we needed them for the Photo Shoot.

Madeline kindly sewed on the velcro on the four shirts and pressed and ironed four skirts.

And then four ADORABLES arrived.


Natalie is the photographer.  She has a studio in Oceanside and not only photographs clothing lines, but she also has a portrait studio where she photographs newborn babies, engaged couples, families, and any memory you wish to record.

You can visit her website to see some of her work, or follow her on her blog or Twitter.


You can just enjoy the YouTube movie of the Ypsi Dolls debut below.

WARNING:  The movie is 13 minutes long.  I realize that is impossibly long in todays instant society.  The reason it is so long is that we are using this slide show at the Trade Show.  It will be showing on a big screen T.V. in our display.  Hopefully, it will attract many customers.  We will be at the Trade Show from 9 to 6–that is 9 hours or 540 minutes.  The movie is 13 minutes long, so each day we will see/hear the movie 41 times.  The Trade Show is four days long, which means, I will have watched/heard this movie 164 times by the end of the Trade Show.  Add in all the times for making and editing. . . and you will have a high number.

Now enjoy Natalie’s photography.


Later I will upload shorter videos onto You Tube, but just remember. . .

You saw their debut.  The debutantes of the ball.  Of Ypsi Ball!

Hope you have a ball today,


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10 Responses to She Said–Le Photographer

  1. Penny says:

    Love all the details – gathered sleeves, tulle under the skirts, different doll outfits, “When He Cometh!” Is the soft side of the velcro on the shirts – all the whiteys?


    • whitsendmom says:

      When HE Cometh is by Alison Kraus, and my favorite version of the song. Yes, the velcro on the shirt is the soft side (loop). The Ypsi Doll outfits have the rough side (hook). It can get very complicated talking about all these things over the phone when ordering!–as we will need more hook, than loop. But how much more is the big question as we have to order in the 100’s of yards.


  2. Michelle Sacksteder says:

    Love this idea!! Its amazing all the details that go into a business….stuff you don’t normally think about that goes into getting a product made. 🙂 One quick note (my editing brain at work again)…you may have meant “Natalie’s” photography???? (right before your YouTube slide show).

    I love catching up on your little family on your blog. Makes me think I would like to start one of my own…oh, to find the time.


  3. Lisa Buchanan says:

    Brilliant to get some Alison Kraus in there! At least you have some great tunes to get down on 164 times! 🙂 When is this trade show? I can’t wait!


  4. Natalie says:

    Wow, you guys are really doin’ it up right, that’s for sure! That was a great slide show (I might be a bit partial though…) but I don’t envy you watching/listening to it 164 times. I got a little teary with Alison Kraus’ When He Cometh, but that’s probably because my firstborn is turning 5 this week! Oh, and slideshows always make me cry, no matter what. Weird, huh?


  5. Eileen says:

    AWWWWWW I love it! I watched the whole thing this morning. (probably be late for work now, but oh well) Love the whole thing! –Grandma Eileen


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