She Said–Give Away Winners–Apron and Hook

Before we get to the trade show, let me take care of a little business.  The winner of the “&” hook was Caroline for her crazy day.  I cut and pasted her answer in case you missed it.

Yesterday now ….yesterday was an “and” day.  Yesterday we were cleaning up and my helper said “what’s that dog doing alone outside?” & it has a tag on & I don’t see a person with it.  & it looked old and unstable & the tags came from FLORIDA.  I call the number on the AVID tag (RF ID) & it’s never been registered by the owner BUT here’s the number for the Vet who bought the lot of tags & here’s the perfectly useless but all we have lot #, & the vet can’t use the lot number and it takes awhile for my very slow brain to process that the vet needs the AVID number also & then they find some info BUT the info is several years old & may be out of date but they left a message & so did I.  AND I drove around the neighborhood looking for someone looking for a lost dog but no luck & I went home & we (BOB) started making a lost dog poster & the phone rang and it was the owner who hadn’t seen the dog in SEVERAL YEARS because the so-called breeder stole it (in FLORIDA) & moved and then the owner moved to……MICHIGAN.  BUT doesn’t know how the dog got up here because they had given up on the dog years ago.  BUT she/he wants it back AND I have a spare dog for two nights & will drive to Lansing tomorrow to return said dog to original owner.  & that’s all……..


oh & no one really seems to be looking for the dog.  Very curious.

Thankfully this story does have a “happily ever after ending”, as the dog was returned to one of the two owners, and the two owners were in agreement about placement of the dog.  It is a good thing the owners were found because my heart went out to this little homeless dog who had to leave Florida and come to Michigan to live.  I can totally relate to that.  My feelings were getting so strong that I was considering giving the dog a “temporary” home.  And anyone who has given any dog a “temporary” home knows that 7 years later the dog is sleeping at the foot of your bed.

The next Give-Away goes to Abigail.  If you look at the reflection on the pot, you can see that the hem of my apron is a mint turquoise-ish color.  Thanks for everyone that participated.  Now Abigail and I can match!!  I am sure she is thrilled.  (Okay, maybe not.)The only thing is that her kitchen is in California and mine is in Michigan, so we can’t have a twins moment.  (She is giving a sigh of relief right now.)

This reversible apron is going in the mail to Abigail.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

Now stay tuned for a posting about the Trade Show, and you will NOT want to miss my April Fool’s Day post–that is if you want to laugh at me.

It is good to be back.  I’ll update you about the Trade Show A.S.A.P.


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1 Response to She Said–Give Away Winners–Apron and Hook

  1. Bel McCoy says:

    Been a long time… I’m waiting for the Ypsi doll shirts, etc.


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