She Said–Amy Catherine Designs

Have you ever bought your girly girl jewelry at the Dollar Store?

I have.

And do you know where all that jewelry is now?  Gone.  In the trash.

It is gone for two reasons.  1)  It breaks.  2)  About a year ago it was discovered that most of the jewelry from China contained lead.

Now I am all for a cheap treat, but once I heard that news I grabbed all of my girls’ jewelry (the cheap stuff) and threw it in the trash.  I won’t buy cheap jewelry for my girly girls any more.  It is not worth the risk–they are just too precious!

But girls LOVE jewelry!!!  They also are prone to lose things, so I am NOT going to invest in any expensive jewelry.  Is there another option?

Oh Yeah!

Will the girly girls like it?

They LOVE it!

Will the Mommi like the price?

She will smile all the way home!

Let me introduce you to Amy Catherine Designs.

Amy Catherine has a sense of design.  She understands the girly, girl and designs jewelry for her.  Here is what I love about the jewelry.  First of all, it is SAFE.  It has been tested for lead.  You can relax about that.  Second, the “chain” on many of the necklaces and chokers is a soft elastic.  Little hands don’t have to work at pinching open tiny metal clasps.  Even a two-year old could take her necklace on and off.  Third, it captures the essence of girlhood.  It is fun and funky, yet sweet and charming.  It isn’t an adult design just made smaller for a girl.  It is designed for a girl.

Amy Catherine’s designs include necklaces, chockers, bracelets, rings, and you-pick charms.  And all of them come packaged in a cute little container.


The charms come in every theme and style.  She carries sports charms, religious themes, funky monkey, sweet-looking cupcakes, and many,many more.

My favorites were the owls, but my girls chose cupcakes.  Now if you aren’t already smiling, you will now, because most of Amy Catherine’s designs are just over $10.  Necklaces are about $12.95, and all the other prices are equally Mommi-friendly.

Here is a detail of a ring with bling.  I also love this close-up as it shows the quality of Amy Catherine’s designs.  Each piece is individually made with added details of cuteness.  The ring part isn’t just an adjustable metal ring, but rather a hot-pink scrolling pattern.  And it is adjustable, it just doesn’t scream “adjustable.”

But if you are like me, and are feeling a little left out, check out the photo charms.  Casually mention this gift to your Hunni and maybe suggest it would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift.   Then ’cause you know him so well, go out and take that photo and drop it in a stamped envelope addressed to Catherine’s Designs.  Have your girly girl give it to him.  (At least that is how things happen around My Whit’s End).  OR give one to your mother.  Or that Aunt that loves your kiddos so.  Or grandma (aren’t they the best!).  Or that brand-new Mommi.  Or that Mommi that never buys herself anything–surprise her.  It is a custom made treasure.

I met Amy of Amy Catherine Designs at the Chicago Trade Show.  She was in the neighboring booth, so we started visiting.  By the end of the show, we were friends.

Here she is with her daughter who came up and joined her for the Style Max Trade Show.   Amy is just another mom like the rest of us who had a great idea and decided to make it into a business.  She started out making jewelry for her daughter and her daughter’s friends, then expanded to her boy’s girl friends, then expanded to some craft shows, then she hit the world of fashion via trade shows.  And lucky for Amy, everyone loves them.

Including me.

And my girls.

They have worn them every day since the trade show.

(This is an aside, but it took me about four days to figure out how to “do” these photos on Photoshop.  I think for my Mother’s Day gift, I am going to request the Photoshop manual.)

We had a photo shoot the other day.  We also had fun!

“Sugar and Spice and everything nice.”

Isn’t this photo sweet?  Now let me show you what I cropped out of the photo.

I told you we had fun!!  Two girls together CANNOT remain serious for very long.  Still. . .

. . .we snapped a few keeper photos.  May she always be this sweet!

May her eyes always be this pure.

May they always be friends.

May her freckles never fade.

If you squint, you can probably read the email address.

Or you can just read it here.

Her website is

You can also reach her by mail at 165 Piney Ridge, Bastrop, TX 78602.

If you need to, you can even give her a call to place your order 512-332-1003.

Regardless of how you contact her, you will be greeted with warm southern friendliness.

And since we are “talk’n Texas.”

Let’s close with a. . .

“Thanks ya’ll for coming along with me!”


Pssst.  Since ya’ll are still here, let me let you in on a secret.  If your girl is looking for a new fund raiser for her team or club, Amy can put together a package to help you.  Just ask her.  She is really nice.

Oh yeah.  And of course it is all made in America, but you already knew that by the quality of the jewelry.

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3 Responses to She Said–Amy Catherine Designs

  1. Kathy Tanner says:

    Actually, your girls are more beautiful than my finest jewelry pieces!


  2. Amy says:

    Rebecca what a beautiful blog! Thanks so much! And yes I agree your girls are beautiful!


  3. Lisa Buchanan says:

    These are darling!


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