She Said–A Birthday Post!

It has been a great day!  I am 39 today and have a million reasons to be happy.

And I want to spread a little around.

I have two boxes ready to go with some gardening supplies for spring.  Tomorrow we are planning a Whit’s End Yard Spring Cleaning.  Maybe you are getting out into your yard too.  Here are some helpful gardening supplies.

And here are some more gardening supplies.

Sorry, but the plants aren’t included.  🙂

Just leave a comment about a favorite birthday gift/moment/memory/etc  in the comments section, and you are automatically entered.

And while we are on Give-Aways.  The correct answer to the Roosevelt president on Mt. Rushmore is Theodore Roosevelt.  Sharon and therespectableredneck are the winners.    Congratulations to both of you.  Below are your prizes.  A fun scrub brush and a scraper.  Happy Spring Cleaning.

I will try to get these in the mail this week.  Sharon I have your address, but  therespectableredneck if you could friend me on Facebook, I could maybe get your address there??  Here is my Facebook link.!/profile.php?id=735748953  I haven’t yet figured out how to hide my email address from the “crawlers” in a “contact me” link since I don’t have a gmail account, but a hotmail account.  If anybody knows, I would love this little bit of information.

Sending out much love to all!!!

one blessed lady,


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10 Responses to She Said–A Birthday Post!

  1. Kathy Tanner says:

    Well, first of all, Happy Birthday – and what a great comment – a million reasons to be happy! Since my memory is shorter than it used to be, I can only go back so far, BUT, the first best celebration was on my 60Th. The whole family was together – ( the best part) and my family had sent messages to my friends and relations to send ME birthday wishes. So they had put together two albums of cards, poems, pictures,and even a song! ( the best part ). It was also the year I became a Grandma ( the best part )
    And, it really just keep getting better. I now have 4 more family members ( the best part )

    Well birthday girl, you sleep tight tonight, because tomorrow sounds like a busy day.
    Bless you lots,
    April 30
    Proverbs 30: 5 Every word of God is tested; He is a shield to those who take refuge in him.
    ( He even provides the armor )


  2. bethany says:

    happy happy Birthday!! So glad it’s a good one for you :). Fave birthday gift might have been a certain black wool hooded cape, with lovely silver clasps, that was a joint gift from two of my best friends. Treasure hunt for the money I think, which I was then instructed was to be spent on the cape I’d been drooling over for at least 2 years. Pretty special, still have/wear it often :).


  3. Bel McCoy says:

    Since I’m 82, only can remember my 80th which was one “swell” birthday!!!! All my family except the Hawaii one were there (as Kathy says, “the best”!!) PLUS a new computer, digital camera, $80.00, $500.00, and lots of neat gardening stuff!!!!!!!!! Can’t beat that!!! No gardening stuff needed here….. I’m an old gardener and have everything needed. Love it that you are so happy and thankful…. the Lord’s blessing no doubt!!


  4. natalie says:

    No gardening tools needed here (you saw the extent of my balcony garden) but wanting to wish you a happy birthday! ♥


    • whitsendmom says:

      Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I also so the extent of your creativity with your limited space.


  5. WOWMOMWOW says:

    A very special Birthday for me was when I turned 16. No, it wasn’t because I got my driver’s license, because in Louisiana we were able to get a license at 14. My sister Ann planned a very nice surprise Birthday party. It was a formal affair and she polished all of the silver serving pieces! Being the middle child, I was sure that my existence was was anathama to my two older sisters. She invited my very best friends at the time and it was so lovely. It was lovely because my sister showed by her actions that she did care for me.


  6. Woo hoo I love winning and it rarely happens, thank you.
    My favorite birthday memory wasn’t on my birthday. Last year my older sister and my husband threw me a make-up party for the lack of a 13th birthday I had. It was super sweet and they did it on my half birthday :). I blogged about it here:


    • whitsendmom says:

      Heading over!


    • whitsendmom says:

      I tried posting a comment, but my computer wouldn’t open the comments page, but her is what I would have said, “I hope you feel very loved as I think that was a very special gift!!” I am going to head back over and see if I can post somthing this time.


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