Recipe–Rebecca on Ree–Crash Hot Potatoes, Roasted Cauliflower, Pot De Creme

MAY 4, 2012–Crash Hot Potatoes, Roasted Cauliflower, and Pot De Creme

Another yard day.

I love days like these.  The whiskey barrel now has tomatoes, cilantro, one hot pepper, and some marigold flowers growing out of it.  I read somewhere that tomato bugs don’t like marigolds, so I generally try to plant them together.  (If you click on this link you will see that marigolds and tomatoes DO work together, but not because they repel tomato bugs, but nematoedes.  Little microscopic buggies that attack the roots of vegetables.)

The Hunni was laying some bricks for an outdoor grill.  Little Man also needed gloves–or glu-ubs–as he called them.  This was very annoying because he kept taking them off, and couldn’t get them back on, on his own.  The Hunni or I had to keep stopping our work to put little fingers in their respective sleeves.

That is rhubarb int he background.  If you want to take a class in Rhubarb 101 click on the blue link.  I had to move the rhubarb, but thankfully, it survived.

Little Man was still wearing his pajamas, his brother’s shoes, and his sister’s pink hat at lunch time.  He was also riding Eloise’s Little Pony Bike.  The Hunni wanted to spray paint the bike for his boy, but I just bought some duck tape and gave the job to Scout.  Little Man now has a blue bike with flames all over it.  I’ll try to post a picture.

A morning outside needed a hot lunch, so I decided to cook a recipe off the PW website that has become a favorite–BBQ Chicken Legs.  Along with the BBQed chicken, I thought I would serve CRASH HOT POTATOES and ROASTED CAULIFLOWER.

I have often roasted Root Vegetables, but I had never ROASTED CAULIFLOWER (pg. 220.)  The recipe was very straight forward and simple.  The kiddos and Hunni still prefer cauliflower with cheese sauce, but I loved it.

I also made CRASH HOT POTATOES (pg. 217.)  Last winter, The Hunni and I went out on a date.  A rare event.  I had been Team Mom for the All-Star Baseball team, and the team had bought us two movie tickets and a gift certificate to Outback Steak House.  At Outback we had been served something like CRASH HOT POTATOES, and I had loved them.  I tried to make them by baking the new potatoes, then “smashing” them.  The texture wasn’t right.  From PW’s cookbook, I learned that I needed to boil–not bake–the potatoes.  The texture was perfect.

Drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and garlic (PW says to use rosemary which would also taste great.)  The CRASH HOT POTATOES were a bit hit.  The Test Dummies (a.k.a The Kiddos) loved them.

Now here is the picture that I have been dreading to post.

It is an awful food photo, and I know it.  The BBQ chicken looks black, the CRASH HOT POTATOES and ROASTED CAULIFLOWER look bland and insipid.  Dock me on presentation points.  Thank goodness this show isn’t called Chopped!

Here goes.

I told you.

This meal needed color–mainly something green.

It tasted great, just needed color, and something not baked.  Something fresh.

Let’s move on to dessert.  POTS DE CREME (pg. 244)

My oh My! this dessert was delicious! This is a “no-bake” dessert which makes it very quick and easy.  The hot coffee cooks the eggs and melts the chocolate all at the same time.  Your only “dishes to wash” are the blender, one measuring spoon, and one measuring cup.  Super easy.

Add to that fact that the POTS DE CREME [po duh krehm] taste like a heavy, fussy, mousse, and you get Easy Fancy Dessert For Company.  Pioneer Woman served hers in Mason Jars.  I used these ramekins, but found the serving size to big for the richness of the dessert.  I almost think that shot glasses would be about the right size–it is THAT rich.  Now I don’t have shot glasses, so I am thinking of using these paper cups.

I think that the POTS DE CREME could be served on a dessert plate dusted in cocoa powder and piled with some fresh raspberries.  Ree Drummond also mentions that you could add mint extract to the POTS DE CREME.  I think I will try it next time–a good complement.

A short post about a long day that included 2=year-old shots for Little Man and three soccer practices.

COMMENTS:  The CRASH HOT POTATOES are going to be a regular item in our menu–easy, cheap, and most of all Kiddo Friendly.  I was the only one who really enjoyed the ROASTED CAULIFLOWER.  I think I will add it to our dinners very occasionally.  The POTS DE CREME are going into my secret arsenal of Fast and Flashy Desserts.  I think they could really impress.  They do take some time to set up–2+ hours, but the time spent over the blender is less than 3 minutes.

Now it is your turn to go to work.  You have been very generous in your marks.

Here are the categories.  Following Directions, Cooking Methods (steps that got me to the end), Presentation, Overall Impression, Creativity.  Each category will be worth 4 points.  A = 4.0,  B = 3.0 B – = 3.0, C = 2.0, D = 1, F = failure.  If I don’t get a passing grade, then I will have to repeat the recipe.

Get out those virtual red pens and get to work.

And thanks for stopping by.

And I love all ya’ll.

(Maybe that will help with the grading.)

Respectfully Yours,


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11 Responses to Recipe–Rebecca on Ree–Crash Hot Potatoes, Roasted Cauliflower, Pot De Creme

  1. Bel McCoy says:

    Must try the po duh krehm!!! Looks super good! Roasted cauliflower is scrumptious!!! What kind of crust is on it?? Potatoes are good most any way!!! When can I order some Ypsi doll stuff???


  2. Lisa Buchanan says:

    An easy 4.0! We could, as you say, dock a bit for presentation on the white-ish meal. BUT, you forgot to include that reality plays a huge part in this process. When I hear that you whipped THAT up for LUNCH after a morning of WORKING out in the yard . . . well, lets just say I’m not telling my family about you and your ways. Not one word. Impressive to say the least! Does Ree have that dessert posted on her web site? I only have her first book.


    • whitsendmom says:

      Oh don’t be impressed. I have just found that cooking late (ie. after supper) for the next day makes my life a little easier. All I had to do was put potatoes in a pot to boil, put cauliflower to roast and dunk the already baked chicken (baked while I get on the computer in the evening) in BBQ sauce. Two things were roasting and one boiling. I found the recipe here. It is REALLY rich. Defenitely “fixes” the chocolate fix, and with ingredients I always have around–coffee, chocolate chips, eggs, cream.


  3. Susan says:

    PDC is cooling comfortably in the fridge for tomorrow’s coffee loving guests! Any recipe involving CREME in the name is irresistable: my other favorite is creme brulee.


    • whitsendmom says:

      I have never tackled creme brulee. I love to order it on those rare times we eat out at a nice restaurant, though.


  4. nicole i says:

    i love your backyard…so fun. also hot crash potatoes are the best way to eat potatoes…the more oil and the more salt the better!


  5. Kathy Tanner says:

    Confession time. I get a little lost with some of the content, but I am so glad Lisa asked about the recipes, so I followed the link and printed the Creme recipe and I really, really, plan to use it. I am having a very special gathering on July 6. If I try it before then. It will be the grand finale.
    Also, have you ever heard of Jamie Oliver? ( the” N” Chef, he cooks bare, without fuss ) Well, he makes” squashed” new potatoes in a dish with Sticky Chicken thighs and tomatoes. A really great one dish meal. Well, I just saw the similarity, and took off with it My life is full of rabbit trails.

    June 13
    Proverbs 13: 3 Those who guard their mouth, preserve their life
    ( think, pray, think, speak )


    • whitsendmom says:

      Always interested in new chefs and recipes. I will look in the library for his book and check the web. Love your “think, pray, think, speak” I need that.


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