She Said–A Day in The Life of a Canadian Farm Wife

 In my front yard, you will find flowers, neighboorhood kids, bikes adandomed mid-ride, and a few plastic toys scattered around.  What do you see out of your front window?  Come join Katie for a “Day in the Life of a Canadian Farm Wife” and look out her front window.  We can stroll down the lane, collect eggs with her kids, sit in on some homeschooling, and help out with the chores, but in between all these events there are meals.  Lots of meals.  Let’s come along for a Day at Green Acres.

Katie is the gal on the far right.  Here is the note she attached to her blog post.

here ’tis…  more stream of consciousness then anything— sorry, that’s how i roll..  😉
you’re welcome to use photos from our website if you want…

Let’s join Katie for breakfast, so grab your cup of coffee ‘cuz we are going to be busy!


6 a.m.- 6:30 a.m.- hit the alarm

6:30 a.m.- roll out of bed throw on my walking shoes and stroll down the lane…

7 -9 a.m.- tend my garden, start my coffee, “freshen” up (as it were), read and pray, bottle and change my nearly 2 yr. old baby Violet, and enjoy every “mommy time” minute till the big kids roll down the stairs…

9 a.m. – noon-  make, eat and clean up breakfast…  bible time, story time, calendar time, math time with kids at breakfast table…  hope and violet have art time or daddy (chore) time while Jakob and I do reading and writing…  outside time for big kids…  violet and I run a load of wash, do the dishes, tidy, get supper plans ready, wash eggs, put bread in the bread maker, and start on lunch…

Noon and onward…..  make, eat, and clean up lunch..  outside time, misc. chores =  water apple tree, cuddle kittens, bottle feed calf, collect eggs, building, watering, feeding, mowing, gardening, climbing of trees, hauling, cutting, burning, just generally having lots of fun working together…

6ish- supper time…  eat, clean up, tidy up, more play time for kids, read stories- chores, baths, bedtime…

p.s. the above is a generalization of a good day…  there is (of course) occasional sibling squabbling, gardening failures, pb jelly sandwiches for supper, really windy days where my laundry all blows off the line, skinned knees, “poopy stinker” name calling accompanied by vigorous tattling, piglets or chicks dying, mower or tillers (or both) breaking down, wasted trips to town, and always too much month at the end of the money…   but there is ONE who knows the end from the beginning, makes everything beautiful in HIS time, and “we know that all things work together for good to them that love God” Romans 8:28.   life is busy, unrelenting and full of responsibility but it’s a better life than I could have ever dreamed up.  I thank the Lord for the gift of this life and the loves that make it worth living.

Sometimes “short is more”.  I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted.  A good exhausted though.  I loved the fresh air, fresh eggs, and fresh thoughts.  Thanks Katie for opening your home and farm to us.  We loved the tour of Green Acres, but before we leave, I would like you to meet Blossom. 

 Blossom the Cow lives and works at Green Acres farm.  Blossom is no ordinary cow; she has a Facebook account and would love it if you would “friend” her on Facebook.

Now if you would like to leave any comments, ask any questions about farm live, or just say a “Howdy”, leave them all in the comments section.  Katie will be able to see them and answer in all her free time.  You can also follow her blog and see farm life throughout the year.

And stay tuned for the next post in the series of “A Day in the Life of a Newly Wed.”

And remember, any typos and misspelled words are holy my fault.

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5 Responses to She Said–A Day in The Life of a Canadian Farm Wife

  1. Lisa Buchanan says:

    What beautiful area you live in! Great place for kids to grow up in/learn to work in! 🙂


  2. whitsendmom says:

    So I have a question. Is the first photo of free range chicken coops or something else? Do you have to move them or are they stationary? Also, I thought where you lived was prarie, but those look like mountains in the background.


    • KATIE says:

      Sorry, it probably would have worked better if I went through my pictures first to explain what was what. The “chicken tractors” picture you see at the beginning of the post is actually a picture of Salatin’s chicken tractors (from Polyface farms in VA). Evan and I went and toured their farm last summer and took pictures, I had put a picture of our chicken tractors up next to his to compare. We have 3 and yes, they’re on flat land. 😉 They are portable and are moved once a day to a fresh section of grass. We raise our broiler chickens in there. The other picture of a preg. lady, cows, and a lil’ girl is actually friends of ours — but they are our cows. 🙂 Thanks for the shout out for the farm. 🙂


  3. Gwen says:

    Great post, Katie! Wish I could drop by for another chat while the kids play outside! Another shout-out for country living! 🙂


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