She Said–A Day in the Life of a Newly Wed

“And they lived happily ever after. . .”   That is how good fairy tale ends, and how a good life begins.  Ever wonder what happens next?  Is all the fun just the engagement, and the photos, and the gifts, and the Big Day.  Oh No!  The real fun begins after the wedding, and even after the Honeymoon.  The fun begins when you know there is someone waiting for you when you come home from work.  Someone who has seen you with morning hair and said, “Good-morning, Beautiful.”  Someone who will listen to every boring detail of how miserable you feel with your aching head-cold.  Someone who asks, “What’s for dinner?” and then sits down to eat it with you.  Someone who when he says, “Let’s go,” you know inequivocally that the “let us” is you–the two of you.  Yep.  It’s the Good Life. 

And Amy is letting us peek into that good life in “A Day in the Life of a Newly Wed.”  Come along to Montreal, Quebec and share her day–but walk softly as someone might be sleeping. 

A Day in the Life of …..a Newlywed

Hi, my name is Amy McCavour and I am a newlywed living in Montreal, Quebec. Today is actually Allen and my 7 month wedding anniversary. Yes, we are at the early stages where we celebrate it monthly.  Actually, we don’t have anything special planned for today.  We did celebrate it last month because it was a half-year  mark and Allen’s birthday was the day before.

I was born and raised on a farm in a small town in southern Illinois until I moved away to do some travel nursing in northern Illinois near Chicago.  Then I finally got the nerve to move to the windy city where I lived for 4 years and worked as a nurse in a teaching hospital.  Now I live in Montreal with my new husband.

At this point in my immigration process, I am not allowed to work or take classes.  That stinks because I need to learn French.  Once the immigration process is finished, I will be able to take some free courses but it is too bad that I can’t take them now.

So as a newlywed in a different country where I can’t do anything, what do I do?  I was doing fine and keeping busy the first few months,  getting settled, finding my way around the new city, unpacking,  cooking and cleaning in my new home. But after a while I started going stir crazy. I was used to working full-time.  So I started volunteering 3 days a week for a few hours at a hospital.  I am going to go through one of my days which is a Tuesday.   On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I float wherever I am needed, usually to doctors’ office to do filing or paperwork. On Wednesdays, I go to a geriatric unit with other volunteers to play Bingo with the patients.

So on this particular Tuesday, I get up at 7:30 to get in the shower.  Allen is up and has already showered and he is eating his breakfast at his computer.  I go say hi, he usually laughs at me because I am a sight and I am not very coherent before my coffee or shower.  I ask him if he made the coffee, which he makes most mornings.  I kiss my honey goodbye as he is leaving for work.  He works at the same hospital where I volunteer.  We live within a 15 to 20 minute walking distance which is really nice.  He is at work at 8:00 and I go in at 9:00. I finally get my coffee and I eat a piece of strawberry shortcake.  I know this is not a healthy breakfast but I made it yesterday and the leftovers are calling my name.  A piece of toast that I usually eat sounds really boring.

At 9:00, I go to the volunteer office and get my lovely blue smock I have to wear and I get my assignment for that day.  I am going to the dermatology doctor’s office where I have been a few times before.  I go find Rex, the guy that seems to run the office.  I don’t even know what his title is, a nurse or receptionist. He is really nice but extremely busy.  He is doing 10 things at once (which is typical for a nurse), answering phones and directing patients all at once.  He takes me to the filing room, he gives me a quick rundown of what to do since I have been here before and I know the basics and where things are.  I start filing charts and papers.  This is a never-ending job.  The names are filed by alphabetical order, but I find several charts that are out-of-order.  Most of the mistakes are not too bad, there are several people with the same last name and it is the first name that is not in alphabetical order.   I can’t correct them all but I try to do some of it.  I have never seen one this bad though.  There was a last name that started with a P and it was in the B’s.  I couldn’t let that one go.   After filing, I got the lovely job of calling patients and cancelling their appointment in June, which is not bad in itself but the next available appointments is not until mid- September.  Yeah, it was great giving that news.  Thankfully, I have experience dealing with people who are not pleasant.  So I am used to this and I do not take it personally.  Some people are very kind and agree to set up another appointment which I write down for Rex and he will put it into the computer.  Others are upset and cannot believe it.  I explain, in a very polite way that I am just the volunteer and if they have a problem someone from the office will call them and if there is a cancellation maybe they can get in sooner, even though I know that is not likely.  I left a lot of messages on answering machines so I was thankful when no one answered and also they all spoke English.  I got one answering machine in French, I did not leave a message just in case they did not speak any English and Rex will be following up on all of the calls.  I finished up at 12:00 and before I left I stopped in at Allen’s department to see how his day was going.  He was really busy so I did not stick around.

I make it home at around 12:30.  I fix my lunch which is yummy leftovers from supper last night which is breaded chicken, roasted potatoes and green beans.  And for dessert, I have another piece of strawberry shortcake.  I really should not eat it because I have put on some weight since getting married.  Oh well.

After lunch, I try to get motivated to do some laundry.  There is never an ending to laundry between the two of us.  We live in an apartment complex that has 2 washers and 2 dryers in the basement.  So I lug 2 loads of towels downstairs.  I have put off doing laundry so it is piling up.  Since we have to pay for laundry I only wash it and then hang it in our living room on drying racks.  I can do 2 loads in a day.  I have had laundry hanging in the living room for 2 days now.  I folded the clothes that I hung yesterday.  The towels I dry in the dryer then fold them and put them away.  I am caught up for a little while anyway.  Here is a picture of our living room with clothes racks.

Now I think about what to make for supper.  I like to try experiment some, but today I am not feeling too ambitious so I look up something simple online.   I find a recipe for hamburger and pasta.  I have most of the ingredients and will just adjust a few things in the recipe.  I give Allen a call at work for him to stop at little market on the way home to pick up a few things.  That is what I love about this part of the city.  There are tons of fresh fruit and vegetable markets and the prices are so cheap and they taste so yummy, unlike the grocery stores.

Allen comes home at about 4:30 and he has a gift for me, chocolate squares.  He is the best!  We sit and chat for a while to catch up on each other’s day.  We don’t ever seem to run out of things to talk about.  He made it home just in time because we had a torrential downpour.  A loud crack of thunder came out of nowhere and we both jumped.

At about 5:15, I call my dad to discuss dates and times for plane tickets so he can come visit us.  He is at my brother’s house so I also talk to my brother for a few minutes.  My brother tried to get my 2 ½ year old nephew to come to the phone to say hi to me.  He, being a stinker, smiled and said “no” and went into the house.

So about 6:00 I start making supper.  The food turned out really well. I had only one mishap during making it when I pulled the drawer out from the fridge to get the cheese and it caught on a pitcher of juice and knocked it over and I had a big mess on the floor and under the fridge.  Allen came to my rescue and cleaned it up while I finished making supper.   After we ate, we had our usual Bible reading time.

I cleaned up the kitchen.  We have no dishwasher (the next place we move to will have one!) so I do all the dishes.  While I am doing that Allen went to the living room to read some material for work.  When I came out from the kitchen, this is what I saw….not much reading going on.  LOL.  He woke up when I took the picture.

We chill out on the couch for a while to watch an episode of a TV show.  We are settled on the couch and he is eating a piece of strawberry shortcake.   (I don’t because I already had 2 pieces today.)   We stream most of our TV from the computer.  There is a problem with the stream and I offer to “watch” Allen’s cake while he fixes the problem, but for some reason he does not take me up on the offer ;).  I can’t imagine why.

We head to bed not long after that.

I love living in the city and Montreal is definitely growing on me. Of course, that might have something to do with a certain guy that I live with here.  I have picked up a little French, mostly days of the week, greetings and that sort of thing but it is not hard to get by here in English. Our apartment is in a nice area and we have a great view of a park across the street.   Here is the view we have of the park from our balcony.

I don’t know about you, but I have that warm-happy-feeling after reading this.  Simple love is simply the best.  Thanks so much, Amy, for letting us follow you around for a day–a day filled with ordinary, golden hours.  We were warmed.

If you have any questions or just want to say a congratulations, write it in the Comments section.  Amy will be able to see them and answer.  And remember, any typos and misspelled words are holy my fault.

And stay tuned for the next post in the series of “A Day in the Life of a Missionary in Colombia.”

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14 Responses to She Said–A Day in the Life of a Newly Wed

  1. Hope says:

    O how fun! I’ve thought of you two so often since the wedding and this is the next best thing to having a sit-down chat! Thanks for the glimpse of your sweet life, Amy, and thanks, Rebecca, for posting! I’m off to read about Ms. Dot and the soup kitchen. 🙂


    • whitsendmom says:

      You will smile, as Ms. Dot’s personality comes out in her writing!


    • Amy McCavour says:

      Hi, Hope. It is great to hear from you. I have thought of you often, too. I see pics of your family and new baby on facebook. I am so thankful for it since I have so many friends spread out all over North America. It is nice to see how everyone’s life is changing and growing.


  2. Joanna B says:

    This was so fun to read! I am so glad that Amy likes it in Montreal, because I really miss her! It sounds to me like a good beginning, and I’m thankful to know that “He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Love to all of you!


  3. Jinny says:

    Oh Amy!!!! I’m so glad to hear that you and Allan are doing well. We do miss you down here!!!!Lots of love to you


  4. wilkincr says:

    Hi Amy, It was interesting for me to read your post because it brought back memories of twenty years ago when I married a Canadian and moved to Toronto. Like you, I went stir crazy in our little apartment and ended up working in an office for something to do. It was really fun to explore the city with my new husband on the weekends. All the best to you, especially in your French language learning! Christie


    • whitsendmom says:

      My first years of marriage also involved moving to a different country–Ecuador. We also spoke a differnt language, so I could defitely relate to your day–like Christie.


  5. Lisa Buchanan says:

    Happy times, Amy! Glad you’re doing so well! Love your breakfast! 🙂


  6. Kathy Tanner says:

    without going back and reading again, I know we have two things in common ( well three, because we both love Jesus, but I am not good with numbers )
    1. I have had strawberry shortcake for breakfast,lunch and dinner
    2. right now the drying rack is in our rec room – we have a dryer, but this is my way of saving $,
    Blessings to you as you walk together with the Lord.
    Kathy Tanner
    ( Mother of four, grandmother of 4, friend of 100’s ,….no I am not good with numbers, but I am very blessed with friends)
    June 12
    Proverbs 12:11 He who pursues worthless things lacks sense.
    ( How do I define worthless)


  7. natalie says:

    Amy… this could be confusing. My cousin is also named Amy McCavour. Probably a good thing you two are clear across the continent from each other! I’m guessing your hubbies are cousins of sorts. I’ll always fondly remember you as “Crutchy” due to yet another Amy we both know. : ) Glad to hear you’re adjusting to Montreal and are enjoying married life. And I’ll probably be having brownies for breakfast tomorrow if that makes you feel any better! ; )


  8. gourmetgirl says:

    Amy, this was fun to read, from one newlywed to another 🙂 two weeks ahead of you…yesterday was our 8 month anniversary and to celebrate we are going to Costco…LOL. A lot of your post sounds exactly like my daily life…except, I am the one who gets up first around here.


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