She Said–A Day in The Life of a Mom of Seven

I love visits from friends.  I love having friends come and visit.  But life, and time, and distance, and money, and stuff sometimes means those visits don’t happen.  Today, we are going to let technology help us with a visit.  If you are reading this in the morning grab your cup of hot coffee.  If this is the afternoon, pause and get an iced coffee.  And if this is evening for you, tuck the kiddos in and sit back for an uninterupted visit OR gather the kiddos around the computer screen and introduce them to the kiddos on the screen because today we are going to the house of a family of seven kids.  Come with us for “A Day in the Life of a Mom of Seven”–but keep your eyes open for low flying baseballs.  There are boys around here.  Baseball boys.

You will feel welcomed.  You will feel warmed.  You will enjoy the visit.  So take a sip.  Now let’s knock on that virtual front door and step inside “A Day in the Life of a Mom of Seven.”  There are kiddos everywhere, so before we start our day, we will have some introductions.  That young looking lady in the middle. . .that’s  Lisa the mom.  She’ll take over from here.

A day in the life of a mom of seven . . . Oh my! How different each day can look! The day I chose to write about was the first day of summer break for Daddy although you wouldn’t know it from how much he was home. Summer break had not arrived for the rest of us, but you certainly wouldn’t have been able to tell either. We took a much more relaxed approach to the day, a point I’m going to do my best NOT to defend and justify the whole post long. I really can be more disciplined!

I homeschool our crew, (or at least that’s what I call it for legal purposes). I have seven children, ages 11 down to 18 months, two girls and five boys. I am dyslexic and so non-academic it’s funny (or at least I laugh), but we press on. They can read so that’s encouraging, huh?! I also spend much, much, much of my spring at the ball fields. My husband coaches and three boys play – some on two teams. When I say life is a picnic, I’m not referring to “easy”. I am literally picnicking every. single. day. I keep thinking I should write a cookbook entitled “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” because I can’t afford $300 hamburgers every night from the concession stand. Besides, maybe there are other moms who need meal ideas for player siblings who can’t wait until after the game and then go begging for the team snack. Additionally, when you have seven kids you can’t expect the snack mom to provide for all your starving, begging offspring, can you?

My oldest baby (they’ll always be my babies!) is 11. She’s been the biggest challenge of my life. Amen. So much I could say about her journey from being a colicky baby, to a seek-and-destroy toddler, to a mouthy-always-a-new-and-better-idea-than-yours little girl, to a very competent, helpful, self motivated, getting-sweeter-all-the-time (I have to keep it real) young lady. The Lord has helped me see that all those challenges that so completely frustrated me are some of her greatest strengths and an amazing blessing to me. The Lord actually knew what He was doing by sending her first! Go figure. He also knew what he was doing when he sent number two, Trent along 12 months after Allie without our permission. I may have quit on the whole kid thing after her. Just kidding. Sorta.

Trent(10) is a peacemaker (bless his heart!) and a sports junkie through and through! It gets a little tough to think of birthday ideas when he already has everything he needs in life to keep him happy: a mitt, bat, baseball, football, and basketball. Lucky for us, he’s the oldest and always needs new clothes. He is spared hand-me-downs.

Trevor is a thinker, 20 months younger than Trent. He asks hard questions, most of which I have never thought about before or much less care about. Thank goodness for the Google! He also plays baseball but takes a more “diversified” approach in his interests. Give him say, a rope, and he’s happy as a clam tying all kinds of strange things together. Many a knot have I worked at untying due to his rope-loving ways.

Troy(7) is 26 months behind Trevor. His off-the-wall sense of humor is fun to have around. Once again, he’s a little sports man. At this point baseball is it for him. There is always some sort of game, drill, or practice going on in our back yard.

Ty is 5. Ty is a wild man. Ty never thinks before he acts. Why would he . . . it’s a waste of time. This is scary. We love him anyway. He appears to love every sport that includes hitting someone, hitting something, or blocking REALLY HARD! However, he’s learned to incorporate those techniques into games as simple as Uno. I repeat; this is scary.

Emma is 3. She loves her sister and wants to be Allie when she grows up. She’s everything that would come to your mind at the words “little girl”. Luckily for her, she has four older brothers who commiserate with her over each and every little “owie,” although Ty can be a little short on sympathy.

Tucker is 18 months and doing his best to mark his place in the line-up. He’ll swing whatever he finds: bat, broom, or stick – makes no difference. However, he still likes to take time to snuggle with Daddy and Mommy.

ANYWAY . . . to the day at hand!

I wake up at 7:10. Here’s my first defense. I set no alarm. I hate them. And there has to be SOME perk to homeschooling, right? I have found it’s better to work my day around a sequence of events rather than by the clock. The clock can be a cruel taskmaster. This is actually abnormally late for me. I’m usually up between 5:30 and 6:15. I stumble to the kitchen and pour a cup of the most delicious coffee my husband has brewed from the aero press. This makes coffee as smooth and rich as it smells. In my opinion, it is incomparable in the coffee world. I find my “sweet-spot” on the couch (The boys have theirs on their bats; mine is on the couch.) and pick up my Bible to read and drink life into my morning. I’m reading in Ex. 16. The problem with the whole thing THIS particular morning is that four kids are up already. By 8:03, I have found a muffin recipe for Allie, got almonds out for hungry kids to snack on, changed a diaper, fielded lots of questions, tried to tune Adventures in Odyssey out, refilled my coffee and those poor Israelites have “set out from Elim” about 20 times. At this point I blitz over to Psalms for a power verse and call it done. The good thing is I didn’t leave the Lord there. He comes with me to help in ways I don’t even know. I know this because I ask Him, “Please help me with what I don’t even know I need help with today.” This has become my morning plea.

This is getting lengthy. Sorry. I’m only assuming you’re still with me. Daddy leaves the house at 8:15 with no breakfast because I’m a good wife and make sure everyone has their needs met. You see how many people are effected by my lazy rise time?! I don’t recommend it. But then, it’s not usual, so keep that in mind.

I get changed from my most comfy bathrobe into my “uniform”. That would consist of yoga pants, (no, I don’t actually do yoga but it sounds so much better than sweat-pants or  work-out pants. “Yoga-pants” gives the illusion of a hip mom. Pleas allow me my illusion.) nasty t-shirt, and flip-flops. I always mean to quickly exercise, shower, and change and all before breakfast. Sometimes that shower doesn’t happen till right before I fall in bed that night. Then I put the same clothes on the next morning because why dirty more when I’m sure I’ll exercise, shower and change real quick TODAY?! I’ll not tell how many days this process gets repeated . . . but take comfort in the fact that wash day comes every week – like clock work. Then there are about 20 loads in between wash days.Wash happens.

Breakfast is at the ridiculous hour of 9:25 (Breakfast burritos made by Trent). When we are out of bread, this is our default meal, and we love them! After breakfast, while the kids are still around the table, I read the Proverbs of the day and then a Bible story out of “The Child’s Story Bible.” We say verses, pray, and release the dogs, I mean kids, to do their chores. One clears the table, one unloads the dishwasher, one loads it back up and one vacuums under the table. During this time, I whip up our fruits and veggies for the day in one of my favorite appliances – the Vitamix.

I like smoothies because since my life is a “picnic” it’s hard to take veggies beyond carrot sticks and bell pepper sticks to the ballpark. So by sticking mass amounts of baby kale in a blended smoothie, I feel I’ve done my motherly veggie duty for the day. It’s always good to check something off. The kids down their smoothies while working/horsing around as they’re wont to do and end up outside. (If I was a GOOD mom and up on time I would have made these to drink during breakfast. I can’t be perfect ALL the time.) I leave the kids outside because the house is QUIET and it’s a nice day out. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy so I make exception and declare today an outside day. School is better on rainy days anyway.

I get the bread going in my other favorite appliance – the Bosch. Where would my life be without these two blessed machines??!!

Allie takes it into her head to do wash today. Typical washday is Thursday, but who am I to argue with such a delightful, voluntary change-up in the routine?

Trent obeys his fathers command and mowed the lawn. All you mothers of really littles TAKE HEART! There’s good times coming!  Stock up on your bon-bons now!

Then I exercise with t-tapp. Relax, it’s not tap dancing. It’s a busy mom’s answer to her how-do-I-exercise prayer. The name is the dumbest name in the world and it’s certainly not the most glamorous BUT it’s effective and time efficient.  It’s been a lifesaver, especially for my knees!

The kids have a new rule of no screen time except for two half hour sessions per week. So, they reassemble a table as most kids do when their screen time is cut down. I don’t ask questions. Tomorrow maybe they can take it apart again.

1:00, we eat a lunch of homemade mac and cheese because the bread isn’t done. This is a treat for them. I like to pass out treats, especially when there’s nothing else to have.

The baseball game/practice resumes outsides and the two youngest go down for naps.

2:45 is iced coffee time. Oh how these things thrill my soul!

Outside I hear practice has been postponed for sprinkler time.

Allie has decided to visit the neighbors.  We have neat Christians living across the street and beside us. It’s been really nice!

My notes say 3:45 was make pizza crust/pizza sauce time and 4:30 was shower time but what all I really did between times remains a mystery. I’ve blocked it out, apparently. This is why I was supposed to keep notes. I’m sure I rolled my bread into loaves and baked them,

started bed linen wash (a very normal daily activity due to our “issues” at night), tidied up various and sundry things, folded clothes, got meat out for dinner and other mom-ish things. It certainly wasn’t school-ish things although I do remember reading with Troy. See? It wasn’t a complete non-educational day!

Daddy came home from tutoring, teaching summer school, and private pitching instruction. . .

at 6:15. He immediately was sent to start up the grill for grilled pizza.

Grilled pizza is a great way to sneak whole wheat into pizza. Whole wheat and pizza don’t exactly go together to me, but done on the grill with the great grill flavor, it’s excellent. Pizza made and eaten, more clean up and . . .

of course, ball in the back yard, with Daddy this time!

Ice cream at 9:00 and kids in bed by 9:30.  At 10:30 Steve and I called it a day.  Thank the Lord for another good day, and if you made it this far, bless you!  (I promise to really homeschool tomorrow! Oh, and get up early and exercise, shower and change real quick.)

I loved the visit.  I loved the day.  Busy but not overwhelmed.  Craziness with a calmness.  Food accompanied with fellowship.  Noise with learning.  Boys with bats and girls with dolls.  Chores with play.  A time for outside and a time for inside.  And everywhere sunshine–the sunshine of HIS love.

Let’s close the virtual front door softly as I think most of the kiddos are already asleep after a day in the sunshine.



If you have any questions or just want to say a hello or nice to meet your or what is your bread recipe or when is the release of your cookbook “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”, etc. . ., write it in the Comments section.  Lisa will be able to see them and answer.  And remember, any typos and misspelled words are holy my fault.

And stay tuned for the next post in the series of “A Day in the Life of a Missionary in Colombia.”  (I know, I already promised this post last time, but maybe this time I will get it all finished up.)

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18 Responses to She Said–A Day in The Life of a Mom of Seven

  1. whitsendmom says:

    Thanks so much for contributing! I have a few questions. What is an aero press?? Is that a picture of it making coffee in the blue pitcher? About the Vitamix. . .we live off smoothies. How is it different than my $30 blender. And. . .that last photo of the two kiddos hugging Daddy is priceless. Not only is the theme of the photo excellent, but so is the lighting. Photo contest quality if you ask me!!!!!


    • Lisa Buchanan says:

      Thanks for opportunity, Rebecca! It was fun! An aero press is similar to a french press, but you have a filter and a large amount of pressure is applied in the process. It is like a large syringe with piston-like action pushing the coffee through a circular filter. I think that’s the difference. A french press is delicious, but once I tasted this, I was hooked. We can make an iced coffee (and hot) that is at least as good as than Starbucks, if you ask me. It’s simple, cheap, and easy. There. I should get commission. If you read the reviews on amazon that should answer more questions. The blue pitcher is what we press the coffee into. I put cream in the pitcher so it naturalizes the coffee reaction right away stopping it at it’s most yummy point. If you don’t take cream, (I’m sorry) it will still be delicious!
      A vitamix is so much more than a blender. Oh boy, I should be a sales person. Ours was a gift and one of the best gifts ever. They aren’t cheap but if I’d known how much I’d use it, I would have purchased it long ago. It is strong enough to power a small boat so ALL of the little pieces of what-nots get creamed, like raw sweet potato which I frequently stick in. It makes wonderful mayo, soup, powered sugar, whip cream, quick breads and enough to fill a whole cook book. One of my favorite uses is fresh tomatoes stuck in, skin and all and whipped to smitherines, then stuck in zip-locks and frozen. Makes quick work of putting up tomatoes. (It’s a bit watery when you go to make spaghetti sauce or something, but I just boil it down.)


  2. Joanna B says:

    Thanks, Rebecca, for this visit with Lisa! Hi, Lisa! I sure wish you lived closer; this description of your day makes me long to be able to see Steve again and watch him with his kids. 🙂 Please give him lots of love from A. Joanna. I would love to get to know all of you better. So we long for our real home, when we will all be together forever!


    • Lisa Buchanan says:

      Hi Aunt Joanna! I had Steve read your comment and he’s appreciated it. He mentioned what a big part of his growing-up you were. I love to watch him with his kids too ~ from a chair with an iced coffee! 🙂 Our real home ~ how sweet it will be!


  3. dgharman says:

    Loved the post, Lisa! Felt at home all through the read! I say ‘Amen’ to the aeropress (that’s ALL we use for our coffee) and the Bosch (awesome making 5 loaves of w.w. bread at once). Don’t have the Vitamix (yet) but it’s been a consideration for a long time. Hugs to you and those precious kiddos. They need to come back to round out our baseball team! 🙂


  4. Brooke says:

    Seeing more of you on here than in person! Loved your post, lis!


  5. Kathy Tanner says:

    Well Yesa, you truly are an amazing Mom.
    My mothering days did not look much like yours, considering the difference – 7 kids instead of 4- homeschooling, homemade bread, the smoothie thing, and much, much more.
    One similarity – coffee ! Reading the Bible ( we did it in bed )
    But life moves on pretty fast and I am thinking about you and your little guy who was so sick this past weekend.
    Aren’t we thankful for family. and praying friends.
    Bless you lots,

    July 2
    Proverbs 2:11 Discretion will guard you
    ( another reminder to think first )


    • Lisa Buchanan says:

      Thank you for your prayers for Tucker, Kathy! Keep them up, he’s not improving as fast as I’d like. Missed seeing you last Sunday!


  6. Kirsten says:

    Lis, you should totally write that cookbook. I’d buy it. Not because I have to picnic dinner, but because I like to as it gets me out of cooking in the evenings;). And I, for one, am THRILLED that you got up late–I didn’t know you ever, ever did that, and it makes me feel better about my normal existence;).


    • Lisa Buchanan says:

      So it stung my pride a bit to write that rise time. BUT, it is what it is and it wasn’t early. If I didn’t have pride we wouldn’t have had this problem now, would we? Shame on me. The truth is, I started to hate life MAKING myself get so much accomplished so early. So, I backed off. It has it’s frustrations so in some ways you just trade one frustration for another. At this point in life, I chose this frustration. 🙂


  7. Angie W. says:

    Loved reading about your day, Lis. And your blurb about each kiddo. So fun that they are all so different and so precious at the same time. Since I routinely wonder how you “do it all” with seven and I struggle so much with three, it does my heart good to hear you don’t always get up early, you too live in your “yoga pants” with the intent of showering, your kids had Mac n Cheese for lunch (though I know it was homemade) because the bread wasn’t done yet, choose to let school go for sunshine (very very tempting in PNW), and that some day my littles will be old enough to actually be helpful. And I am so grateful for my aero press, Vitamix and Bosch as well. Lord, please bless our parents for their generosity. Amen.


    • Lisa Buchanan says:

      Steve has to remind me I can’t sleep with my three favorite toys and that they’ll still be there in the morning. HAHA! (Just kidding.)


  8. Angie W. says:

    And thanks, Rebecca, for these fun “a day in the life of” posts. I love hearing how other people’s days go!


  9. Hi Lisa, I enjoyed very much reading about your family and your day. I especially enjoyed your beautiful photos. I was recently introduced to the aeropress, and I love it. Hope your little guy is feeling well soon. Greetings from Michigan this time around (I thought of Rebecca and family as we drove past the sign to Ypsilanti en route from Pittsburgh to Mt. Pleasant). Christie


  10. Hi again Lisa. I just realised that we are related—perhaps you knew this. Your mom and my mom are first cousins. Another connection—Andrea is my first cousin’s daughter. I haven’t seen her since she was a little girl, but still I knew her mom quite well when I was growing up. Enjoy your summer . . . Christie


    • Lisa Buchanan says:

      Hi Christie! We’re all here reading this and Andrea said she remembers you and thought you were really nice and so pretty as only a little girl can when she looks up to an older girl. 🙂 I did know we were related so it was extra fun to read your post and catch up with a long lost relative. Angie remembers you from Barakel, but I never went. Thanks for your kind comments! Enjoy your time home and most certainly your aeropress! 🙂 Thank you for connecting us all, Rebecca! What would we do without your blog?


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