Recipe–Catching Up and a New Challenge

This is the missing photo.  I thought I hadn’t taken any photos of the CORN CASSEROLE WITH PEPPERS, but I just found them in another file.  So I have my proof that I actually cooked the CORN CASSEROLE WITH PEPPERS.

I also promised a photo of the Little Pony Bike that was made over for Little Man.  Scout did all the work.

Also, a very long time ago, I wrote a post about the annual ant invasion of my house.  I promised a prize to someone for an additional verse.  The prize was this reuseable sandwich bag and tote.  Breakfast in Kitchener won the prize and I mailed it to her.  It got returned, as her address had changed.

So I just left the package laying on my desk for about a month.

Then we stopped by Breakfast in Kitchener’s place for a very quick visit, and I of course forgot the package.

Finally, I got it in the mail to the correct address, and I am finally showing you that there really was a prize.

But that is all old news.

Here is the new news!

I am almost finished cooking Ree Drummond’s Food From My Frontier.  My blog posts are a bit behind me, but I have less than 10 recipes to go.  SO!  We need a new idea.

I would like to start a new series of cooking posts, but this time, I am not doing the cooking.  You are!  I have been exploring some different grocery stores in our area.  To date, I have visited an Asian Market and two Hispanic Grocery Stores.  The places have been fascinating and filled with unusual items.  (I will post some blogs.)  I have also found that some products are quite a bit cheaper in these ethnic stores–like spices, teas, pinatas, rice, some produce, etc. . .

And while I was in there shopping. . . (The Hunni gave me a two-hour get-away sans kiddos, and I chose to go to the Asian Market.)  I had the idea–Mystery Grocery Boxes.  These boxes would contain several ethnic items (non-perishable).  They would still be in their packages, but perhaps not a common product you buy.

If you choose to participate, I would mail you a package in the mail.  You would get an assortment of ethnic good (like those in the photo above).  With a little research you would make up a meal or some dishes using all the products.  You would get one “bye”–meaning one item you could skip.  Snap a few photos and tell us about your adventure, and I would post it here at My Whit’s End.

Here’s the requirements

  • Be willing to snap a few photos and upload them via my blog or email or Dropbox–all easy stuff.
  • Be willing to write a few paragraphs about your cooking ordeal or adventure. (via my blog or in a Word Document via email)
  • Be willing to send me your address (via private email), so that I could send you a MYSTERY GROCERY BOX.

You can be a new follower, or a regular, I don’t care.  I am willing to ship to Canada and the U.S., but sorry South Africa, Australia, etc. . . are just too spendy.

After two trips to Hispanic Grocery Stores, I came home with the loot in the picture.  Actually, I bought more, but the rest I kept for my pantry.

Here’s the photo again.  (please ignore that purple square, Photoshop had an attitude today.)

I think there is enough for three or four MYSTERY GROCERY BOXES here.  I already have two people who I have contacted, so I am looking for one or two more.

  • Maybe you want to participate, but you are afraid you can’t take good photos.  POOH! That is what Photoshop is for.  Send them in, and I will tweak them a bit.
  • Maybe you want to receive a MYSTERY GROCERY BOX in the mail, but you are worried that you can’t navigate the computer to upload the Word document or the photos–that’s when you call your nephew.  You know the one who is always plugged in.  I am sure he knows.  Give him a holler.
  • You’d love to participate, but you are worried that you won’t get to it right away.  All the food is non-perishable, so you have some time.
  • Okay.  You are warming up to the idea, but you are worried that you will burn something or overcook something or not be able to figure out how to use “dried flattened squid.”  Now I saw dried flatten squid in the Asian Market, but I did not buy it.  You will do fine!!!  Google knows everything.  And if things don’t turn out to perfectly. . .it will still be an adventure.
  • You want to participate, but two people already volunteered.  Go ahead and let me know.  I have a MYSTERY GROCERY BOX from the Asian Grocery Store, and plan on visiting some more ethnic markets.  I’d love to know if I should make up some more MYSTERY GROCERY BOXES.–think Greek, Hungarian, Middle Eastern.  Please give me an excuse to explore some more grocery stores and markets!!
  • You are worried that your kiddos and/or hunni won’t eat it.  Of course they won’t!!!  They don’t eat tomatoes, and tomatoes are one of the very best things in the entire world.  This is to bring a little fun into your day.  It is to be something to think about while you fold mountains of laundry.  A break in the routine.

So sign up in the comments section if you want to join the fun.  Don’t leave your email there, I can get your email.  Just say, “I’m scared what you will send me, but I’m in.” or something like that.

Thanks.  And I love you all for putting up with all craziness!


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15 Responses to Recipe–Catching Up and a New Challenge

  1. breakfastinkitchener says:

    Sign me up! Maybe I can pick up my box when we fly out of Detroit?


  2. breakfastinkitchener says:

    PS I LOVE my prize! As you know, they are both in use. 🙂 thank you.


  3. trixfred30 says:

    Well I’d be up for that but unfortunately I live in leafy Surrey (and that’s Surrey England, not Surrey, Canada – which I found out existed the other day) but if you can think of a way I can pay the postage I’ll do it (actually I’ll pay for all of it – I’ll send you a check! Although we spell that ‘cheque’)!!


    • whitsendmom says:

      You’re on. Don’t worry about the postage, I had the best time finding these ethnic grocery stores. I will email you my email address, and then I can get the package in the mail. Can’t wait to see the results!!!


  4. Bel McCoy says:

    Nope, not me…. cooking for one just doesn’t include much variety…. just my favorites over and over again. 🙂


  5. Care says:

    Is there still room for me??? I would LOVE to try!


  6. Megan says:

    Sounds intriguing! Do you ever run out of fun ideas? If you ever need a spot to send one, I’m game!


  7. bethany says:

    What fun! I’m game too if you need it, and rather partial to Middle Eastern lately … Asian’s always fun too, though I confess to freecycling a bag of unidentified dried fungus at the stoop sale yesterday. I kept one just in case I find a use for it :).
    Also, I LOVE ethnic grocery stores and will really miss wandering Chinatown when we move. I won’t be able to buy fresh lime leaves and frozen galanga down the street anymore 😦 So fun to find weird sauces and things.


  8. Lisa Buchanan says:

    I’m in, or at least on the waiting list! Great idea! Do pray for these idea’s or do they come al la naturAL? Either way, I’m impressed.


  9. Christie says:

    I look forward to your new series!


  10. Kelly K says:

    What? No dried flattened squid? Sign me up anyway!


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