She Said–Rebecca on Ree–Spinach Salad


My Day:

  • breakfast
  • realize that it is a neighbor kid’s birthday, so make Chocolate Chip Cake.
  • clean house as friend coming over
  • cook lunch with friend
  • worry about the fact that the recipe calls for “bacon grease” as my friend is very health conscious.
  • try to sneak the bacon grease into the pan without her noticing.
  • she notices and just laughs.  That is why she is a good friend.
  • nice visit with friend.
  • mad dash to get 6 neighbor kids out of the kitchen, 2 neighbor kids in the basement, and 4 more in the yard out of the house.
  • 15 minutes to feed kiddos before swim team practice and baseball game
  • realize I made a major ordering fiasco for the business.
  • worry about the money I wasted.
  • pack water bottles, bottles, and a second supper for kiddos as after swim practice they eat again.
  • re-shoo neighbor kids out of house and yard.
  • grab clothes and change, so I don’t look like a harried housewife.
  • look like harried housewife trying not to look harried.
  • late to swim team practice.
  • early to baseball game as LBG told me the time he wanted to arrive, not game time
  • post office stop for business.
  • emergency brake light on.  Ignore it as I don’t want to be late picking up the girls from swim team practice.
  • worry that I am ruining the van.  Worry more about leaving my two girlies on a curb waiting for their Mommi to pick them up after swim team practice.
  • last mom to pick up kiddos from swim team practice.
  • worry coach may be loosing patience with me as I am always the last one to pick up my kiddos.
  • swing by home to deliver Chocolate Chip Cake to birthday boy neighbor.
  • arrive at baseball game which is tied 5-5.
  • cheer my heart out.
  • see a cute baby bunny at the game.
  • win game by one.
  • head home and realize that Little Man never ate supper–first or second.
  • add ketchup to noodles and reheat, plus force 1/2 a banana down.
  • feel guilty about my poor parenting.
  • shoo neighbor kids out of the yard again.  This time with yelling.
  • feel guilty about yelling
  • get all kiddos in bed
  • remember the Emergency Brake Light that I ignored and feel very worried I ruined the van.
  • call The Hunni to see how badly I ruined the van.

His Day:

  • breakfasted at the hotel with room service.
  • flew passengers to the Bahamas.
  • returned to Florida and had dinner with my dad at our favorite restaurant.
  • and don’t worry about the Emergency Brake Light, the cable is broken, so the emergency brake isn’t really on.”

Oh, one last thing we both went to college for the same degree.  He gets paid.  I work for free.

So now that I have vented.  Let me tell you about SPINACH SALAD (pg 60 -61).  Because SPINACH SALAD is very important.  Because SPINACH SALAD is the only reason you are reading this post today.  SPINACH SALAD gave meaning to my life today.

Let’s start, but before we do, we need some comic relief, so enjoy this short cartoon.

Now Moms eat spinach and you too can win the battle of laundry, meal time food battles, fight back the aging wrinkles, and beat the clock in dropping kiddos off for games and practices.  Because we are Spinach Super Moms!

Start by sauteing the onions in 1 tablespoon of bacon grease.  We had bacon and eggs for breakfast, and. . .

. . .this lonely piece of bacon is the only piece that I managed to save from the devouring forks. I did manage to save some bacon grease that I used for both sauteing the red onions and the sliced mushrooms.

I wasn’t reading the recipe very well, since I was trying to sneak bacon grease into the dressing without my friend knowing, so. . .

I thought the dressing was a hot dressing like Wilted Leaf Salad.

So, . .

I added the red wine vinegar, sugar, Dijon mustard, and salt to the skillet and heated the dressing.  Cooking vinegar definitely clears the nostrils, but the dressing was delicious.  Pioneer Woman just takes hot bacon grease and adds it to a bowl filled with the rest of the salad dressing ingredients.  I would advise her method unless you are having sinus trouble, then heat up some vinegar and breath away.

I hard boiled some eggs at breakfast, so I only had to peel and slice them up for a simple lunch that my friend and I both enjoyed.  I can’t remember what I served all the kiddos in the house, but it wasn’t this salad.  This salad is for woman only.  Super Woman.  Spinach Super Moms.

That’s all I have folks.

I work for free.  And for smiles from this Little Man.


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4 Responses to She Said–Rebecca on Ree–Spinach Salad

  1. Bel McCoy says:

    Another winner blog!!


  2. Penny says:

    Yeah, the harried housewife look comes pretty naturally for me. I like to just flow with it – wear a hat, or put my hair in a clip. (washing hair only every couple days is good for it, right?) My momjeans are a permanent part of my uniform. And they are NOT skinny jeans, so tossing on boots includes tucking the flare in all around. Plus a throw-it-on shirt, and I’m good to go. 🙂 Good thing our for-free job makes up for it in perks! I still get a few smiles here and there, but not quite so many little kissies any more.


  3. Laura says:

    you are an amazing woman!! you homeschool, cook, clean, taxi, run a business, blog, and a MILLION other things!! I’m in awe! xoxo


  4. Brooke says:

    I just ate supper, and I’m STILL hungry just looking at that salad. I adore the mixture of spinach, eggs, bacon and mushrooms. The only thing I do like to add is a tiny bit of shredded pepper jack cheese.
    Penny, I’ve seen your harried Mom look and it’s not exactly harried–it’s pretty cute : ) I’m sure that yours is too, Rebecca. Isn’t it nice to have a blog to vent on?


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