Sunday–Finger Tutting John 3:16

On Sunday we try to have a neighborhood Sunday School class in our living room.  One day this summer we had some new kids who decided to stay around all afternoon.  They were fun, the weather was gorgeous, and as we visited in the backyard, I learned about “foot work” and “finger tutting.”  These two brothers had great “footwork”–what I would call dance moves.  And they could also Finger Tut–which I will call “hands that dance while speaking.”  I especially enjoyed the Finger Tutting and loved the play of black and white.  Our neighbor had black hands and white palms.  The contrast was stark and beautiful.  That night as I was doing my nightly thinking, I had the idea of teaching the neighbor kids Bible verses with Finger Tutting.

I did some web research all that week.  I had to wade through a lot of muck to figure out more about Finger Tutting as it would be in the same genre as rapping and swearing.  The following Sunday I was ready with my Big Idea, and the Sunday School kids were very receptive.

But. . .

Like any artform, the neighbor kids had made Finger Tutting look extremely easy.  As I started to try to learn Finger Tutting, I found that making my hands move quickly to new positions wasn’t easy, and remembering exactly what that new position was, wasn’t easy for my almost 40 year old brain.  I also discovered that the neighborhood boys only copied other artists hand signs–they didn’t create their own.  This made Finger Tutting John 3:16 rather interesting as they didn’t know where to start.

So we began with “For GOD so loved. . .”

And each week we tried to learn new finger tuts.   A boy named Issac was in charge of creating new finger tuts for the following week’s phrase.  During mid-summer he came over often to discuss and display the Finger Tuts that he was going to teach us the following Sunday.

Eventually, his father pohibited him from attending Sunday School, and we missed him.  We continued Finger Tutting the verse, and I think it is firmly lodged in a few of the neighborhood kids’ minds.  HE has promised that “HIS Word will not return unto Him void–or without having effect.”

Now we cannot Finger Tut with any speed or grace.  That will take several more hours of work, but this is John 3:16 in Finger Tutting.  It is our Neighborhood Sunday School’s creation and is free for copying and repeating and sharing.











ONLY   (or one and only)















SHOULD NOT (finger shakes “no”)


-ISH (like leaves being blown away)



EVERLASTING   (tug, tug)





There you have it.  I just took these photo this afternoon with my girls and my girls’ best soccer friends in the backyard.  And now it is time for Sunday School.

A prayer. “Thank you LORD for dying for my sins.”


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2 Responses to Sunday–Finger Tutting John 3:16

  1. Lisa Buchanan says:

    This is so neat! Excellent idea!


  2. Bethany Amsler says:

    that is awesome!!!!!!! what a sweet idea!!


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