Projects–Aprons for the Ladies in my Life

For several years now, I have wanted to make aprons for all the ladies in my life–my sister, my sisters-in-law, my mom, my mother-in-law, and even the aunts.  This year, I finally got around to making them.

I hit a great sale at Joanne Fabrics, and I just pick up every fabric that I liked off the sale rack.  I hoped that they would all go together.  I tried to group some fabrics together, but I was still sporting a nasty summer cold, and my mind just couldn’t make a decision.

I then googled “vintage aprons” and got my ideas from there.

I just got them in the mail, so I thought I would share the finished products with you.  The only problem is that I had to model them.  And I don’t particularly like photos of myself.  I thought about cropping my head out of every photo, but then realized that wasn’t exactly a lesson I would want to pass on to my girls.

So here goes.

But it took a little bit of courage to post all these photos with myself in them.

Here is my first attempt.

Let’s try that again.

For Jenny:  I was thrilled to find this fabric by April Cornell on the sale rack.  I love all of her patterns.  I got the idea for the knotted ties from this photo.

  Photo from here.

The waist ties were checkered.

At the bottom I added these two prints.  The apron is reversible, but I didn’t get a photo of the reverse side.

There is no disguising it.  This is our livingroom/classroom.

For Lisa:  I adore polk-a-dots.  This is my “Pretty Woman” apron.

Here’s a detail of the top.

For my MIL:  I had fun mixing all the patterns on this apron.

 (photo from here.)

I liked the large pocket on this apron, so I copied it.

Again, I felt lucky to find another April Cornell print on the sale rack.  I added two jingle bells to the top ties–just for fun.  And maybe because I always remember a sermon I heard from Gordon Hayhoe about “a bell, and a pomegranate, a bell, and a pomegranate, . . .”

The button keeps the large pocket closed.

This apron is reversible.  This is the flip side.

For Joanne: Part of the fun of making the aprons was trying to make one that “matched” the recipient.  I got the idea for the ruffles on this apron from these photo.

 (photo from here.)(photo from here.)

And I am also not the only one to like “dingle balls” and sweet heart necklines.

 (photo from here.)

On the next apron, I switched to pastel hues–soft colors.

For Jennie:  This apron is long as it’s recipient it tall.  It is reversible as well.

Here is the reverse side.

For Teresa:  I used a pattern on this apron.  I always wanted an apron like this when I was teaching art classes.  When I was teaching, I always wore an apron loaded down with scissors, tape, pencil, pen, Sharpie, paperclips, rubber bands, detention slips, scrap paper, a hole punch, etc. . .  I never had a cute apron, but rather a canvas or jean one.

This apron is also reversible and I ironed these flowers on the inside.

I used this same fabric on the next apron.

For Mom:  The border at the bottom is the same red and white checked.  The fabric on the top is based on Henri Matisse’s art.  The fabric and the colors reminded me of my mom.  I was so pleased when I found this Art Gallery fabric on the sale rack.

The reverse side of this apron is in a country print–kind of like the my mom.  A little country and a little high art.

For Grace:  This was the flounciest apron I made.  I wanted it to be as over-the-top fun as I could.  I wanted a “French bar-maid” look.

(photo from here.)

I got my idea for the pockets from this apron.  And the double layer from this one.

The flower is detachable.  Just sewn on a safety-pin.

For Faith:  When I saw the yellow roses, I immediately thought of my sister.

I thought about bleaching this apron to really get the “vintage” look, but I chickened out.

  (photo from here.)

I love all things vintage.  And all this bright and sparkle-y.

For Lilly:  I fell in love with this orange fabric when I walked into the store.  It was the only fabric I bought that wasn’t on sale.  I wish I had a dress out of this fabric.

For Aunt MJ:  This is the Florida apron–made from some fabric I had left over from Florida and backed with a new fabric I found on the sale rack.

For Amy:  This apron was the first one I made, and in some ways, it is still my favorite.

The apron is backed in the blue check.  I have two little “yo-yo flowers” to add to the apron, but I can’t find the package of safety pins that I bought.

 (photo from here.)

My mother-on-law told me the names of these flowers.

I liked this fabric, but struggled making the fabric into an apron that matched the fabric.  I finally decided to go for “the cowboy” look.

Here is a detail.  I wish I had a table cloth out of this fabric.  I went back to look for more, but there is only about one yard left on the bolt.  I guess I could buy it and make cloth napkins.  They would look good with a jean tablecloth.

I still think this apron needs, “a little something”, but I can’t think of what it is, so I guess it is finished.  A black and white checkered flower would look good, but I couldn’t find any more of that fabric.

So that is what I have been working on since late August.  I have more fabric that I am dreaming about turning into more aprons.  I enjoy making something that “doesn’t have to turn out perfectly.”  I hope they wash up, as I mixed several different types of fabric.

So now here is the news.  I made the last apron for you.  (maybe)  Just enter one thing for which you are thankful in the comments section to automatically be entered into the drawing.

And remember.  Cooking is a little more fun with a “flouncy” apron.


P.S.  I am working on an apron inspire by the one in the photo below.

But I need a little help.  How is the fabric on the bottom ruffle cut.  On the bias?  In a half circle?  I would love pointers.

Swell Apron -  Yellow

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26 Responses to Projects–Aprons for the Ladies in my Life

  1. Gwen says:

    Those are simply adorable! I purchased some like this a couple years ago from Flirty Aprons. Unfortunately, the quality was terrible and I returned all of them. I wish I had the time & energy to make some of these. I’m thankful for friends like you with such extreme (useable) talent! I must have it in me somewhere since my mom is so talented…I just haven’t found a way to let it out! 🙂 Wonderful gifts!


    • whitsendmom says:

      And raising five kiddos doesn’t take talent?
      And I have seen the cakes you make for birthdays.!! Mine get the standard Chocolate Chip Cake with a melted Hersey’s bar for the “icing.”


  2. Mom and Dad Whit says:

    I happened to follow her around JoAnn Fabrics while in MI and she had one ENORMOUS shopping cart filled to overflowing. I wondered how on earth she was going to put all that fabric to good use. Then for days only the top of her head was showing over the sewing machine and it was “pedal to the metal”. Very creative indeed, Rebecca. They are beautiful!


    • whitsendmom says:

      I still have the machine out–wish I had a sewing room. I have four more I would like to make, but I don’t know if I will get them done. Thanks so much for coming and the gorgeous jammies for the girls.


  3. Bel McCoy says:

    My compliments to you, Rebecca!!! Very fetching aprons for the lucky recipients!!
    Looks like something your M.I.L would do, as she is a sewer par excellence and so generous
    with her productions…..


  4. Bel McCoy says:

    P.S. The first one at the top is my favorite…. so pretty and handy to have the BIG pocket.


  5. pJ says:

    Yep, on the bias and in a curve of some kind. Looks like a pain to figger out. At least aprons are forgiving! Those are adorable – all of them! I am very thankful God gave us the ability and desire to make things.


    • whitsendmom says:

      Me too! I think when we create things we realize the thinking process and the color choices, and it reminds us of our Creator and the intricate detail HE put in everything–color, sound, texture, movement, etc. . .


  6. alimack17 says:

    Rebecca, I adore these aprons (& you look beautiful, so you should model more often). I wish i could sew like you do. Also, I am thankful that our family knows yours and grateful for your friendship. Hope to see you soon!


  7. Susan says:

    Wow! Those are a lot of darling and different aprons! And in several of those pictures you look like your older daughter; in the living room/classroom picture I first thought it WAS your two girls. I am thankful for the visitors braving the winter weather to join us this weekend for our young people’s activities.


    • whitsendmom says:

      Visitors are the BEST! I love cooking for company. I love filling my house with people. I just saw photos of the Box Social in Rideau Ferry–looked like tons of fun!


  8. Smol Dusaran says:

    wow, what an adorable project! 🙂


  9. Laura says:

    you look absolutely gorgeous!! and I must say, the brown polka dot is my favorite!! I’m thankful every day for my HEALTHY children! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


  10. Amy McCavour says:

    I love all the aprons. Great job! My mom is very creative and crafty. I did not get that gene 😦 Oh well, I enjoy seeing others using their talent.


    • whitsendmom says:

      I remember sewing class at your mom’s. I also remember cake decorating class, and sliding down the slide into a kiddie pool.


  11. brooke says:

    Wow! Does Scout ever look like you I’m realizing! I had to scroll back to see if it was her or you in the first pictures. I think that when you pull your hair back it’s more noticeable. Awfully cute, both of you : )


  12. Kathy Tanner says:

    You are so creative and energetic and I am not. So I really appreciate it in others. But I have much to be thankful for…good health, family that love Jesus, more than a handful of friends, and my Mother who taught me a verse every week and I can still remember many of them. But try to remember what I went upstairs for? Oh, my note with my Proverb for today:
    November 9
    Proverbs 9:1,2,4,5 Wisdom has built her house…she has set her table. Come!
    Proceed in the way of understanding.
    ( walk with wisdom )
    Blessings and sleep tight, Kathy


  13. Lisa Buchanan says:

    Buggers!! I’m probably too late to enter. But, I LOVE all your aprons! I can’t believe you found time to make them! It makes me twitch just thinking of taking on a project like that. I’m thankful for Christmas music ~ already.


  14. Martha Robert says:

    Wow! I LOVE your aprons and your color schemes! That must have taken a lot of time, but hey, if MIL is there, that’s when to get lots done, or at least started! I especially liked the 1st one, the FL one, and the French Bar-maid one. I am so thankful for your friendship, because you understand what it’s like to live in SA!! 😉 Also Rebecca, I keep signing up to follow your blog, but I never get sent an email when you have a new post, I think I have done it twice even. Any ideas? I am probably doing something wrong. I will try clicking the ‘Notify me of new posts’ box again. -Martha


    • whitsendmom says:

      I don’t know why you don’t get updates. Let me look into it and see if I can figure something out. Are you having Thanksgiving company? Did you pack a can of pumpkin? or cranberrries? I always missed real whipping cream. I found a ite that sells some good aprons–of course after I had made all these–still it was fun. I have more fabric, but I am afraid that since the deadline is over I might not get it done, :}


      • Martha Robert says:

        It appears to have gone through this time. I had to keep messing with it, maybe the bad internet here didn’t let it go through all the way before. Thanks!! Yes, having Christina, Maricela and 3 other missionaries for Thanksgiving. We have a type of squash here and can make ‘pumpkin’ pie with it rather successfully, thankfully. So I won’t need to use my can, as someone is bringing a p. pie! No cranberries this time, oh well! 😉 Oh, I do have dried cranberries, I could do something with them, maybe put some in the stuffing(?) I think I’ve seen that before. Chao!


      • whitsendmom says:

        We met Rafael and Sol Gonzalez for (my) first time down in Lawrenceville. Such a nice couple and their son got along with my boy, even though he was a little younger. So glad you figured out the problem as I was at a loss. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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