Projects–Potholders I Love.

Since I just wrote a post on aprons, I thought I would look around for some fun pot holders.  I scrolled through more owl pot holders than I ever imagined.  The only one I really loved is by April Cornell.  Enjoy some of the variety below.  Maybe it will inspire you to make some as Christmas gifts.

Curly Girl Potholder  Pearly Girl Pot Holder  Owl Potholder

All these potholders are by April Cornell for $14.00.  Wouldn’t it be fun to make Portrait Potholders for the whole family?


Pot holders from Antropology for $12.00.

Flour Sack Pot Holder Set Barn Yard Pot Holders

Pot holders from Ruby’s Farmhouse Boutique–homemaking for the retro enthusiast $21.00

pot holder

Although this blog doesn’t have the best photography, I did like their ideas on what to do with left over jeans.  Making a carpet on which to wipe your feet sounded like a plan.  Here is the link.

Marimekko Blue Unikko Pot Holder - Click to enlarge 

These are Marimekko pot holders for $13.00.  Love the bold colors.


These are Gama-Go pot holders from Amazon and made of molded silicon ($8.95), but I think they could also be made from felt and have your favorite song stitched on.

And now from etsy.

Handmade Pot holders Contemporary Amy Butler Soul Blossoms  2 for $16.00 from here.

Pot Holders - Hotpads - 1930's repro - Feedsack - Hand Quilted - Kitchen Two for $14.00 from here.

applique and embroidered pot holders  Two for $10.00 from here.

Felted Wool Pot Holder Pair - red and pink

Two felted wool pot holders for $22.00 from here.

Rag Kitchen Pot Holder Set  One rag pot holder for $18.50 from here.

Selvage Quilted Pot Holders

One selvage pot holder for $10.00 from here.

sashiko pot holder

One Sashiko pot holder for $25.00 from here.

Red Pot Holder Screen Print Set for Wedding or Anniversary

One pot holder screen printed for $18.00 from here.

Vintage Teapot Pot Holders - New Condition

Vintage tea-pot holder from here.  This item sold, but I like the look.

A pattern for two vintage crocheted pot holders on Ebay for $6.99.

Driftwood/Sand Washable Suede Hotholder (Pot Holder) - Lasered

This is a leather pot holder with the King Arthur logo on it.  I’m not sold on the leather idea, but maybe you could burn in a family brand–like the Circle W–to make it a unique gift.

A random post about pot holders.

Thanks for “potting” up with me.


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5 Responses to Projects–Potholders I Love.

  1. trixfred30 says:

    ‘Sob’ My pot holders have gone missing (they’re oven gloves right?) I used them to take a pot roast round to a family get together and now no one knows where they are. mind you they were covered in burnt stuff so i guess i wouldnt want them even if i found them


    • whitsendmom says:

      Family gatherings are a great place to lose things. Or gain things. I have come home from a family gathering minus three gloves and one casserole dish, but have gained two coats, four cousins, and a new recipe. BTW mine are covered in burnt stuff too. I tried picking it off, and now my oven mitts have holes right where my fingers end.


  2. Kathy Tanner says:

    Well, I’m not sure if it is a good thing or not, but our April Cornell left the area years ago, so I thought it was gone forever. Just googled it and…….some styles I love..
    So, thanks for the post.
    Bless you lots, and sleep tight,
    November 9
    Proverbs 9:1,2,4,5 Wisdom has built her house…she has set her table. Come!
    Proceed in the way of understanding.
    ( walk with wisdom )


  3. Susan says:

    Somewhere in the bottom of a box of fabric is some heat insulated batting that would work great for these potholders…much quicker project than the lonely single oven mitt i made once. My favorite oven mitts are a pair i bought from a wholesale groc store with a restaurant supply section. And they are covered with burnt griminess as well!


    • whitsendmom says:

      I understand about the “burnt stuff!” I am thinking that I will do pot holders next year. maybe. I think I need to invest in a proffessional set ov oven mitts as mine now have holes burnt all the way through. I didn’t know about “heat insulated batting”. Is that found at regular fabric stores or did you specail order it?


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