My Whit’s End Book Club–Children’s Books for Thanksgiving

The turkey has been in the oven since early morning, and is smelling just like Thanksgiving.  Pies are on the countertop.  Potatoes are boiling away on the stove top.  There are a few crumbs let over from the coffee and sweat rolls that was breakfast.  It smells like Thanksgiving. . .


The kiddos are hungry NOW!

What to do with them while they wait for the big dinner.


Get Grandpa to read to them of course!

Here are a few classics to put on the coffee table on Thanksgiving.  Most times you won’t have to even ask Grandpa.

The kiddos will ask.

And Grandpas rarely say “no” to a grandkids that wants a book read.

Here are some ideas.

Here is the link. Cranberry Thanksgiving (starting at $8.91)  This book was out of print for a short little bit and the price shot up to $80.  Thankfully, this gem is back to affordable.  A quick synopsis of the story line is that Maggie and Grandmother live on a cranberry bog.  They are going to have a cozy Thanksgiving dinner and each one gets to invite one guest.  Maggie invites Mr. Whiskers (much to Grandmother’s chagrin).  But in the end, Mr. Whiskers saves the day.

Just a lovely story.  Our favorite quote is, “How about another piece?”

A Time to Keep: The Tasha Tudor Book of Holidays (from $13.59)  Oh how I love this book!  It isn’t just about Thanksgiving but about every month of the year.  Tasha Tudor is an illustrator who choose to live life in the 1830’s (even thought she just died in 2008).  In her book A Time To Keep, each month is celebrated.  Family is always near.  Flowers are grown.  Corgis lounge in the kitchen.  There is a fire in the fireplace.  This book warms the heart.

My favorite page is in August when a birthday cake is floated down the little stream.  I’ve always wanted to have that type of party.

Over the River and Through the Wood: The New England Boy’s Song About Thanksgiving Day  This is the classic Thanksgiving poem.  I love the bright and vivid illustrations in this edition.  The pictures add to the poem.

My favorite line is, “Three cheers for the pumpkin pie!”

The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving  (from $1.23)  I love the amazing history and meaning of Thanksgiving.  I love it that we pause to thank God.  There are some excellent history books, but many are too heavy or too long for a Thanksgiving’s Day read on the couch.  This one has enough history and enough pictures but is short enough for wiggle-y kiddos.

Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving. (from $3.91) .  This book tells the incredible story of Squanto.  The illustrations are fantastic.  It is a bit long, but an incredible story.

Favorite line–from the introduction, “Every once in a while the hand of God is easy to see, and for a brief moment, fairy tales and history are the same thing.  This story is about one of those times.”

Thanksgiving Is Here!  (from 1¢) Oh this one is fun!!!  Families are full of life.  Full of history.  Full of frolick and grudges and fun times.  This book captures what a large family gathering at Grandpa and Grandma’s entails.  I love the illustrator and was first introduced to Diane Goode in her illustrations in When I Was Young in the Mountains.

Favorite line, “At Grandma’s house we are never too full for dessert.”

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your turkey.

Have seconds on pumpkin pie and pile on the whipping cream extra thick!

A very thankful,


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2 Responses to My Whit’s End Book Club–Children’s Books for Thanksgiving

  1. Christie says:

    “How about another piece?” is a favorite line in our house as well. I’m so glad I brought a stash of Thanksgiving books with us as I discovered yesterday that my six-year-old had no idea what Thanksgiving was. Hope yours is a happy one filled with family and good food.


  2. trixfred30 says:

    I’m reading the kids The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at the moment for bed time. You have to edit out the odd swear word but its an amazing read about an autistic boy. I wasnt sure if they would get it but they are totally quiet when I’m speaking so i know they like it


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