She Said–Some Houskeeping and Give-Away Winners and Such

Just a little catching up.


Have you wondered about Rebecca on Ree?  What happened?


I am almost finished!  almost.  I have two more recipes to go.  The problem is that my blogging is back in July, and here it is almost December.  I am going to have to get through the blogs faster, by making them shorter.  You will also see photos of us in shorts and see green grass instead of the sweaters and snow-frosted grass of November and December.  But if you are still interested, I will try to keep going.


Remember the tour of the Asian Market?  I mentioned that I thought I would take my kids.  Here we are on a Home School outing.

We came home with two pig hearts that we dissected.  Thankfully, my friend handled most of the lecture.

I hadn’t done my homework and couldn’t remember which chamber was an atrium and which was a ventricle.

But she knew, and she also talked to them about other muscles in their body.

And after photographing the “fly flapper” I mentioned that I would have a Give-Away for the person who spotted the fly.  So where was the fly?


It was pointed out that there were two flies.  One in each of the photos above.

Who won the Give-Away by spotting the fly?  Joanna did.  I can’t remember her prize though as that was back when grass was green and days were long.

But I also mentioned this. . .

What in the world was it?

“This looks like a torture implement.  Tenderizing meat?  Combing a wooly mammoth? I don’t know, but if you find out, I will send you a Give-Away. “

Nobody guessed the correct use.  In fact, nobody even guessed at all.  The next time I was in the store I asked the “front desk.”  She had no idea, so she paged someone in Chinese.  She probably said, “Security come quick!  A lady is brandishing a Torture Implement in my face!”  Or maybe not.  Anyway.  It is called. . .

are you ready for this?

. . .

It is honestly called a “Cock Hook.”  I did not make that up.  It is used to press a chicken in the oil of a frying pan when you are browning it.

During that visit to the market we also learned why the floor was wet in the “aquarium” department.  You catch your own fish, and put it in the red milk crate.  Then take your catch-of-the-day up to the counter to be . . . well. . .to have its head chopped off.


The apron Give-Away.

AliMack won the draw.

ITEM #4  There are two more Mystery Grocery Boxes at large, so we can look forward to some interesting posts.

ITEM #5  And if anyone else wants to write a “6 For $60

ITEM #6  If you know of an interesting individual who woul like to do a post on “A Day in the Life of. . . “, please let me know.  I think a female vet would be interesting.  Perhaps another retired person that is volunteering in some way.

Thanks for reading,


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5 Responses to She Said–Some Houskeeping and Give-Away Winners and Such

  1. Lisa Buchanan says:

    I’m interested in the Rebecca on Ree posts, shorts, t-shirts and all! I wish I could do a 6 for $60 search! Boo that I didn’t win the apron!


  2. Joanna B says:

    Thank you for my prize! I couldn’t remember how I won it. LOL But real mail is always fun, especially a package. I love your blog. I have the opposite problem of you in winter: although I don’t like the cold outside, I stay warmer inside than most other people do. So what can I wear that looks like winter clothes without being too warm? Life is never perfect, is it? But that only makes us look up, to where we have a perfect eternity ahead (for those of us who have trusted our dear Lord Jesus).


  3. Bethany Amsler says:

    My sister is a female vet student! maybe that would work 🙂


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