Whiticism–“Plobably so.”

While at Cabela’s:

Mommi:  “Little Man did you put your hand in the water?” (the fish pond)

Little Man:  “Plob-a-bly so.”

Also heard around here.

Little Man:  “Up-side-down and up-side-up”

This morning as I sat down on the couch, I accidentally knocked his train track bridge over.

Little Man:  Mommi! You knock-ed-it over!

Mommi:  I’m sorry Little Man.

Little Man:  (with big tears)  Mommi that was mean.

Tonight at supper Little Man picked up his spoon, then saw that his Big Brother was using a fork, so he put down his spoon and picked up his fork.  “This one,” he said.  Those big brown eyes are taking it all in.

This is how he picks out his favorite song in Sunday School.  “Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound that Saved a Wretch Like Me.”

From Audrey:  She is learning the books of the Bible for $5.00.  Genesis, Exodus, Philiticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and 1st and 2nd First and Second, Ezariah, Nehamiah, Easter, Joab, and then the book of Psalms, Ploverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, . . .Hosaiah, . . .another Joab,  . . .Malichiah.

This summer he picked up a swear word from the neighbor kids.  Our baby sitter, Catie, taught him to say, “Oh My Burning Atlanta” instead.  So every once in a while, you will hear this two-year old exclaim, “Oh my Burn’n Lanta.”

Click on the link to hear Little Man sing.
Little Man sings Amazing Grace

Typing with him on my lap,


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7 Responses to Whiticism–“Plobably so.”

  1. Bel McCoy says:

    Amazing singing for a 2 year old!!! On tune, too!! Love it………..


  2. Kathy Tanner says:

    Every Grandma’s dream ( I mean prayer)


  3. Penny says:

    How very, VERY precious!!


  4. Karl & Kelly says:



  5. Dad and Mom Whit says:

    His cousin Landon is here and LOVES to hear him sing! So do we. Just priceless!


  6. Bethany Amsler says:

    I laughed until I cried! I think I’m gonna use “oh my burnin’ Lanta” one of these days 🙂


  7. Lisa Buchanan says:

    So sweet!


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