She Said–Apron Recipients–My SisterS-in-law

This year I made aprons for the ladies in my life.  Here are some pictures of the recipients.

Photo: My ladies!!

Here are some of my West Coast sisters-in-law and my mother-in-law in their aprons.

Photo: Ready to cook Sunday dinner!

And here is one of my mid-west sisters-in-law in her apron.

BTW (by the way for non-texters.)  I misspelled the word sisters-in-law in front of my entire middle school.  I was on the Quiz Bowl Team because all my friends were smart.  I joined, but usually “sat the bench” at tournaments.  At the end of the year, we challenged the teachers.  My math teacher, Mr. Dixion, misspelled “the plural form of sister-in-law”  as sister-in-laws.  AT LONG LAST! I actually knew the answer.  I excitedly pushed my button and spelled the plural of sister-in-law, “s-i-s-t-e-r-i-n-l-a-w-s“.  Or exactly as my math teacher had just spelled it.  I waited for the applause, only to have Ms. Hurley, the school councelor, give me a sad glance.  “I’m sorry, you spelled it exactly the same way as Mr. Dixion.  Incorrect.”  And the crowd tittered.

Then I had to sit there in front of the entire middle school looking dumb for the rest of the tournament.  I am sure the entire middle school just looked at me the rest of the tournament and thought, “She is so dumb.”    Probably not, but having been a middle schooler, and having taught middle schoolers, middle schoolers can’t get too far past what they think the crowd is thinking.

And one more west coast sister-in-law.  The Hunni is one of seven kids, so I have several Whitaker Family sisters-in-law.


This is my Texas sister-in-law.  One of my five sisters-in-law that I have on the Whitaker side of my family.

And one more time for good measure.  I love my sisters-in-law.

I have never been a good speller, I think I have a case of “bi-polar spelling”.  This is a condition is which a child is raised traveling back and forth between two hemispheres, learning 2+ languages, and suffering from an acute case of jet lag that leads to poor spelling in later life.  At least that is my excuse, and I am sticking to it!

I even misspelled a word on our Senior Float!!!!  Thankfully, I had smart friends and they fixed it before we pulled out into the Homecoming Parade.


So what was your big “flub-up” in middle school.  Or what was your worst misspelled word?  Please share, so that we can all “titter”.

titter intr.v. , -tered , -tering , -ters . To laugh in a restrained, nervous way; giggle. n. A nervous giggle.  (from

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2 Responses to She Said–Apron Recipients–My SisterS-in-law

  1. wowmomwow says:

    I just read an article on line of a top news station and they misspelled the word “bullied” they wrote “bulled”.


  2. wowmomwow says:

    ups! on-line has a dash in it!


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