She Said–Snapshots of My Week

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Here are some snapshots from my week.

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010 copy

Gorilla Glue–working on a trebuchet [treb-you-shay].

035 copy

My Sugar working on a science poster–6 Simple Machines.

013 copy

Dali’s Piano–a.k.a. too close to the heater.

022 copy

My Hunni doesn’t know about this yet.  He is always certain I am going to burn the house down because I put 100 watt lightbulbs in 40 watt lights, can’t remember if I turned off my hair straightener, can’t remember if my hair straightener has an automatic shut off, let pots boil dry on the stove, etc. . .  Only the last three keys don’t play.  But still, I am thankful that I found the piano before it. . . never mind. . .

031 copy

My Dumpster Dive–wire basket.  I see possibilities.

043 copy

Eloise on her pint-sized violin–I see possibilities.

053 copy

That celery experiment we’ve all done.

025 copy

Guitars in my life.

064 copy

Little boy in my life.

075 copy

Girl’s Room.

076 copy

Boy’s Room.

098 copy

Plumbing repair work.  UGH! UGH! and one more UGH!

120 copy

The Cowboy.

108 copy

The Teacher.

103 copy

The Students.

106 copy

The Saddle (in progress)–Mr. Ryan’s work.

105 copy

The Sleepy Boy.

The author,


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5 Responses to She Said–Snapshots of My Week

  1. bethany says:

    love. all of it. thx for the glimpses 🙂 oh, and ouch on the piano, been there … and my hubs is the one who insists there’s nothing BUT 100 watt bulbs, unless they’re 500. Whatever happened to mood lighting ?!


  2. whitsendmom says:

    I’m with him on the ligjts!! Dark rooms depress me.


  3. Jinny says:

    I know you’re crowded, but I think that you’ll look back on these as some of the happiest years of your life! It’s very crowded with good things! Love you


  4. laura says:

    Little man isn’t looking so little anymore! Sniff, sniff 😦 how do these things happen?!?


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