She Said–Our January–San Antonio

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January 2013–San Antonio

Our year started out with two weeks of sickness.  Two weeks of not wanting any food.  Two weeks of one person or another laying on the couch all day.  It was a very effective weight loss plan–not at all fun (is any weight loss plan)–but effective.  So when we all started feeling better, we all wanted food, and lots of it.

So we headed to Texas we were looking forward to Texas-sized servings of  Mexican and BBQ.

018 copy

But before we could leave, we had two parties to attend.  Scout’s friend had a skating party to which the whole family was invited.  (Scout is far right and Eloise is far left.)

013-c copy

This was our first time skating this year, and it felt good to be on the ice again.

010 copy

This rink allows strollers on the ice, so we all had a fun time.

023 -bcopy

Our next party was Little Man’s best bud.  Happy Birthday Tate.

028-b copy

So Sunday afternoon, we headed south to the border.  Two days later, we arrived in San Antonio and sunshine, and warm weather,. . .we had finally arrived at our vacation.

033 copy

We looked so WHTE compared to everyone else.  The temps were a perfect 70, but the sun still had the harsh, white light of a desert.

037 copy

We walked everywhere, but we could have taken this trolley or even a horse-drawn carriage.  Having come from Michigan–the state of eternal winter–our legs all enjoyed walking, our skin soaked in the warmth, our eyes loved the colors, and our stomachs rumbled in anticipation of a Mexican meal.

041 copy

Since we currently HAIL from Michigan–home of Domino’s pizza–I snaped this shot.  I loved the cute Mini.

042 copy

Little Man loved the mini guitars, but with 6 guitars, one banjo, and one Tinjo in this house, I think we have enough.

044 copy

Our first stop was Market Square.  All the kids had money to spend, and they had never really been to an outdoor market.  The very first thing that caught my girlies’ eyes were these “halos”.  I thought it was a silly purchase, so told them to wait and think about it.

045 copy

We all liked the jewelry.  I couldn’t help it.  Even though the girls had their own money, I bought them both a bracelet.

047 copy

Strike One.  I didn’t buy a bracelet.  I am still mad that I didn’t get myself one.  I love these colors!  Perfect with a white T-shirt jeans and cowboy boots.  I just wish I had a Big Texas buckle and a little tiny waist to go with the outfit.

049 copy

We wanted to shop, but our stomach was pulling on our leash, so we headed through Market Square to a recommended Mexican restaurant.

057 copy

But just like a dog on a leash, we kept finding interesting things that made us stop.  The pricing was random.  Here these Knights in Armor were a cheap $40 dollars, yet an embroidered shirt I liked was $95.  If space hadn’t been an issue, I think a knight might have come home with us.

059 copy

Mi Tierra came recommended by the locals.  Now Scouts birthday was way back at the beginning of January, but the beginning of January is rather a difficult time for a birthday.  If your birthday is the first week of January, your mother will be too tired from all the Christmas that has happened to want to drag out yet more decorations for a birthday.  Further more, she won’t want to bake, and she is finished buying gifts.  SO!  This is what this mother told Scout, “Give us two weeks, and we will give you a birthday in San Antonia.”  And Scout (who is also called Sugar) said, “Sure! Sounds like fun!”

061 copy

The party atmosphere started right at the entrance with a man bouncing all over a marimba (wooden xylophone).  The need for tips also started right at the entrance.

068 copy

There were many rooms in the restaurant, and each was decorated like Christmas, Mardi Gras, and Cinco de Mayo all collided.  The decor matched our mood.  We were ready to celebrate Scout’s birthday.

069 copy

. . .And Hot Tamales the smells coming from the kitchen were enticing!.

074 copy

The Daddi motioned the mariachi band over and told them we had a birthday.  They were delighted to sing her a love song in Spanish (her name inserted) that concluded with Happy Birthday.

075 copy

In true 10 year old form, she pretended that they weren’t there singing to her.

084 copy

I have said this before, but here is the guy that keeps this Whit’s End family together.  And when we fall apart, he picks up the pieces, kisses them, and puts them back together.

096 copy

This birthday girl just turned 10!  Happy Birthday girlie!

086 copy

We ate our way though several baskets of chips, but there was no hurry.

089 copy

We had finally sat down to celebrate Scout’s birthday, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

119 copy

The girls had thought long and hard about their purchases, and they knew just what they wanted–halos.  (Or garlands made from paper flowers and streamers.)  And I realized that this is exactly the thing a girl really wants.  It is not “silly”, it is perfect.

114 copy

Here is my little Mexican Senorita.

118 copy

Eloise also bought a dress.  She looked so sweet!  She lives “in the moment”.

122 copy

We strolled through the market looking at all the wares.  There was some beautiful pottery, but my house is full.

123 copy

We laughed at this T-shirt, then kept walking.  It was not until later that I realized I should have bought one for my farming brother.  Strike two.  I didn’t by myself a bracelet (strike one), and I didn’t buy this T-shirt for my brother.

124 copy

As we left the marketplace and walked toward the Riverwalk, this was the mural we saw.  You have to look twice because all those people working on the mural are PART of the mural.  The whole thing is painted on tiles.

126 copy

I wish I was a better photographer, because I wanted to catch the wedding dress, and the reflection of the Mommi in the glass, and the little girl in front of the glass, and the Daddi right under the sign that said “stop.”.  All the elements are there, but the photo isn’t artistic.  I wanted it to be more layered, more dreamy, more something.  But the wedding dress is beautiful!!

158 copy

As we were making our way over to the Riverwalk, we glanced through a wrought iron gate and saw a beautiful garden.  We went around the corner, and saw the entrance to The Spanish Governor’s Palace.

153 copy

Admission was about $6.00, and we loved our self guided tour.

144 copy

I love the simple lines and stark whites of Adobe architecture.

175 copy

The rocks on the ledges are for keeping the windows open in the summer, but I love the minimalistic look they give the room.  The thick adobe walls keep the house about 7 degrees cooler than the shade temperature out-of-doors.

191 copy

Simple.  Beautiful.  Harmonious.  Full of grace.

188 copy

We were not the only people to enjoy the tour of The Spanish Govenor’s Palace, here is Maria Von Trap (from The Sound of Music) touring The Spanish Govenor’s Palace with her husband.

153 copy

Stepping outdoors, we walked around the garden which had originally enticed us.

162 copy

The girls in their halos and Spanish dress immediately started playing “house.”  We had the whole museum to ourselves, so we just relaxed and drank in the beauty, warm weather, and the non-scheduled day.

166 copy

Scout took this blurry photo of us.  I love that it doesn’t show all my “crow’s feet.”

170 copy

I think we look old in this photo.  But we also look happy.  And that is more important.

158 copy

I will leave you with one last shot of The Spanish Governor’s Palace.

193 copy

And I will leave you with one last shot of the Spanish Governor.  LBG (Little Big Guy) bought two guns at the market–a rubber band gun for himself, and a plastic pistol for his little brother.  These two guns were carried (unconcealed) the rest of the trip and loudly used.  He also bought a 6 foot whip.  Little Man (the baby) was convinced that every person he saw in a cowboy hat was also packing a pistol.  Now 50% of the males in South Texas wear cowboy hats, so Little Man (baby) was in his element.

We had stopped at Cracker Barrel on the drive down for a rather late supper.  A few tables away, there was an 80 year old man eating dinner alone.  He had a cowboy hat hooked on the chair beside him, and Little Man (the baby) was fascinated.  He wanted to ask the old man if he could see his gun.  So when he rose to leave, we asked the 80 year old man.  The old man smiled and said “Sure”.  He donned his hat, and reached inside of his coat.  He fumbled with a clasp and then whipped out . . .

. . .

. . .

his cell phone!  We all laughed, as I was about convinced that he did carry a gun. (Remember folks, we were in Texas.)  He left with a chuckle.

201 copy

We continued our walk toward the Riverwalk stopping often.

198 copy

Here is City Hall.

202 copy

Here are bicycles that you can rent.  You can get a day pass for $10.

210 copy

There are plantings everywhere in San Antonio.  We walked along this wall and turned the corner to see. . . .

229 copy

. . .San Fernando Cathedral.

213 copy

In this cathedral are the remains of those that died at the Alamo.

216 copy

Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie (has a knife named after him), and Will Travis (colonel at the Alamo) all are buried here.

220 copy

We entered as quietly as four kids in squeaky tennis shoes can enter, and took a seat.  There was a film and camera crew working away.  They had printed T-shirts with their company name on them.  And so here is Strike Three–I could have just jotted down the company name on the T-shirt and gone back to the hotel and googled it to give me a hint as to why they were filming the cathedral, BUT, I didn’t think of it until later.

223 copy

And then we left as quietly as four kids (two with guns) can leave.

231 copy

And then finally, we arrived at the Riverwalk.

245 copy

We just had to figure out where to catch a boat.  This is a water taxi, but we wanted the boat tour, so we had to head to the Aztec Theater.  Adults are $6.00.  Kids are a little less.

248 copy

The Riverwalk looks like this.

249 copy

And this.

252 copy

And this.

253 copy

And this.

262 copy

And this.

256 copy

This is one tall building.

257 copy

And this is one small girl looking at the one tall building.

266 copy

We all relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

271 copy

At Christmas time, the entire place is lighted with Christmas lights.  It would be beautiful.  They had stopped the night river rides, so we will have to come back to see the Christmas Lights on the Riverwalk.

272 copy

We had fun.

281 copy

With the boat ride over, it was time to meet up with our friend Heather.  (Heather is getting her masters at the University of Texas at Austin.)  I hadn’t seen Heather in years, so I started talking, and stopped taking photos.  We stopped at an ice cream shop then found a spot with some benches in a little garden right on the Riverwalk where we visited for two hours.  The boys played with their guns and whips and the girls created imaginary rooms in the garden and played house.

We went out to a fusion restaurant for dinner, but again, I was busy visiting, so I didn’t get any photos.  Heather and I shared ceviche (raw fish “salad”) as we both grew up in South America and miss some of the foods there.  Heather left around 8:00 that evening, and we headed back to our hotel.  The hotel where when we arrived we realized that we had booked our room for the following night.  The hotel where they not only found us another room, but due to occupancy gave us an upgrade.  The hotel where The Daddi convinced us to all go swimming outdoors until midnight.  The hotel where we all fell into our beds after a very, very, very fun day.

Happy Birthday Scout!


P.S.  I am having problems with WordPress and Internet Explorers.  If anybody has advice or helpful links, I would appreciate it.  Basically, my pictures won’t load, and then my whole site crashes.  I’m currently using Firefox, but don’t particularly like it.

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16 Responses to She Said–Our January–San Antonio

  1. Christie says:

    I loved your tour of San Antonio. This was our favorite place to go in Texas when we lived there several years ago. Sorry about the internet/browser trouble. I don’t have any helpful advice for you, just sympathy as I have spent hours upon hours lately sorting out my own troubles with my photo software. It is hard enough to find the time to blog without technical difficulties.


  2. Dad and Mom Whit says:

    Awesome! Your photos are excellent!! And the trip blog most interesting. Thanks for sharing. The kiddos are just as beautiful as the scenery!!


  3. Susan C says:

    So beautiful and so warm! And your “baby” looks so grown up. A real “little man!” Thanks for the virtual tour.


  4. farmer bro says:

    I did love the shirt, but don’t worry. I got plenty of kicks out of the post. What a beautiful place!


  5. Kathy says:

    We have been to San Antonio and the River Walk many times, and I keep taking pictures, but you captured some special features that have passed me by ( or I should say, I have passed by ) It was a great walk down memory lane. We have been there in October and summer, but never January. Hard to believe it can be that bright and warm.
    O, I bought myself an all white halo on my first trip. Now I have the colorful one too. And I wore mine….on the walk and on the plane.
    So there.
    Blessings to you and your family
    February 7
    Ecclesiastes 7:1 A good name is better than precious ointment
    ( sweet )


  6. Bel McCoy says:

    Thanks for the “virtual tour”….Never have been in Texas!! Sure looks like fun and beautiful, too!!


  7. Natalie says:

    Thanks for sharing all these lovely pictures! So fun to see San Antonio, I’ve heard it’s a neat place. Love the Juan’s Deere shirt! ; )


  8. Kelly K says:

    This post is a visual FEAST!


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