Recipe–Rebecca on Ree–His Burger and Sweet Lime Pickles

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July 21 was a Sunday, and it is on Sunday’s that I miss The Hunni the most.  It is just lonely eating a Sunday pot roast dinner without him.  So this Sunday, we didn’t.  We made burgers instead.  Eating burgers made it seem more like a week day, and therefore not so lonely.  HIS BURGER (pg.160)

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HIS BURGER comes loaded with chipotle mayo, two slices of thick cut bacon, 2 slabs of sharp cheddar cheese, and garden grown jalapenos.

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The chipotle mayo is made just by slicing and dicing up two chipotle peppers packed in adobo sauce and mixing them with 1/4 cup of mayo.

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And although Pioneer Woman’s recipe didn’t call for it, I added four crunchy Sweet Lime Pickles.

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And that was our not-so-lonely Sunday Dinner.

Then I took a nap.

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We usually have a Neighborhood Sunday School around 4:00, but around 4:00 none of the neighbor kids were home, so my nap stretched into another hour.

It is a good thing, because at 8:00  in the evening the neighborhood kids knocked on the door for Sunday School. I was thankful I had taken a nice long nap.

We tried to do a series on Gardens in the Bible.  They are working on them in this photo.  We started with the Garden of Eden (original sin), then moved on to Naboth’s Vineyard (results of jealousy), and onto Esther’s garden (results of hatred), and I was planning on having us end up at the Garden of Gethsemane, but we never got there.

My new group of neighbor kids never even could remember the names of Adam and Eve. (I miss the group from last year.  We really enjoyed the time together.)  Then when we got to the story of Esther, it got really complicated.  I began by reading them the story of the Garden of Eden from the Bible.  That didn’t work, so the following week, I read a story book.  That only went a little better.  The following week, I just told the story.  It went something like this.

“Remember, we are talking about Gardens in the Bible.  What is our theme?  (gardens) There was a very, very, very bad king.  His name was Ahab.  Can everybody say that?  (Ahab) So Ahab the Bad looked out his window and saw a beautiful vineyard.  Does anyone know what a vineyard is? (nobody did)  A vineyard is a garden that grows grapes.  (several kids told me how much they liked grapes and how some kids throw grapes in the cafeteria, and how one hit Amir, and how Amir then hit Armond who hadn’t thrown the grapes and how DaShawn really threw the grape, but he wouldn’t come clean and say he did it, so Armond and DeShawn are mad at each other, and. . . .)

Now remember Ahab the Bad?  Remember he was looking out his window at the beautiful garden of grapes.  Well, Ahab the Bad became Ahab the Sad because the Beautiful Grape Garden didn’t belong to him.  –Sweetie, you have to sit down while I am telling the story.– The beautiful Grape Garden belonged to Naboth.  Who did it belong to?  Say Naboth.  Now when you really want something that isn’t yours, that is called jealousy.  And jealousy is sin.  –Pick a chair and stay in it.  Once you pick a chair, you have to stay there until the story is done– Ahab the Sad was so jealous that he couldn’t even eat!!

–Okay, now everyone has a good seat, so we all need to stay in that seat.–

His wife Wicked Jezebel asked him, “Now why are you not eating?  I know it isn’t because you are sick!”  Then when Wicked Jezebel heard Ahab the Sad wanted the beautiful Grape Garden she said, “You are the king.  You can have anything you want.  Just take it!” Is that okay to do?  (No)  Even if you are the king and have lots of money?  (no.  Rich people need to share.  Being rich don’t mean nothing, you still got to share.  That ain’t right!)  Then Wicked Jezebel made up a wicked plan and told lies about Good Naboth.  (Who’s he?)  Remember Good Naboth owned the beautiful Grape Garden.  –We are almost done.  Then you can go home or stay for a craft, but you have to be quiet, so I can finish the story.  Amaira, could you hold NiNi? SQUACK!  Never mind, just put him down.–

Where were we?

Anyway Good Naboth got killed by Wicked Jezebel, and Ahab the Bad got the garden.  But GOD saw what Ahab the Bad did, and told him that he would die in that very Grape Garden.  So jealous is a bad thing.  –Okay, now let’s all try to be quiet while I pray.  Pick a seat and try to stay in it the entire time I pray–

Anyway.  That’s pretty much how it goes at our Neighborhood Sunday School.  This past year we got a new group of kids, and it has been rather challenging.  I told the Esther story two weeks in a row, but Ahasuerus and Haman and Mordecai and their plot got too complicated for 10 second attention spans, and I gave up on the whole Gardens in the Bible series.  Now I usually just read a Sunday School Paper.  The kids would be incredibly annoying if they weren’t at the same time so lovable.  They try my patience and seep into my heart each time they come (which isn’t that often when the weather is cold.)

That was my not-so-lonely Sunday evening,


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3 Responses to Recipe–Rebecca on Ree–His Burger and Sweet Lime Pickles

  1. Dad and Mom Whit says:

    Having been there, I can picture the whole thing! Funny/not funny. Keep up the good work! Eternity will tell it all!


  2. Bel McCoy says:

    Amen….I understand and encourage you to keep at it!!! One might really get it and BELIEVE
    in our precious Lord!!!


  3. Lisa Buchanan says:

    I heartily applaud you for having a neighborhood Sunday School! I can barely make it through my Sunday School class at meeting and two of them are my own kids!!


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