She Said–Trip to Canada

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We’re Off!  Off across the border.  Off to Canada’s Georgian Bay.  Off to see cousins.  Off to a week on a lake.

And then we came to a stop.

Traffic in Toronto was backed up, so we just took an exit.  The Hunni figured if we weren’t going anywhere we might as well stop for gas. . .

. . .and rootbeer floats.

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As we were entering the restaurant, I said, “Hey, Look!  There is a picture of me on the window!”

298 copy

And Baseball Boy said, “You look cute in your orange sweater.”

295 copy

And so I gave him a kick to the seat of his pants.  He is taking after his father too early.

302 copy

Now this Little Man has grown up since last summer.

309 copy

Loaded down with root bear floats, we didn’t mind sitting in Toronto traffic.

515 copy

We had the best time with my cousin Will and Sue.

354 copy

Eloise drove a boat.

486 copy

Cousin caught up.

487 copy

Little Man fished.

415 copy

Scout knee boarded.

464 copy

Little Man fished some more.

480 copy

Everyone applied sunscreen.

505 copy

Everyone boated.

327 copy

Everyone water skied, or knee boarded, or inner tubed, or wake boarded.

506 copy

Everyone wiped out.

449 copy

Everyone had fun.

478 copy

Everyone played hard.

522 copy

Everyone ate well.

394 copy

Thanks so much Will and Sue for sharing the cottage, your kids, and your company.

351 copy

We left the cottage looking like drowned river rats, but we had the best time.

524 copy

And we even saw a bear.

But even more surprising, we saw The Hunni’s sister and family who were vacationing a couple of lakes over.  (They live in Oregon, so this was a distant meeting!)  Unfortunately, they arrived the day we pulled out, so we only visited for a little over an hour, and I forgot to take photos.

532 copy

(Our daughters.  I hope this is the beginning of their friendship.)

A quick stop at my good friend Anonymous Carol’s place. . .

And we headed back to the U.S.A.


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